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20 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. hi! i’m also planning a monster party for my son’s first bday party! your loot bags are just so cute! May I know where you bought the WIGGLY eyes and the faces that you have pasted on the loot bags? thank you!!


  2. I hate to burst your bubble about Julie Hiramine and Generations of Virtue but it is not what it appears to be. My niece Beth Lockhart, who lives with Julie, along with 2 more of my nieces, is Julie’s nanny. She talks so much about parenting and family and knows nothing about it because she hasn’t done it. Beth has raised her children. Also, my nieces, are forbidden to see or have anything to do with their parents and 6 other siblings. They, also, can have no contact with any of the rest of our family. My parents, (their grandparents), have been yelled at by the girls for trying to see them at a Home School conference. Another girl, Courtney Alberson is on the Generations of Virtue Team and also is forbidden to have contact with her family. This is devastating to the families of these girls. I pray you will check into these allegations about this cult group.


  3. Hi there,
    I wondered if you have an electronic copy of your Jesus Aid sticker. We are doing a SOS ministry camp (Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp, Thames, New Zealand) and thought it would be awesome to give stickers to the campers to take home and give out.
    I hope you can help. Blessings,


      1. Thanks for your prompt reply. No, the 18th Sept is not too late as our camp isn’t until the October holiday.
        The email address is Please feel free to view our FB page (Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp) if you have a few moments and you will be able to see what we get up to.


  4. Hi! I am planning to get the Shoe Lacing Cardboard like the one you used. I am also living in Dubai and could you please tell me in Which Toys R us (location)did you buy? Also looking for the Dino Counting Card. If you have soft copy, please send to Thanks.


  5. hi dear mommy,
    I am an indian mom. and just came though your blogs, got impressed and fully motivated. Just want to contact you through email or phone. Can you please please please provide me. I m sure your little favour can do much much more to my life. thanks…my email id is


  6. hiii , im a sunday school teacher .. i found the house template perfect for teaching the memory – as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. can you please provide me the template to use . my email id is . can yoy please send me before thursday 26th .. im sure kids will love this .. plus this template is simpler than what i found in other sites .. God bless .. thank you. 🙂 😀


  7. Hi Mommy, I’d really love to download a copy of your Jesus-Aid craft! We are studying about Jesus being a healer and thought this was perfect for our take home craft. Would you be willing to share? What a neat idea! Love your blog. My email is
    Sincerely, Judy Reinschmidt


  8. hi! i am currently residing in Sharjah, and this is the only online post i could find. Can you inform me of the venue and service schedules since i would like to attent. hoping for your response. thanks!


  9. Hi! I’m a homeschool mom and I liked your craft “Jesus Aid” bandaid. Where can I get the link to download sticker? Thanks!


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