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Want to have Silly Haircut using Playdough…

My son is a huge fan of Playdough. His fascination always comes with imaginative play.He loves making ice cream with different flavours that he can share. Sweet niya noh??!
This was not a planned post at all, and I didn’t want to interrupt him playing.
Simple discovery play like this is my favorite and such a fun way to connect with him.





Toddlers love to keep their hands busy!  It’s a constant task for me to find enough things to keep Angelo’s hands busy while I am doing household chores.

Inspired by his love of playdough, I prepared another activity while he’s taking his afternoon nap.
This simple activity requires very few supplies. All you need are scissors, old magazines ( for photos of faces that you can cut, playdough ( ours is store bought but homemade will work as well) and lastly garlic press.



To make silly hairdo you have to cut some faces from the magazines and make sure to cut off the hair. You may use your own family picture if you like.

Add some playdough in the garlic press then used both hands to squeeze.My son loves mixing color to the garlic press.

Squeezing + Adding on = Fun







With this sensory activity it allows Angelo to use his imagination to give the pictures new hairdo with playdough. It’s not essential we all play the same things but it’s nice to play and be silly together .

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!


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