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Teaching bible verse to kids – The story of wise and foolish builders (Matthew 7: 24-27)

Hello everyone!! How’s everybody’s long weekend?

The 3 days off have literally been a whirlwind for me. So many things to do, that I forgot I was assigned to do the Friday teaching. My bad! Buti na lang teacher Jen was very efficient of reminding us of our schedule.

When I read her message I hurriedly open my email to see the lesson . I don’t have much time of preparation na so I need to improvise things.Swerte coz the topic is quite easy to discuss with kids. Swerte din kasi hubby printed and even helped me in preparing all the paper houses for our memory verse activity.

Our topic: The story of the wise and foolish builders (Matthew 7: 24-27)


Aim: To show the children that as Christians, we need to build our lives on Jesus Christ, so that when trouble comes we will be able to stand firm with faith in God.


I used little A’s toys..playdough and lego works well..

Presentation: In this passage Jesus used a parable to explain how we want to built our foundation with him. The story tells us about a man who builds his house upon a rock.  Think about what a rock is and what it feels like.  It is very strong and sturdy.  Jesus is like a rock.  When we have Jesus in our lives it is like we are standing on a rock.  We are not going to fall down when Jesus is holding us up.  We have to rely on Jesus with every part of our lives.  If we do rely on Jesus, He will not let us fall.

The second part of this story is about a man who built his house on the sand.  What is sand like?  It is squishy and it moves when you walk on it.  The world is like sand.  When we build our lives on whatever we want, but not Jesus, it is like standing on the sand.  When life is hard the foundation we are standing on gets squishy and we will fall down.  Without Jesus we fall down.  The foolish man’s house fell down when the storm came.



For review I asked the kids few questions like:

  • What did the wise man build his house upon?  The Rock
  • What did the foolish man build his house upon? The Sand
  • In our lives, who is really the Rock? Jesus

I also told them that like wise man if we listen to his word and put it into practice no matter what troubles we may encounter, Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us.

Memory Verse: Matthew 7:24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

kids in action

For the activity, each of them decorate their own house. And when they’re done we helped them to assemble the house by gluing each side of the paper. Hubby was very supportive and he’s really helping me with the needs of the kids. That’s why I always encouraged him to try Kids Ministry kasi it’s very challenging and fulfilling, right teachers???

the little boy was the very first one na natapos. He’s very active and excited to show his house to me. Infairness, he’s not calling me mommy. He’s calling me teacher mommy..haha
the kids are all willing to pose to show their artwork! – Thanks Teacher Jen for all the pics..
Kids artwork..

Special thanks to teacher Jen for assistance. By the way, have you noticed our tables? Ang saya noh..di na nahihirapan ang kids!! God’s blessing talaga for kids ministry..Yipeee!!

Have a blessed Sunday..

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First aid for the soul (Jesus Band – Aid Envelope Craft)

After a short vacation from Kids Ministry because of my current condition, finally I was able to teach again last Friday.

Our topic is Jesus is our healer. Since I was assigned in preparing activity for the kids, I thought of giving each child a set of First Aid envelope or should I say Jesus Band – Aid. Inside the envelope were 7 sticker labels. On each sticker label the kids can write a simple note or a short prayer for a person to help them with hard situations they might find themselves.

There are Jesus- Aids for people who are sad,scared,worried,sick or hurt and tired.

Children can give the sticker labels to people who need them.









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Teaching bible verse to kids – Jesus Calms the Storm

Lesson: God Gives…The Gift of Peace

Aim: That the children will know that because Jesus actually LIVES IN US, WE CAN TRUST Him at all times.To care for us and gives us peace in times of trouble.

Opening idea: For more interaction with the kids, I asked them if they ever experience storm or thunder. As expected they are all excited to answer. Some said when they visited Philippines and its rainy season. Then, I asked them how do they feel/react every time they can hear thunder? Most of them said they were scared while some of them co-sleep with their parents. Lastly, I asked them if they think that Jesus can calm the storm? Seeing their puzzled faces, I knew I hit the button right.

