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Letter of the week – Dd is for Dinosaur Activities

Say hello to Mr. Dinosaur and our letter of the week Dd.
These activities are to reinforce the color recognition, pre writing skills, cutting skills and reading skills.

Here are some of the ways we worked with the “Dd is for Dinosaur” theme that you can try with your own little ones.

1. Color Recognition

We did dinosaur’s egg matching game. Inigo needs to connect the correct color of the eggs to its appropriate dinosaurs.

 2. Pre Writing skills


3. Dinosaur Alphabet Maze – He need to solve the maze by connecting the letters in order.

 4. Cutting Practice Skills – we are practicing carefully to cut along the gray line. I guess his doing well with his cutting skills.


5.  Reading Skills  – This printable for emergent reader is a fantastic way for Inigo to learn early literacy skills.

The layout is very basic, the words are easy and repetitive, and the pictures are simple. This way,he will not be overwhelmed. 

I introduced the activity by saying, “We’re going to color a book about different kinds of dinosaurs.” Nothing spectacular, but it let him know what the activity would be about.

I read the words to him. I pointed the words and stressed the colors to show how important it is that pictures in a page match the words. Then, I had him color the dinosaurs to the appropriate color.


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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 6 – MAKE-A-LEGO-PLAYDOUGH-GINGERBREAD-HOUSE

Festive holiday play to keep kids busy and happy! 

Here’s a fun twist on the classic gingerbread house using two things our kids love: LEGO’s and playdough! 

For our day 6 of Christmas Calendar Countdown- Playdough + Lego = LEGO Playdough Gingerbread House.

Brick by brick, kids can build their own little house. The best part is tearing it down and you can still mesmerized with their creation.  

Here’s how to make your Lego Playdough Gingerbread House:

First, I print out the gingerbread house template and cut out the cardboard pieces. I used glue gun to assemble the gingerbread house. 

Then, add mounds of playdough onto the house.  We used our homemade glittery playdough from yesterday.  

Next, continue adding the bricks until all sides are fully filled.

Finally, when they are done we added Lego figures and our Paper Plate Christmas Tree to complete the set- up.  

Aren’t these adorable? They’re a fun activity to do with your kids. 

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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 5 – Sparkly.Shimmering.Squishy Playdough Fun

December may just be the busiest month of the year!To make sure that all of our activities stays stress free, I keep things simple, change activities often, and use engaging printable activities like Christmas Playdough Mats.

Searching for kids activity ideas for our christmas calendar countdown days ahead of us, I decided to give homemade glittery play dough a try. I looked for a no-cook playdough recipe and this one caught my eye. I have been pulling one out at a time and setting up different invitations to create.

For our day 5 of our Christmas Calendar Countdown – It’s a Sparkly.Shimmering.Squishy Playdough Fun Afternoon.

 The sparkles really make it look like something extra special and the kids were so excited to play with it.  I set the Christmas playdough mats, which includes fun activities like Making Santa’s beard, making Rudolph’s antlers, decorating a Christmas tree, a wreath, making a snowman,decorating ornaments and presents.   

These are great for practising fine motor skills or just simply letting their creativity go wild.

 So many fun ways to engage with play dough this holiday season! So grab the free printables online and enjoy!

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Letter of the week – Dd is for Dinosaur

We are now in our fourth week of our letter of the week series. While I am in deliberation of jumping into the letters with straight lines can’t help but to continue with the letter Dd.
Inigo learned to love doing letter crafts as part of our approach to learning our alphabet, and just like most kids, he is fascinated with Dinosaurs. So, when thinking up a letter Dd craft, I thought a Dd is for Dinosaur craft would be a perfect fit!  

This activity is a perfect addition to our alphabet learning journey.

 Be sure to check out last week’s Cc is for Caterpillar activities if you’re looking for more alphabet fun learning craft.


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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 4 – Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas is such a fun time of the year for crafting! We’ve already had so much fun with our Christmas Calendar Countdown.But I’ve really been looking forward to making a Christmas Tree with my kids using a paper plate, pom poms and pipe cleaners.

For our Day 4 of Christmas Calendar Countdown – Let’s do some jolly crafting – this time we are making a super easy paper plate Christmas tree craft.

While they were too busy playing, I pre-made the christmas tree. I roll the paper plate into a cone shape and seal with stapler. (Can’t find my tape😭)

When the invitation is set, Kuya Angelo read our day 4 activity. Since the christmas tree is pre made they started to paint the cone green. 

After the paint dries, they glue on all the pom poms. We had a box full of pom poms and thought they were a fun addition. We also thought our trees looked a lot like real by adding star made of pipe cleaners.

Tis’ the season to get crafty! Christmas is only a few days away and I am still looking for a fun holiday project that we can do together.

May your days be MERRY and BRIGHT. 

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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 3- Build and Decorate Gingerbread House

When I think of Christmas, I think of sweets. When I think of sweets I think of Gingerbread House, lots of candies, mallows, gummies and gingerbread cookies! 

Holiday decorating is always more fun when you do it with family! The #cerradokids are growing so fast and as a mom, I want them to remember how we are making and creating memories as a family. Gathering in the table,  laughing and having a good time,and then the idea of decorating a gingerbread house was a real treat! 

For our Day 3 of Christmas Calendar Coundown – We build and decorate a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!  This is a great activity to start the holiday season and get in the spirit of sharing joy,love… and sweets.

Baking a gingerbread house from scratch can take an entire day. Making sure that all parts are equally measured.So when I saw that IKEA is selling a Gingerbread House for aed 20, I bought it right away. 

To begin with daddy A helped the kids to assemble the house,we used Betty’s Cookie Icing as our glue.But all the pieces fall apart. And so daddy A needs to think of new strategy.

I suggested to use glue gun instead,but he has plan of eating the cookies afterwards. So he added more icing on each sides making sure that everything is lined up properly, and give the edges a gentle squeeze to ensure that everything will hold together.It works but the other part of the roof are already torn apart. We never give up and we started decorating.


I set out a plate with a variety of decorating materials.We used gummies, mallows m&m chocolate  to embellish our gingerbread house, and it looked awesome!

Decorating gingerbread house is a fun holiday tradition, and it’s SO simple but a bit messy! But who cares about the mess when you are having fun!

  In truth, this really was a lot of messy than I thought it was going to be. So grab your stuff and get to decorating—the fun and easy way!

How about you?!How will you be decorating your gingerbread house this year?

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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 2 – Have a Christmas Breakfast

Christmastime is right around the corner and we are already celebrating in our house! One thing that I love most about the holidays is being together with my family and making fun treats together. 

For our day 2 of our Christmas Calendar Countdown – It’s a Christmas Themed Breakfast..

We like to celebrate the holidays throughout the whole season and to add in our daily countdown, I set-up a Christmas themed breakfast in our home.  Nothing fancy really, I only prepared waffles from scratch, store bought croissants, hotdogs and bacon.   It was fun to see my kids eyes when they saw them and how excited they were!   
What fun holiday traditions do you have? Does it include a special food or treat?

Thanks for stopping by!