Sharjah Dining – Applebee’s at Sahara Centre

We hang out, we help one another, we tell one another our worst fears and biggest secrets, and then just like real sisters, we listen and don’t judge


If there’s one thing that I loved about Raquiza is she really knows me well. Some people are asking us if we are also fighting. To be honest yes! And that’s because of me and my big mouth.😆

Most of the time we also have differences and arguments but at the end of the day we choose to believe that like Joseph forgiveness, love and humbleness should reigns in our heart.

Raquiza is the youngest among our four siblings and she’s the sweetest. Kaya lagi niya kong nililibre pag sweldo or she’ll see that I need time out from all the mother duties. Ang chweeett😍

And today is no exemption, we had our shopping bonding and dinner date at Applebee’s Restaurant – Sahara Mall.   


The Applebee’s concept focuses on casual dining, with mainstream American dishes such as salads, shrimp, chicken, pasta, and “riblets” (which is considered Applebee’s signature dish)

The orders – We started with their Ultimate Trio Appetizer. We settled upon with Twisted Pretzel and Dip, Fried Calamari and Cheeseburger Sliders.

Then we also ordered their new Cowboy Ribeye Portobello. It’s a bone – in steak seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with sauteed Portobello mushrooms. Instead of baked potatoes we replaced it with fries.

  To satisfy our thirst we also tried their Mango Banana Smoothie. It’s a combination of banana and mango purees blended with vanilla mix, apple and orange juices, garnished with fresh apple and pineapple. I highly recommend this!   

The verdict – A great night out with my sister! Nothing beats great drinks and great food in a casual dining setting. The service here was friendly and efficient, and staff were confident to offer advice on the menu.👍 

Applebee’s Sahara Centre
Applebee’s Sahara Centre

Sahara Centre, Sharjah

East Atrium, Restaurant Area 

Phone: +9716-555-0245

Home Delivery : No

City : Sharjah

Timing: Sun – Thu: 10:00 am to 11:30 pm

Fri: 2:00 pm to 12:00 am

Sat: 10:00 am to 11:30 pm  

***Restaurant timings and services may change during the Holy month of Ramadan. Please directly confirm with the restaurant for operations during this month.

My First Pandora Promotion 

It’s official Ramadan starts yesterday, June 18 and end on July 16 2015.

For those who are living outside UAE, Ramadan is a holy month when Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammed. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this month Muslims are required to fast from dawn until dusk, abstaining from eating and drinking and smoking.

And for Non-Muslims like us we are not expected to fast during Ramadan.However we MUST respect the holy month and refrain from eating and drinking in public places in the daytime.

Since most of the shops and malls are closed during daytime Raquiza and I decided to go on date right after Iftar na lang. 

Although there are many hotel restaurants open but they are covered up behind black screens. Most food outlets at shopping malls are closed, but some offer delivery and take-away services.

Now it’s Ramadan there are lots of on going SALE and we end up buying charms from Pandora. 

For Pandora fanatic  My first Pandora promotion is still going on. The offer is good till June 24, 2015 only. 

My First Pandora offers one bracelet, two clips and one charm for a special price of aed 549. 

If you don’t want to add clip to your bracelet and just a charm you can also get it in a discounted price for aed 349.  You can choose from these charms.    


 The offer is so tempting! 😂 

Letter to Jelly Bean @ 5 months

Dear Princess Isabelle… You’re 5 months old!

My sweet, smiley, squishy little girl . . .  I simply can’t believe it. You are changing so much every day, giggling lots, always full of smiles and very laid back. You love watching your surroundings, especially your brother, and being held & snuggled.  

This month you have really discovered how funny it is seeing yourself in the mirror. It cracks me up when we are playing and hearing your laughters.  Your neck muscles have really strengthened and you like to be on your tummy, especially when you are sleeping.

You are putting everything in your mouth. Toys, blankets, anything you can grab and especially your fingers. It seems to soothe you when you can stick those tiny fingers in your mouth and suck on them that’s why I bought Sophie to minimize eating your fingers.

You have gotten really good at purposely grabbing toys and items and it’s fun to see you focus on a moving toy and grab it.

You are very mellow. You talk and scream at us when you’re hungry or tired.

You are getting so big! At your 4 month appointment you were already 5.9 kilos. You were so tough our princess during your 4 month shots and barely cried. Brave girl!

You have several nicknames… your daddy and I call you “Princess Isabelle a lot because you are daddy’s little princess. Your kuya Inigo is calling you “besh” while Kuya Angelo still calling you “kutchi-kuychi baby”.  

You are so squishy, adorable and we love you so much!


Daddy A, Mommy, Kuya Angelo and Kuya Inigo

Happy 5 months old Princess Isabelle..

There is just something about your smile. . . seriously, my princess, you have the most infectious, beautiful smile. It warms my heart when you look at me and squish your beautiful eyes and grin.   

You are so special to me and already our bond has grown tremendously. I am so proud to be your mommy. You are a good baby and I am thankful every single day that I get the extraordinary blessing of watching you grow up.   I hope no matter what happens to me, for the rest of your life you know how much I love you! It’s endless.  


Happy 5 months old #princessisabelle!   

Teaching bible story to the kids – The story of Healing the Demon -Possessed Man 

We are now on the 3rd week of our series EPIC  which means . . .  

E Everything is 

P Possible 

I In 

C Christ  

Everything is possible in Christ. As we have been discussing for the past three weeks, these miracles were only made possible because Jesus was involved in the situation

Our Power Verse if from John 8:36So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. 