Kids loves visual demonstration so I always opted of creating something special to make it more appealing to them.



Story: Jesus calms the storm (Mark 4: 35- 41)

Some of the highlights of the story that needs to be stress out to the kids are:

  • Jesus invite his disciples and decided to cross the lake
  • It was calm when they set sail, but a sudden storm hit the boat. The sea waves was so rough that the waves were crashing over the boat, filling it with water.
  • Since Jesus was very tired after a full day of walking and preaching, he slept in the boat and did not wake when the storm hit.
  • The disciples were very frightened.

At this stage, I paused for a while to involve the kids by asking them question- What if they were the disciples what do they think would do. Some said that they will pray, some said they will call Jesus. After hearing their answers, I proceeded.

  • The disciples thought Jesus didn’t care and they woke him up.
  • Jesus awoke and spoke to the wind then He spoke to the sea and the storms became calm.


For memory verse – I prepared a simple craft. Origami boat craft fit well for the story. To be honest, I really don’t know how to do origami craft but the night before I watched it you tube para I can teach the kids. Oh Yes, The kids went crazy when I told them that we will make a boat out of paper. Hubby was with me so he helped me in assisting the kids.





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Destination: Purity with Julie Hiramine

Generally, Friday here  is what we call “family day.” But we can’t just miss this parenting seminar at Trader’s Hotel Deira.

“Julie Hiramine and her team at Generations of Virtue have been helping moms and dads instill character in their children for years now. Guardians of Purity combines common sense and biblical wisdom to help parents guide their kids through the choppy waters of our sex-saturated culture.”

Basically, it is a seminar to help equip us (parents) with tools to empower our children for purity in our world today. I seldom see this nowadays, and so it quite refreshing and encouraging especially for us newly parents.

During the seminar Julie emphasized that “family should be the big influence of our kids’. That building a strong relationship with our kids is the main key.In a world where behavior-modification  is so often encouraged.It is so much more convenient to be willing to talk with our children and walk through things and get into their music, and into their social media and all different things. It doesn’t mean that we accept  everything that our children are doing. We have to explain the reasons behind our “NO’s” so we have strong boundaries, but a lot of positive input.

Having good behavior is one thing; Having the right heart– a heart transformed and turned toward God, is another thing. We discipline because we want to take what is shown to us externally, to address the issues that are internal. We discipline not just to make our children do the right things, but for them to have the right heart.

The seminar is very timely since Angelo is on the stage of exploring world. Julie specifically mentioned about family devotions.I totally agreed when she mentioned this. This is one of the best ways to grow closer to God as a family. With our busy lives sometimes all we can manage is an impromptu prayer session where each member of the family shares a prayer request and we all pray together. But there are lots of other ideas are taking turns reading through a devotional book or listening to the Bible online.

Family devotion can only be 15-30 minutes of our time but anything we do to come together before the Lord as a family can be a family devotion!

We want to raise children whose hearts are turned toward God— children who would love Him with all their heart, mind, and strength. It’s important to show to our children what a healthy relationship looks like, choosing to worship God.trusting HIM to be our source, and fill our needs.

I remember the bible verse from 1 Peter 5:7 (Leave all your worries with God for HE cares for you. Most of the time we tried to shelter our children from the real world because of our fear that it may lead them into the wrong directions. But the goal of the seminar is to see more parents and children involved in each other’s lives (in a positive way)— even beyond their teenage years.To see more of the next generation rise up as a response to the mentoring and discipleship that occur in their homes. I am believing for more children who will grow up to embrace the values that their parents would teach them.

Of course, I also pray for the parents, that we will be the first ones who will lovingly guide and shepherd our children’s hearts. I pray that we will not need to shove our values down their throats, but that as we live our lives with integrity, they would want to embrace our faith and values as well. I pray that the things we love and believe in, would be a family affair— in agreement with our spouse, and owned by our children.






