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Pre – Writing Skills – Painting with Q-Tips

Once again we’re at our favourite activity, painting. Today it’s painting with Q-Tips (cotton buds)

And I’ve included our favorite activity to hone Angelo’s writing skills.

 We got out our washable paint and some q-tips and I’ve pre-written his name for him to trace.(I’ve got this brown paper from Homes R’ Us – it’s actually wrapping paper)

This fun activity provides an opportunity for Angelo to learn how to write his name.  I wrote his  name on paper with a marker.  Remember to write the first letter using a capital letter then the rest in lower case.  I let Angelo trace over the name with the Q-tips.  By repeating this activity, he will begin to understand the strokes on how to write his own name!

It was fun and easy.

It wasn’t crazy-messy, which was a bonus.








When he’s done he went straight to our easel and he was so excited to write his name.



Skills Learned:

  • Fine Motor
  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Pre-Writing

Happy Writing everyone!

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Sanctuary for kids – Little A’s Playroom

One of our goals in our family is that to look for ways to help others – that we have the tremendous privilege of being blessing to others.

When my friend informed me that they are raising money through garage sale for the medication of her relative in the Philippines,I volunteered that I’ll be bringing old stuff of little A particularly old toys and books.

I really can’t understand why at his age he can have so many toys, 4 cars,2 scooters,stuff toys and lots of other toys.

I spent Saturday afternoon of de-cluttering little A’s room. After the general cleaning, I am happy that I got 3 full bags of toys that are not age appropriate for little A. What’s the use of putting it in the box for the next baby when these things can be a great help/useful for a friend.

Apart from that I also figured that the playroom is a sanctuary for kids though it is a complete nightmare cleaning and organizing the room. I’ve got to see the room so neat and tidy. Everything is properly arranged. From art section,bookshelves and toys section.

I actually dug deep in my archives to find this really old photo of
how the room once was.A before shot of what this area looked like 2 years ago.



A lot of changes but one thing remain – Giving him the option to tumble into a fun space to let loose and be a kid.

photo (11)

photo (10)

photo (9)

photo (15)

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Roses are red,violets are blue,this is the month to say “I Love You”…

With busy work schedules and motherhood, we often do not get the time to prove just how much our loved ones mean to us.

However, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show to our husband just how much we really care.

To ensure that this Valentine’s will be most memorable for hubby, little A helped me to prepare the surprise gift for daddy A.

photo (23)

Are you excited to know what’s inside?? Of course I’ll tell you but make sure you will not spoil the surprise??

Can you keep a secret?

Well, for me naman kasi Valentine’s Day does not have to cost a fortune to make him feel special.

It’s just a little creativity and a touch of love!

Does the picture looks familiar? Any idea??

Yes! You are right!! It’s a washi tape painting…

photo (23)1

Here’s what you need:


Paint Brush

Acrylic Paint

Washi tape

photo (22)

1. Create a design in the center of the canvas using washi tape.

2. Let the kiddo do the work.

photo (19)

photo (19)1

3. When it is completely and everything is dry, carefully peel of the tape while the paint is still tacky.

photo (24)

Easy peasy noh?

Here’s how it looks like after peeling the washi tape.

Drum roll please!!!!


photo (18)1

Our personalized and customized LOVE canvas only for daddy A!!

I told you so!

 Being romantic is not about the cliched stuff and most especially not about spending large amount of cash either.

Sometimes, the simplest acts of love are the most meaningful ones..

photo (18)

I hope this post will inspire you!!

Happy Heart’s Day everyone..

Let’s continue to spread the LOVE..

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Easy Valentine’s Card

Need a last-minute craft that you can do with your kiddo today to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This craft is very simple and easy!

What you will need:

Card stock

Large puzzle (you can used the old one yung di na complete)

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Permanent Marker



photo (16)

1. With the used of paint brush and acrylic paint we draw the heart shape and let it dry. While waiting little A started to paint the large puzzle( Just turn the puzzle pieces over and paint with at least two coating on each piece.)
photo (10)
photo (20)
2. Because the puzzle pieces are very thick I had to helped him to cut it into small pieces. So while I’m doing the cutting he’s starting to glue all the pieces on the heart shape.
photo (22)
3. After the heart is filled with pieces we personalized our card by writing our special message to daddy A.
photo (21)

That’s it!

Isn’t it lovely??

photo (17)

A precious reminder that we love every single piece of daddy A.

Happy Valentine’s Day honey!!

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Day 3 – Make your personalized greeting cards

For Day 3 of our 25 days of cheerful christmas – we made our very own holiday cards to give to our friends and little A’s teachers in Kids Ministry.

A homemade card adds that extra special personal touch.

Blank christmas cards
Tempera paint (green,white,red,brown)
Sharpie markers in a few colors
Washi tapes

What’s more personal than little A’s thumbprint.
Washi tapes + Paint + Fingers = FUN!

Once dry let your creativity juice flow..

Here are all the different Christmas Thumbprints we made:

Homemade Christmas tree card – the star and stand are made of sharpie markers.

Homemade Card with Reindeer – this is my favorite! so cute!

The super nice Christmas Wreath


Christmas will definitely be merry and bright with homemade christmas lights card


Personalized Stockings with christmas greetings



This was such a fun bonding craft! Little A thought it was so cool that he was making thumbprints while I was decorating them. When hubby arrived he was so excited and running towards his playroom to get his artwork.


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Introduction to Scissors – Cutting Play-doh


  • Playdough (home made or store bought)
  • Plastic safety scissor

With this activity I just let little A hold the scissor the way he wanted and allowing him to poke,cut and stab the playdough.

Later on I demonstrated the proper way of holding the scissor.(thumb in the top loop and  index finger in the bottom loop.Using the scissors was a challenge for little A.He kept turning his hand over and he had a really hard time keeping his thumb on top while cutting, but got better the more we practiced.

He was amazed by his ability to cut the Play-doh into multiple pieces.  I would highly recommend this activity for other tots.We will definitely be doing this again soon though.

When he’s done with his cutting skills. He had a better idea.So we moved from cutting into baking.

I didn’t argue.

I’m glad he was so enthralled with playing. He said that he wanted to bake a cake with sprinkles.

I always try to enrich the pretend play with new information, props and role play ideas.

We love, love, love to play with play dough, do you?

A simple play…

Playdough.Wooden Kitchen Utensil. and Scissor.

Play dough normally is a wonderful sensory activity in itself, but the added materials makes it more fun for little A.

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Learning through play – The Gruffalo

I love an easy craft where I have all of the materials on hand!

This little cute Gruffalo was a lot of fun to make.

  Don’t you just love Gruffalo though he looks scary?

The Gruffalo is both stylish and hilarious, simple in its execution, as it plays skillfully on a child’s fears and then shows that even the most threatening of monsters are not always as scary as they seem.

So if you ask our family who is our favorite monster, it’s definitely The Gruffalo!

I will give you a brief description about his look.

“He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.”

His eyes are orange, he has a poisonous green wart at the top of his nose,his tongue is black,he has knobbly knees and he has purple prickles all over his back.

What you need:

Construction paper – black, orange and white



Chalk (white and green)


Cut gruffalo’s eyes, ear, and waddle from the construction paper.

Glue the gruffalo’s face together and attach everything to the black construction paper.

Draw the nose and teeth using chalk.

Voila!  A super easy craft!

Happy craft-ing!!