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I will PAK the cockroach!

After bathing little A he sat on the floor and started playing his Hot Wheels

Mommy: Little A you’re not yet wearing your brief, you want the cockroach to eat your patutoy?

Little A: If the cockroach will come here, I will PAK him!

Mommy: WHAT?? what you will do with the cockroach?

Little A: I will PAK him.(still playing)

Mommy: What do you mean PAK?

Little A: (Stood up, took one slipper and said) If there’s cockroach mommy I will do like this (he’s describing his plan), I will get the slipper and PAK (sabay palo sa wall)

Mommy: (Sorry! but I laughed hard talaga) Ah you mean you kill the cockroach using slipper?

Little A: No I will not kill them mommy, that’s bad only PAK. I will PAK the cockroach!

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Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here”

Last night before our bedtime story little A asked if we can still play “hiding the blanket” first. Actually this is one of our bonding also. We will hide under the blanket and then daddy or tita keke will look for us.
 Mommy: (me whispering to him) “what’s that”
Little A : Don’t whisper mom, say “what’s that” (in a louder tone)
Mommy: Ok, what’s that (following his tone)
Mommy: Little A have you heard something??
Little A: No!
Mommy: I think there’s owl outside
Little A: Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here
Mommy: Really? Where
Little A : Yes! (nodding) In my heart…he’s protecting us!!
Aww..I’m so overwhelmed naman that he really knew that Jesus is always protecting us.
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No mommy, it’s not allowed!!

Last night little A was so kulit as in kulit to the point that daddy A needs to put him in time-out for 3 minutes (since he’s 3 already). I can hear from the other room that he’s crying and calling me but daddy A said that he needs to stay there in one corner.
Daddy: Little A stop calling mommy,
Little A: I wan’t my mommy..huhuhuhu. I want to go inside the room
Daddy:No stay there and don’t go to mommy
Then biglang nag ring ang phone ni daddy, ate cecille called to greet him. While he was on the phone, I called little A because I want to talk to him..
Mommy Little A, come here (I was in the other room)
Little A (still sobbing) I can’t!! huhuhu..I’m not allowed!!
Mommy: No it’s ok, mommy will talk to you..
Little A: No mommy, it’s not allowed!!
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No,Im not kapampangan! I’m Angelo

Mommy: Let’s go little A we need to brush your teeth and wash your body we will sleep now. Come here!

Little A: No, I want to sleep now.

Mommy: You want the cavities to eat your teeth and then when you go to school you don’t have teeth na.And then your classmate will smell your breath and they will say“ewww stinky breath”

Little A: No!

Mommy: Then,let’s go inside the washroom.

While inside the washroom..

Little A: I don’t like there (pointing the bath tub) only errrrr.. (should be here) pointing the toilet seat..

Mommy: You’re really kapampangan you don’ have “H”..(while laughing)

Little A: No,im not kapampangan I’m A-N-G-E-L-O

Mommy: Ok, your bisaya na lang coz your daddy is from Capiz so your bisakul! (still teasing him)

Little A: NOOOOOOO!! Im not bisakul..I’m A-N-G-E-L-O (with crying effect)


while reading Sue Snue book

Little A: I want to buy that (pointing to the pink badminton racket)

Mommy: You want to have badminton racket?

Little A: Yes,badmintoy

Mommy: You mean bad-min-ton (talking slowly)

Little A: Yes badmintoy..

Mommy: Can you say bad-min-ton

Little A: no only racket..


Little A requesting for popcorn

Little A: Mom,I want popcorn please.

Mommy: Ok,i will pop you and I will cook you like a corn!! So we can have popcorn..

Little A: No Mommy,Im not popcorn,Im not a food! Im your son..