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To celebrate Easter, today I’m sharing our clever and pretty ways of scavenger hunt. I hope you’ll be inspired by our creativity!

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 Let’s go on a hunt to find your basket this year!

One of our goal in raising our son is creating memories that he can cherish for a lifetime. For the past week we are doing our Easter theme, I thought that this week would be best to try the scavenger hunt. Since Little A is just two in a half  I tried to keep it simple. I spread the clues out on our living room floor where they’re clearly visible. Little A was so thrilled seeing all the bunny footprints. I chose locations that are really familiar to him and areas which we commonly used in our house. Then the final clue reveals where he can easily find his Easter basket!  It consists of miniature twix and snickers (courtesy of Tita Anne- Thanks!),Hershey’s kisses and Cadbury egg chocolate.

Since sharing is CARING I prepared extra baskets that we gave to his playmates.

We had a blast and we really had so much fun…

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Teaching bible verse to kids – Jesus Calms the Storm

Lesson: God Gives…The Gift of Peace

Aim: That the children will know that because Jesus actually LIVES IN US, WE CAN TRUST Him at all times.To care for us and gives us peace in times of trouble.

Opening idea: For more interaction with the kids, I asked them if they ever experience storm or thunder. As expected they are all excited to answer. Some said when they visited Philippines and its rainy season. Then, I asked them how do they feel/react every time they can hear thunder? Most of them said they were scared while some of them co-sleep with their parents. Lastly, I asked them if they think that Jesus can calm the storm? Seeing their puzzled faces, I knew I hit the button right.

Kids loves visual demonstration so I always opted of creating something special to make it more appealing to them.



Story: Jesus calms the storm (Mark 4: 35- 41)

Some of the highlights of the story that needs to be stress out to the kids are:

  • Jesus invite his disciples and decided to cross the lake
  • It was calm when they set sail, but a sudden storm hit the boat. The sea waves was so rough that the waves were crashing over the boat, filling it with water.
  • Since Jesus was very tired after a full day of walking and preaching, he slept in the boat and did not wake when the storm hit.
  • The disciples were very frightened.

At this stage, I paused for a while to involve the kids by asking them question- What if they were the disciples what do they think would do. Some said that they will pray, some said they will call Jesus. After hearing their answers, I proceeded.

  • The disciples thought Jesus didn’t care and they woke him up.
  • Jesus awoke and spoke to the wind then He spoke to the sea and the storms became calm.


For memory verse – I prepared a simple craft. Origami boat craft fit well for the story. To be honest, I really don’t know how to do origami craft but the night before I watched it you tube para I can teach the kids. Oh Yes, The kids went crazy when I told them that we will make a boat out of paper. Hubby was with me so he helped me in assisting the kids.





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Pregnancy Cravings – Max’s Restaurant

I’m curious what’s your cravings during your pregnancy?

Most of us women experience cravings at some point.  The most common cravings I experienced from my first son are for sweets, dairy products and salty foods although there are some weird cravings out there.

But with little wiggle, I haven’t had too many pregnancy cravings except lately, I have an intense craving for Kare-Kare and Shrimp.

Beef Kare-Kare
Shrimp Gambas in Aligue Sauce

Max’s Restaurant would be an obvious solution to my cravings, but it can be hard to get over excited to indulge kasi I am getting heavy. I am eating plenty of rice lately. I need to know how to eat by portion.But how can I say no to these fantastic foods. I guess, giving in to my cravings will not make me  a bad person, di ba?? hehe

Kayo anong pinaglihian nyo??

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Oh baby!

Another sweet smile to brighten our day…
Another tiny hand to hold along the way!

We could not be more thrilled to give Angelo a sibling. We’ve waited so long for this special day.
A new baby is on the way.We can’t wait to see how Angelo will react to the new addition!
Our hearts are filled with joy and excitement a we announce to the world that we are expecting!


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I’m beginning to feel like summer-ready!

You may wonder why? Well for evident reasons after browsing What She Wears Sole Facebook page , I went shoe crazy as I sought to update my wardrobe with a palette of striking colors. There’s nothing like bright accessories to get you more chic on summer days.

I feel giddy when my orders arrived yesterday. It was actually Raquiza’s fault..hahaha.She persuaded me to browse the site and I admit, I instantly fell in love with their collection. So love at first sight does exist! Haha!

These shoes will surely catch anyones attention cause believe me, it’s that bright and uber cute! I can’t wait to wear these over and over!

What She Wears Sole has so many styles to choose from! From comfy flats to sexy sandals, strappy heels and wedges to easy-to-wear pumps.

For orders and inquiry, you may check their Facebook page –!/whatshewears.sole/photos_stream






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National Breakfast Day – Free Mc Muffin

Who wouldn’t want to eat breakfast especially if it’s for free.

To celebrate the National Breakfast Day, Mc Donald’s is offering 1,000 free McMuffins in all McDonald’s stores open for breakfast from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM only. The free McMuffins will be given on first-come-first-served basis and can be claimed in all McDonald’s stores open for breakfast via dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru only.

The promo will be in 34 markets across 16 time zones in 5,000 restaurants in Asia, Middle East, and South Africa!

National Breakfast Day with McDonald’s on March 18th is a way to illustrate how significant breakfast to start our day.

I am very sure that hubby will set his alarm to grab the chance. He kept on telling me this offer and he even mentioned that he’s lucky that his schedule fit.

To say breakfast is the “most important” meal of the day,kaya Lez GO and get our free Mc Muffin!!


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Want to have Silly Haircut using Playdough…

My son is a huge fan of Playdough. His fascination always comes with imaginative play.He loves making ice cream with different flavours that he can share. Sweet niya noh??!
This was not a planned post at all, and I didn’t want to interrupt him playing.
Simple discovery play like this is my favorite and such a fun way to connect with him.





Toddlers love to keep their hands busy!  It’s a constant task for me to find enough things to keep Angelo’s hands busy while I am doing household chores.

Inspired by his love of playdough, I prepared another activity while he’s taking his afternoon nap.
This simple activity requires very few supplies. All you need are scissors, old magazines ( for photos of faces that you can cut, playdough ( ours is store bought but homemade will work as well) and lastly garlic press.



To make silly hairdo you have to cut some faces from the magazines and make sure to cut off the hair. You may use your own family picture if you like.

Add some playdough in the garlic press then used both hands to squeeze.My son loves mixing color to the garlic press.

Squeezing + Adding on = Fun







With this sensory activity it allows Angelo to use his imagination to give the pictures new hairdo with playdough. It’s not essential we all play the same things but it’s nice to play and be silly together .

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!

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Pretend Play – Breakfast with friends

When Angelo told me that he wanted to have breakfast with his plush toys, no doubt that this could be a great pretend play.
We will celebrate something special with it but not too fancy.
A special breakfast party with friends is surely hit!
This will fill their stomach for a few hours while doing some fun things!
We used some plastic plates and utensils from Ikea.
Angelo prepared the table and sorted the tablewares by it’s color.





After sending out the invitations, three of his closest friends came and party with him.
As per his request guests was served plenty of pancakes and milk.


The host of the party was very accommodating and lively. He even joked his friends that they can eat as many pancakes as they want.
Look, how he’s being so nice and thoughtful to his friends.



There was lots of chikahan and kwento’s and they were all having fun especially Angelo.




I smiled thinking about what a lovely moment to be reminded that everywhere is an opportunity for learning, for connecting, and let make believe bring your party to life..

Happy Saturday Playing!