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Happy Monday!

Just a happy thoughts for a blessed Monday!

Don’t under estimate the power of the simple little things!

Find adventure that your family loves to do together and do it more!


Exploring and making memories is one of the best habit you can preserve a memory, evoke an emotion, remember the past. And we all know how fast time flies!


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Say cheese!! Pictorial @ Al Mamzar Park

I had something to tell you. When “momne-sia” attacks you have no option but to just laugh out loud. Ok I’ll tell you our horror experience. Last holiday we were invited to a birthday party. Since our schedule doesn’t meet our friend Jackie sent the invitation thru Facebook.

Ok..I read that the party will be on the Fun City. I informed hubby if he’s free he said yes, so we confirmed our attendance. But Oh my! What I didn’t read properly was the actual venue.We were at the Fun City Reef Mall and to my surprised there were no party at all.When I checked my FB account I found out that the venue was at the Arabian Centre.I looked at hubby’s face and good thing he didn’t even say a thing.My fault kasi all the while I thought that isa lang Fun City. Madami nga pala silang branches..hehehe

There’s no time to go there since we were already late na rin. I emailed Jackie and apologized.
Have you ever experience attending party at a wrong venue? I think it’s not about “mom-nesia syndrome” it’s my “kajologsan talaga” haha..

The little boy was so excited pa naman kaya we took the liberty na lang of some quality time.

and some popcorn time..

Moving on, after the fun at Fun City we went to our next pit, Mamzar Park. Raquiza and her colleagues were there for picnic. I liked their bonding! They were so nice to us actually some of them were a former colleague of hubby. He used to work in Belhoul Hospital before transferring to government hospital.

While we were eating little A was too busy naman for impromptu pictorial.

Giving little A an opportunity to meet new people and experience the world about them is a wonderful gift.

Thank you Ian for the pictures.

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Girly.Curly.Pretty theme party

A couple of days back, one of my girlfriend Dresden celebrated her birthday. With a bongga party no doubt! That’s why we always teased her Donya Dresden married to Mayor Ronel. Since theme party is so IN today. Only the beauty goddess deserve a GIRLY,CURLY and PRETTY theme party.

She texted me reminding that wearing DRESS is a must! hahaha..

I love wearing dress, getting all dolled up and just enjoying the company of great friends!

But what I like most is I was surrounded by friends na “mahilig din sa picture”..hahaha

The reception was held in Tandushi Restaurant- Lotus Downtown Hotel. We savour the buffet’s exciting selection of Indo-Japanese cuisine.

Happy Birthday again to the most caring wife and a loving mommy in the whole UAE..

Stay pretty inside and out!

Thank you for inviting us..

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Summer activity – It’s playtime..It’s playdough

Fact: If you are living in UAE then expect that it is stinkin’ hot outside during Ramadan days. Always bring your umbrella,wear sunblock lotion and bring your medicines if you have migraine.

Other fact: As per UAE Law during the month of holy ramadan working hours is only 6 hours luckily our company is following this rule. I’m home as early as 4.30 pm. Yipeeee!!

Other related fact: To make your toddler busy let him do his own stuff. Little A had a great time playing the playdough before knocking down to bed. On the other hand, I like it when a simple play can offer a lots of opportunities to stretch little A’s imagination. You’ll be amazed at how playdough turn ordinary moments into quality time!

butterfly using halaan shell


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Big Bundles of Enjoyment – Fun City

We shouldn’t try to fill every second of our lives with learning and lessons. Sometimes parents needs to breath and enjoy life.

In our life we are trying not to take things seriously but instead we are living our LIFE to the fullest..

Parents also need TIME,SPACE and FREE PLAY..and it is a MUST!

One of the place that we usually hanging around lately to spend quality time as a family especially this summer is the Fun City.

For indoor fun activities it is always at the top of our list.

It’s ideal family venue offering an FUN-TASTIC experience for kids and parents at a great value of money.

The place offer a big bundles of enjoyment and it never hurts for parents to PLAY.ENJOY and be a KID too..

Because the great JOY of parenthood

is experiencing LIFE with your child..