Learning through play – Blocks and Shapes…

This past few days I started doing constructive activity with chinito Inigo. We were focusing our learning on the topic that he really love. I am observing mainly on where he will lead me.

I dont want to force him with something that he doesn’t like. After all that’s the objective of learning through play.We had lots of fun learning and exploring together. However, I quickly learned that teaching my chinito is very different from teaching kuya A before.

When I would teach kuya A we could choose a time, sit down and move from one activity to the next with ease. With chinito Inigo it wasn’t quite the same. He likes to be moving and didn’t want to be seated most of the time. This was fine with me I don’t think he learns any less if he is pacing while I read a story rather then sitting down.

Above all else I want him to enjoy learning and foster a love for it. I don’t feel like I would help do this by constantly forcing him from one activity to the next when his heart is set on doing something else. He is only almost three after all so I am learning to be flexible and move at his pace.

Today we had a lot of fun activities using these wooded blocks. After sorting it by colors the other day this time chinito Inigo wants to sort it by shape. I’ve got the shape chart from google, print, laminate and voila instant activity!  


Learning through play – Build a Bricks..

We are big fans of simple and easy activities that use materials we already have at our house. 

We came up with this quick activity today. Inigo and Isabelle have had a wonderful morning playing. Bricks is amazing because it allows the kids to be free with their imagination and be creative.

Added bonuses are working on colors, shapes and fine motor skills. It also develops and creates childhood memories through play. Although most of the time my one year old is happily distracting his kuya 😁😝.


Learning through play – Blocks of FUN

When it is raining it means a lot of indoor time, but it doesn’t always have to be boring!

Our chinito Inigo have been playing with blocks so much. This by far has to be one of the simplest activity for toddlers that’s always on the move!

For me it was a win-win activity not only did he have fun But it also helped him improve his color recognition by counting and sorting.

Stay safe and dry everyone!


I turned 38 years old.. and I’m happy!

July came and whizzed past us so quickly! It was a month dotted with a lot of busy happenings and special events. It was a time filled with a lot lovely people and fond memories. While it was the busiest, it was also one of my favorite time of the year! Three birthday celebration in a row! How cool is that!!

I just turned 38 years old recently. And once again, we celebrated the occassion at Yakimix Robinson Manila. 

It was a simple and fuss-free dinner! Besides, entertaining is something that should be done naturally and effortlessly. Sometimes, all we really need is a simple but scrumptious meal to make us feel best on your special day.

There are so many reasons to be happy. And I will always be forever grateful with all the love, blessings and provisions.


Learning through play – Cereal Box Activity..

This activity require little prep, do not require a lot of fancy supplies or even a lot of printables. Oh, the creativity begins! Keeping toddlers busy yet having fun, all you need is an empty cereal box and markers.

This is also quick to set up and simple to teach the objective and let your child explore to expand their learning. 


 Activities that teach do not have to cost a lot of money, or take a lot of time to prepare. I believe   you can do so much at home simply!


Let’s Party – Mom’s 60th Birthday…

Ready your goggles and swimming ring, fellas! We are ending this month with splish..splat.. And splash of water adventure! Yes, that’s right! Despite the rainy season we’re going out of town!  

My mom’s 60th birthday party got us chilling by the pool, all thanks to Belzer Pool Resort for an amazing experience.We had a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

I can’t wait to share it with you! Shout out to my siblings for making our Nanay so happy. 
Happy birthday Nanay we love you so much! 

Scroll down for more pics and come swim with us!


Let’s Party – Angelo turns 7

When Angelo had his birthday celebration in his school, I knew that superhero theme will excite him. Then his cousin, Johann also celebrated his 3rd birthday with Avengers theme.

So I opted to have an intimate and very simple affair  with people who love him dearly..my family! It was an event where the only agenda was to catched up on our daily life..

Well, we did more than talk. We also ate all throughout!

The party will be at my sister’s house so I thought about just throwing my hands up and going with no theme at all.

Until, I went to 168 mall and decided a color theme is better than no theme.

For his 7th birthday, it’s a Blue Theme Party.


I bought a cute birthday cake bunting in 999 mall and these little touches are sure added fun and festive birthday cake which I got from Goldilocks.

For the party food, we had a delicious spread of  my mom’s famous Spare Ribs Caldereta, then we ordered Pancit Malabon and Pork Bbq from Ambers. It’s a typical pinoy favorites, of course, our desserts were aplenty too! We feasted on  Buttered Puto, chocolate cupcakes from Goldilocks and Kakanin from our suki.     

After the party we took the kids to Kidzoona at SM San Lazaro so that they could burn off their energy and play around in a fun safe area.   

We paid for 3 hour’s worth of play which is enough for the kids. The ticket priced at 400 pesos per kid. 


Angelo may not have a fabulous party but sure he did had tons of laughters and fun!

Happy 7th birthday Anak! Lagi mong tatandaan mahal na mahal ka naming lahat.


Let’s Party – Johann’s 3rd Birthday Avengers Theme Party


 Hello! How’s the extra off going on so far?! To make your day extra special it’s time for another dose of all things pretty!   Today, I have something super fun in store for you since I’m taking you to Johann’s Avenger’s  party. Filled with superhero accents in blue, red, gold, and silver, Johann’s celebration is a surely blast of fun.   

  My sister did an amazing job styling the place! And incredibly creating loads of DIY including painting JOHANN’s name in Avengers color.Photography Props Manila made paper mache suit case as party favor and it was a truly hit to the kids. And we are so glad that Obscura X Phils was there to capture every single detail!   

       Have a supertacular Wednesday!   


This is it! Our Grade II Journey

This is it! The last stop on our grade II journey. Yay! We made it to the end. Consistent top achiever of the class. Favorite host of the program and a lot of exciting extra-curicullar that made it so memorable.

To all his teachers kudos to all of your patience and love for your class. 

To Angelo’s classmates and bestfriends, thank you for making his stay so much fun! He always look forward of going to school with excitement. 

To Tita Racel, thank you for taking care of Angelo. It wouldn’t be easy without your help. 

To Nanay Celda, a big warm hug! Waking up early to prepare his breakfast and baon is a tough job but you did it all because of love!

To Daddy A this award is dedicated for you! For your unending love to our family. For always boosting Angelo’s abilities. For giving him praises and lessons when needed. Thank you! You may not be there physically but he remembers you before we went up on the stage.

 To CAM School, while we had hoped to spend another year. We did, however, enjoy  wonderful gradeschool journey.    


May you continue to nurture the kids with knowledge, values and experience that they will treasure in their hearts.