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Big Bundles of Enjoyment – Fun City

We shouldn’t try to fill every second of our lives with learning and lessons. Sometimes parents needs to breath and enjoy life.

In our life we are trying not to take things seriously but instead we are living our LIFE to the fullest..

Parents also need TIME,SPACE and FREE PLAY..and it is a MUST!

One of the place that we usually hanging around lately to spend quality time as a family especially this summer is the Fun City.

For indoor fun activities it is always at the top of our list.

It’s ideal family venue offering an FUN-TASTIC experience for kids and parents at a great value of money.

The place offer a big bundles of enjoyment and it never hurts for parents to PLAY.ENJOY and be a KID too..

Because the great JOY of parenthood

is experiencing LIFE with your child..

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Cook’s nook – Makka Rolls

Splurge a little! Your family deserves these extra-special meals.

Whether lunch treat or just simply snack these makka rolls can create an impression. I used to cooked these sandwich rolls way back in the Philippines and albeit my siblings loves it toda max!!

It’s easy, requiring only a few simple steps to making a stress-free meal, while providing an elegant restaurant quality presentation.

 It’s full of amazing sweet and salty flavor. What more could you ask for in a special meal?

Here’s a delicious recipe you can try.

Hope you enjoy it!

Ingredients – 2 large eggs,milk bread (preferrable Capricorn),basil,corn meal or bread crumbs,turkey salami,single packed cheese,butter (not in the picture)
Prepare two bowls (1) for beaten eggs with basil and (2) for corn meal/bread crumbs
If your little tot offered help then grabbed the chance. It could be great example of gross motor skills (for large muscle movements). Let him roll the bread with rolling pin for few times until you can fully roll the bread without destroying the crust.
Spread butter on the entire bread then add one slice of salami and 1 single cheese (I cut the cheese into two para di masyadong nakauumay)
Soaked the makka rolls in the egg mixture until fully covered
Then bask in the bowl of corn meal or bread crumbs
Chill for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Preheat 1-1/2 inches of vegetable oil in a 10-12″ frying pan to 375 degrees F. Once the oil is hot enough,deep fry for 1 minute or until golden brown.
Use a slotted spoon to remove the makka rolls from the oil, and place immediately on a paper towel-lined plate to absorb the excess oil. Serve immediately!

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Happy Birthday Naruto…

A birthday party based on the anime TV series, with lots of costumes, a gorgeous venue,sumptuous dinner buffet,great friends and a cute little birthday boy.

Naruto theme
well dressed venue
The birthday boy..Antoine

Happy 1st Birthday Antoine!! You’re growing up so cute and adorable. Welcome to the toddler’s world..

Guitarte Family


Guess who’s back?? Surprise..Surprise!

Ahoy there mateys!! Put on your eye patches and bring yer parrots..
scared of the clowns the little boy preferred to be snubbish the whole time..
But super thanks to the bubble machine.You changed his mood

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You know very well that Dr. Seuss is a family favorite. And yes, I heart his collection and Little A does too.

This week to celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday I have prepared fun Seuss related activities.

Presenting our “Patterning” activities..

the invitation

Inspired by the book “The Cat in the Hat” we made our own version of Cat in the Hat.


Construction paper (I used black) but you can use any color

Pipe cleaners

Old CD’s

Glue and brush

Colored papers (red in particular)

Pom poms (optional)

Hat template

I asked Little A who is black and white, smart, playful, wears a big red bow tied around the neck and a tall red and white striped hat? Any guess??
No other than "The Cat in the Hat"..

It’s easier for me to experiment and play pattern with Little A. I made sure that the book is beside us to served as an inspiration/guide for him.

The Cat in the Hat is good example of patterning activity. The pattern is very simple white,red,white red. During the process I asked Little A, what comes next? This question helps him to solve the problem and also a way to encourage the logical thinking.

Green eggs and Ham

One activity is not enough for Little A so we played Green Eggs and Ham pattern.

Little A just need to follow the pattern (green egg,green ham,green egg,green ham..)

Sometimes,simplifying the process does always make the project more fun..

I can say that we have fun,oh so fun! It was a long day filled of fun..