Let’s look at a man in the Bible who was set free by Jesus. 

This EPIC story happened right after Jesus calmed the storm. As He and His disciples reached the other side of the lake, Jesus climbed out of the boat, and then a man possessed by an evil spirit came out from a cemetery to meet him. Because this man was possessed, people had tried to put chains and shackles on him, but he would just snap and smash them. No one was strong enough to stop him. 

Our arts and crafts is based on Mark 5:13 – 13 So Jesus gave them permission. The evil spirits came out of the man and entered the pigs,and the entire herd of about 2,000 pigs plunged down the steep hillside into the lake and drowned in the water.


At the end of the lesson kids will learn that Jesus is our Deliverer; we can live in freedom.   


Cooking for someone you love- Our 7th year Wedding Anniversary

How did i missed to post our simple  seventh wedding anniversary. This year we decided to have a quiet dinner at home and opt out of the expensive supper date . And for me there really is nothing more romantic than cooking a wonderful dinner for the person you love. Someone once told me a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 

I cooked Spinach Carbonara, Chicken Parmigiana and Ham and Cheese Roll.          Part of cooking a romantic anniversary dinner is not spending the evening in the kitchen away from your loved one. So i didn’t bother to bake sweets for dessert.After all, this was MY anniversary too and didn’t want to spend the day baking away.  

An evening of delicious food and great company made this a romantic anniversary dinner at home.

How we study during exam week..

I got the email from Kuya Angelo’s school that we can now access the End of Year school performance online.

I was so excited to see how he performed in the class so I hurriedly log in to my GLG account. 

Allow me to share the comment of his adviser. Sorry for bragging! ☺️I’m such a happy momma!😛 I’ll not post his grades nahiya ko eh! But he got straight A and A+. 😄 

Ok going back to my title post. Quick share lang how we studied during the exam week. In his school parents recieved an email mga 2 – 3 weeks before the scheduled date. 

Exam week starts May 25 – June 04. One subject per day and in the email there were pointers to review. Everyday there’s a reminder on what subject needs to focus. The child will bring revision worksheet as well so even if you have no time to check your email you can still review the child.

My son is into visuals so I made posters for his English subject.This helped him to easily grasp the concept of Noun, Adjective and Verb.


For his Science exam we made an artwork on how the plant grow. I let him use the paint and once dry I asked him to write the stages on how flower blossom and how plant grows.   


This strategy makes our life easier. And really works on him. How about you mommies what’s your tip on keeping your child study habit?   


Yay or Yey! Learning through play activities…

When Inigo started to show interest about structured play I made sure that everyday is a learning experience for him.

But not all the time he’s in the mood. So in just a snap my original plan will quicly change depending on what keep him more interested. So you see it’s always a child led teaching method. I don’t force him because I want him to enjoy and I want him to know that learning is fun!

Most of the invitations are hits but there are failed like the following:

1. Painting using cork- After some dabbing of cork to the paint he ran away and never return. 😁   

 2. Paper Plate Tree using leaves – When he started to used the glue he’s unstoppable! He doesn’t like gluing the leaves but he loves squeezing and squirting the glue bottle.   

  3. Matching Shape – Ok! OA na ko dito. This is inaapropriate for his age. But I just want to see if he will like it!  

4. Color Sorting and Matching Shoes – He loves daddy’s shoes and everyday he’ll ooen the shoe rack and ilalabas niya lahat ng shoes.    


Dubai Dining – More Life Happens Here at Chili’s – Deira City Centre

I didn’t know that Toy’s R Us shop was already closed in Deira City Centre. Supposedly we’ll buy the present of Kuya Angelo for his 6th birthday. I don’t know why he’s excited for his upcoming birthday.Kaya I tagged along Tita Raquiza para she can buy na. Tita is the spoiler di ba..😛

Raquiza arrived earlier than our meeting time and when I saw her she’s already carrying a big shopping bag from Bath and Bodyworks. I was about to check the shop also when I saw the signage that Victoria’s Secret is on 25-70 % promo. I went inside and saw most of the filipinas in lotion and lingerie sections. Why not thong panties for only aed 15 while lotions are aed 20 only. Steal! 😜

There are lots of cute stuff pero I need to buy lang for my sisters and hipag. Kaya control! 

After a quick shopping we settled to dine-in at Chili’s Restaurant located at the second level of the mall.

 The restaurant Is known for traditional Southwestern flair, serving delectable Mexican food and chilled margaritas in a casual, friendly environment.   

    The orders – For starter we had Triple Dipper which includes Wings over Buffalo, Honey- Chipotle Chicken Crispers and the new Big Mouth Burger Bites. Daddy A wants steak so he opted for 12 oz Flamed Grilled Rib Eye with two side dish such as Fries and Shredded Corn. We also add Grilled Shrimp Alfredo Penne Pasta.    


 The verdict – The selection of food is impressive. I loved the pasta but I find the steak too dry. We asked for mushroom sauce but they failed to put it on. The Strawsicle Ice Cream Smoothie is a bomb! 

Money wise I still consider it worth the penny.   

Chili’s Restaurant Deira City Centre


04 2959559, 04 3440088


Deira City Centre Area › Level 2, Deira City Centre, Deira City Centre Area, Dubai

***Restaurant timings and services may change during the Holy month of Ramadan. Please directly confirm with the restaurant for operations during this month.