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Teaching bible verse to kids – (1 Peter 5: 7)

When I received the email about the lesson for the Friday teaching I was so worried that the topic is kinda difficult for kids to understand. For months now that I am teaching aged 5-6 I know that it will be more interactive if I will be using visuals that can truly capture their interest.

Lesson: Our Father Cares

Aim – To help children understand that God cares,provides and protects his people. We really need not to worry if we completely put our trust to HIM.

Discussion – First I asked the kids what is their greatest fear. Is there particular things that they are afraid of. Actually this part is truly amazing because when you start to ask questions to them there will be an never-ending replies from them. Interaction is the main key!

Some of them said darkness while the others said monster,dinosaurs, ghosts and mu-mu. Then I asked again how they usually deal with their fears. I smiled when I got only one answer from them ” I always pray teacher when I am afraid”. Hearing the answer from them I knew right away that these kids will surely understand the topic for the day.

Bible Story – Book of Exodus

  • Moses called by God to bring Israelites out to a new land
  • Pharoah unwilling to let them go
  • God sends ten plagues until Pharoah agrees

photo 11

1.The Nile river turns to blood. All the fish die and the Egyptians have to dig new wells for water.
2. Frogs come up from the water and cover the land. When they die, all of Egypt smells really bad.
3. Gnats (which are those teeny tiny bugs) come up from the dust and swarm over all of Egypt.
4. Flies swarm over all the land, causing all kinds of problems with sickness and food and comfort.
5. The cows and donkeys and sheep in Egypt will get sick and die except for the Hebrew’s livestock.
6. Sores (called boils) break out on all the Egyptians, all over their bodies, but not on the Hebrews.
7. A great hailstorm destroys the crops in the fields and kills many of the Egyptian’s livestock.
8. A swarm of beetles called locusts swarms over the fields and eats the remaining plants and crops.
9. Total darkness covers all of Egypt for three days, however the Hebrews still have light.
10. The firstborn son of every family will die except for the families that put the blood of a lamb on their door.

In Exodus we can see how Egyptians were begging the king to let the Hebrews go, but he was so hard-hearted that he still refused. So what finally convinced the king to let the Hebrew slaves go?The king woke up in the middle of the night to the queen’s cry because their oldest son had died. He went right away to Moses and told him to leave Egypt.

  • Pharoah changed his minds again and wanted them back
  • Pharoah sent his soldiers to bring the people back to be slaves

The Bible says that the Hebrews called out to God for help.

  • God sent an angel to guard the back of the people
  • God put cloud between the people and the army so they Egyptians could not see properly
  • God told Moses to hold out his arm over the sea and a strong wind blew back the water and made a dry path.

photo (2)

  • The Israelites went through the path to safety
  • The Egyptian chariots got stuck in the mud and the water came back and drowned them.

photo (1)

Memory Verse – Leave all your worries with God, for He cares for you (1 Peter 5: 7)

Fortunately, my schedule was after Valentines’s day.What’s a heart’s day without some hearts thrown in?

I decided to print and cut out lots of hearts card. When I look at these beautiful people, it just makes me happy to think that kids will surely impress their parents with their handmade cards.

photo (2)1

photo (1)3

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy and fun this project was. They all get excited!

photo (3)

Super simple…but what a nice gift to give to someone that definitely says “i love you” all over it. I would definitely be impressed and delighted to receive something like this…

photo (14)

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Teaching bible verse to kids ( 2 Timothy 1:19)

This has been a very busy week for us. Aside from the fact that the weather is getting me sick.Super lamig!

Actually because of it I was downed again with colds and flu. In fact,last Tuesday we went to New Medical Centre – Buhaira for consultation.

The doctor prescribed Cefuroxime tablet (500 mg) to be taken 2x a day for five days along with Sinecod syrup and anti-histamine. I am also drinking warm water with lemon to soothe my throat. Sakit sa lungs ng ubo ko at parang hinihiwa ang throat ko everytime im coughing

I know I should not complain about this sickness dahil mas marami pang ibang me malubhang sakit. Kaso di na ko makatulog sa gabi. Can you pray for me,please.