Happy Seussy fun day everyone..

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Finger painting using toys

Every time I introduce painting activities to Little A,I am always trying to change the process a bit. I adjust the process based on  what we already have in our house.

Presenting our “Finger painting using toys” activity.

Since this is our first time to use marbles for painting Little A had a trouble getting the coordination of moving the large box from side to side.  I helped him to hold and tilt the box back and forth.Marble painting is a bit challenge because Little A have to tilt the box the same way at the same time – not an easy thing to do but a mess free acitivity.


This is actually good eye-hand coordination because you have to keep an eye on the marbles so they don’t keep from falling.

Regardless of the challenges involved in marble painting, Little A stayed engaged and focused in the process. It would be easier maybe,if I have wrapped the box with the plastic wrap to help keep the marbles from falling out of the box.Atleast, Little A can still see inside the box while he roll the marbles through the paint with out worrying about the marbles falling out. Note to self -must have cling film around the playroom.

using marbles

Despite of lack of preparation our marble painting turned out colorful and bright. Not to mention, we also use the toy car for added fun.

using toy car
the product
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Digging up the marbles

In my quest of strengthening and developing the fine motor skills of Little A. I am always looking for ways on how I can addfine motor exercise to our activities.

Presenting our activity…”Digging the marbles”

This one is another easy to set up activity that the kiddos would really enjoy.


This is a great activity for fine motor skills development. I put a layered of play dough on top of the marbles. And then put another layer of marbles on top of that and covered those in play dough. Little A had to dig in the play dough to find all of the marbles and then count how many marbles were in the playdough.

digging the marbles
giggling while looking for the marbles
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Easel painting using watercolors..

our cute little painter

When you have a toddler who doesn’t want to sleep not until his Daddy Al arrive, you have no choice but to comply to his request of doing rainbow painting.

water color painting

It was passed 9pm but Little A is still insisting  if he can do some painting. Using his “signature smile” and a very cute tone of “please”, I pulled out that long box of paints, grab a paintbrush and pour a jar of water…then the fun begins..

Watercolors  are easily one of my top favorite art materials in our house.This simple art can be your child’s playful way of learning — yes, Little A is learning while creating the mess but I don’t mind. As long as he loves what he’s doing I will be happy to clean the mess.

da vincci in the making

For the past months of homeschooling Little A I learned that simple things can be so much fun and exciting.

singing rainbow song

When Little A starting to learn his colors, rainbow song was a big hit for us. That nursery rhyme made my life easy. Imagine how I always incorporate that song to our everyday life.

What about you mommies do you have other ways you use watercolors? I’m always looking for new ideas to try. I am an newbie mom and new projects and new material makes me so happy!

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Printables + Playdough = FUN

When I saw this free printables, I knew we could have fun together by encouraging Little A’s creativity.
So after printing it, I went straight to the shop for lamination. Dhs 60 is quite expensive for a frugal mommy like me. So I asked the guy to laminate it back to back instead of doing it separately. Atleast I can still put my Dhs 30 in my piggy bank. Oink! Oink! 
Presenting our activity…Printables + Playdough = FUN
apple tree
Playdough is such a wonderful touchy-feely activity for toddlers.
di pantay ang mata
It is also great in developing toddler’s senses by exploring and experimenting. 
angelo's face

 Not to mention that playdough helps toddler to strengthen their finger and hand muscles.

You can also used playdough to teach counting, shapes and other basic educational information.
happy birthday to you..

While Little A is playing our activity he is counting while adding apples on the tree. He’s also attentive while he’s putting eyes,nose and mouth on the face. He even say that it’s his face. We were laughing outloud when he said “handsome angelo”.

When he’s done with his creations, he immediately run to his Daddy Al to show his works.

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Learning is FUN

action mode

I don’t have plans of doing any activity today coz Angelo is been sick since Tuesday. Good thing goodbye cough and colds na sia but the diarrhea di pa din nawawala.

Anyhow, he’s showing interest in writing to the easel. So for me it’s a sign.

Since I’m not prepared I just asked him to match the big letters to it’s small letter. I was so amazed how he can quickly grasp the instruction and how he enjoyed this game/play/lesson.

enjoying much