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Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here”

Last night before our bedtime story little A asked if we can still play “hiding the blanket” first. Actually this is one of our bonding also. We will hide under the blanket and then daddy or tita keke will look for us.
 Mommy: (me whispering to him) “what’s that”
Little A : Don’t whisper mom, say “what’s that” (in a louder tone)
Mommy: Ok, what’s that (following his tone)
Mommy: Little A have you heard something??
Little A: No!
Mommy: I think there’s owl outside
Little A: Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here
Mommy: Really? Where
Little A : Yes! (nodding) In my heart…he’s protecting us!!
Aww..I’m so overwhelmed naman that he really knew that Jesus is always protecting us.
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No mommy, it’s not allowed!!

Last night little A was so kulit as in kulit to the point that daddy A needs to put him in time-out for 3 minutes (since he’s 3 already). I can hear from the other room that he’s crying and calling me but daddy A said that he needs to stay there in one corner.
Daddy: Little A stop calling mommy,
Little A: I wan’t my mommy..huhuhuhu. I want to go inside the room
Daddy:No stay there and don’t go to mommy
Then biglang nag ring ang phone ni daddy, ate cecille called to greet him. While he was on the phone, I called little A because I want to talk to him..
Mommy Little A, come here (I was in the other room)
Little A (still sobbing) I can’t!! huhuhu..I’m not allowed!!
Mommy: No it’s ok, mommy will talk to you..
Little A: No mommy, it’s not allowed!!
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Really? I don’t want to grow-up

Conversation with little A while cooking:

(me wearing apron)

Little A: I want to wear my apron too

Mommy: Ok I can just lend this apron to you.

Little A: No, I have my own.

Mommy: Ok

(after putting the apron)

Little A: Mom can I cook also?

Mommy: Sure but not now maybe when you grow a little older

Tita Keke butt in..

Tita Keke: Oh yes,little A when you grow up you will cook for us,you will bake cookies,you will clean the house,vacuum the floor you like that??

Little A: Really?? Mommy I don’t want to grow up!!

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Sometimes child always says silly things.

Sometimes child always says silly things.

Yesterday when we were listening to the nursery rhymes “Five Little Monkeys” little A asked me questions.

little A : Mommy,why the doctor said no more monkey jumping on the bed

Mommy: Because jumping on the bed is dangerous sometimes, it could hurt you..

(long pause..)

little A: Mommy the doctor should say ‘no more monkey jumping on the’s painful!


Before bathing little A, I already prepared his clothes we will go to grocery so I chose comfy clothes for him since it’s also hot outside. When I’m done bathing him he saw his clothes..

little A: Mommy, I don’t like this! It’s so panget

Mommy: No. this will look you more handsome

little A: No mommy, this is very panget! And look it’s wrinkled.

He went straight to his drawer and choose his own clothes..Haist mana talaga sa tatay maarte! Di naman masyadong lukot slight lang!! hehe


For the past few weeks were letting little A to lead the prayer before meal.

little A: Lord,Thank you for giving us yummy food. (long pause) Thank you for the rice(long pause),thank you for the creamy pasta soup (pinasosyal na sopas from Tita Keke),thank you for the water(long pause),thank you for delicious pastillas(long pause),thank you for the popcorn. Thank you for my yoyo.Bless us always. Bless mommy,daddy,tita keke,tita rose (his baby sitter),eric (his playmate).

In mighty name of Jesus..Amen

Most of the times it’s a quick prayer but sometimes he’s not praying his delaying..hehe