On the positive note, I want to share my passion. Our Kids Ministry.

Our lesson “Born for a purpose”. Can you guess who amongst the bible characters we studied? It’s none other than the very brave Queen Esther.

Our aim is that the children will understand they were not born by accident, but for a purpose.

For some who doesn’t know Queen Esther – Esther was a beautiful young Jewish girl who lived in Persia with her cousin Mordecai.  God had a plan for Esther’s life, even though she didn’t know it from the beginning.  The King of Persia wanted to marry a beautiful young woman and make her the queen of the kingdom.  When King Xerxes saw Mordecai’s cousin Esther, he fell in love with her.  Esther married King Xerxes and became the new queen.
One of the king’s helpers, Haman, hated Mordecai because Mordecai would not bow down to him. Haman convinced King Xerxes to make a law that Mordecai and all the Jewish people should be killed.  King Xerxes did not know that his beautiful young queen was a Jewish girl.  When Mordecai heard the new law, he sent a message to Queen Esther, asking her for help.
Even though the King had not called for Esther and she might be punished, she bravely went to see the king. Esther invited the King and Haman to a banquet.  There, she told the king that Haman wanted to kill her and her people.  King Xerxes was angry with Haman and made a new law to save the Jewish people.
Esther’s bravery and trust in God were part of God’s plan to keep his people safe in Persia.

Our memory verse was from 2 Timothy 1:19. God saved us and called us to be his own people. It is a simple verse and I came up with an easy craft to help ease the memorization of the verse. I am looking forward to seeing their excitement about this lesson.

I always am looking for ways to peak their interest from the minute they walk into the door.

Who wouldn’t love to be King and Queen. I gathered all my materials and traced king’s crown using cartolina paper. Once I am happy with the results I wrote down the memory verse and asked the children to decorate their own crown.
Let the Royalty begin..





photo (10)

Teaching Children the Bible is an Honor.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Prayer and Fasting Thoughts

Couple of days ago I asked Raquiza if she has a list of her faith goal for this year. And she replied me with “wala ate” I am fasting because I have been so much blessed for the year 2012 and I am just giving back all the honor and praise for him. Then I said “ako din ” wala kong maisip na faith goal ko as in empty list.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain as briefly as I could…

Every start of the year, our church calls on everyone (whoever wants to join) to go on a five-day prayer and fasting. This is the time when we consecrate ourselves to God corporately, and together we believe God for breakthroughs in every area of our lives. In line with this, we usually make a list of the many things we are believing God for– be it in the area of ministry, family, health, finances, etc. We call this our “faith goals“. This list is usually an acknowledgement that with God all things are possible!

For the past year I never tried doing the prayer and fasting because I am so afraid na magutum..joke! But seriously, this year, however, is a bit different I am now on my third day of our journey and I must say that it’s not easy to commit on a liquid fasting type.
On the first day I survived with corn soup and sinigang soup for the whole day and lots of water.
Yesterday was almost same except this time I cooked Alphabet soup and again lots of water.I also drank chocolate drink because I can feel that I’m beginning to become restless, I was so exhausted and feel so weak that I almost tempted to bite the pastillas in our fridge.Yay! It’s very close to biting it but God gave me wisdom to exercise my self-control. I put back the sweet and closed the container.When I returned to our dining table and sipped my soup again I realized that ganon lang ba kaliit ang faith ko in just a matter of small pastillas I will break my fast.

Fasting is like humbling myself to God and dedicating five days of feeding my soul with his word is much worthy than filling my stomach with delicious foods.

Back to my faith goal list,I haven’t come up with a list yet, and I feel that God wants me to come with a blank list instead.I will just let HIM fill up my list with HIS own plan for our family. Not my will but his will.He wants me to come to Him– to seek Him, to be fully satisfied with Him.
To believe by faith the 2013 is a year or miracles and answered prayers.

Happy fasting everyone..