Letter to Jelly Bean @ 4 months

Dear Isabelle… You’re 4 months old!


My mellow, smiley little princess. . . you are 4 months old!
Every morning, I wake up and the first thing I do is turn to my right to stare at you.  You always wake up with a big, happy smile and I am immediately filled with so much gratitude and joy to have you in my life.  I hope you always wake up happy and ready to start another day.


Our adventure with you has been so much fun this month.  You started giggling!!  The first time was when I asked “who is our little princess?!” and from there all we have to do is tickle you or tell you funny stories.  You’ve really started developing more of your personality traits.  You’ve become pretty mellow and comfortable in your own little body – you’re easy to entertain and love watching your big brothers play around you.  You’ve gotten really good at grabbing things and putting everything in your mouth!!  You seem to especially like your fingers and will chew on them every time you figure out to put them inside your mouth.

You’re still  best sleeper and I’m glad we have a good routine.  Right now you are waking up 2-3 times in the middle of the night.
I feel very blessed to be breastfeeding you.  You are still eating very well – usually every 2-3 hours during the day.  You do take a bottle of pumped milk well if I am not home.

I love seeing your little body during bath time.  You are almost growing out of our infant tub… you love to kick and splash during bath time and water typically goes everywhere.  Bath time is still one of your favorite times of the day, I think.   

You seem to enjoy laying on your back and batting at toys.  Your neck has gotten much stronger and you’re able to hold your head up high and look forward.  You have started rolling from your tummy to your back, but you don’t always remember how to do it.  

You are talking a lot more – babbling at us and screaming with happiness, too.  You are very vocal.  You have the most adorable gummy smile.  Sometimes while I am away from you if I think about that smile I feel immediately happy – it is just so electric and joyous. 

Happy 4 months Princess Isabelle

I can’t possibly put into words the depth of this love I have for you, my princess.  You have really opened up a special place in my heart and I am just so grateful for you.   

You make me so proud.  I am always a little sad to write these letters to you because I know time is passing at an impossible pace.


I am doing everything I can to just savor this time.  We spend a few minutes each day staring at each other and I hope you are feeling this love. 



Dubai Dining – Isa pa..Isa pa..Isa Pang Chicken Joy at Jollibee Dubai Mall

We had not been very sure where to go for breakfast last week while waiting for Kuya Angelo’s school dismissal. Since his school is just few minutes away from Dubai Mall , we decided to check how the queue going on after our first visit during their opening day.


So it’s true that if you’ll come on weekdays and the mall is just about to open,you don’t need to wait for 6-7 hours just to place your orders.

I remembered the first time I visited Jollibee, the queue snaked all the way next to the fast food restaurant. However, the queue moved rather quickly due to their more organized system. Anyhow, we were there around 10am and went straight to food court. We were so surprised that we need to get our number from the Token Machine.


At 10:05 we were already at number 1173. And they were serving number 1150 at that time. The security told us that it might take an hour or so, but even if we come later we don’t need to wait in queue and can proceed. Our number called around 12pm that’s two hours of waiting.


We came back because of the Chicken Joy so it’s obvious that we will order a bucket of full of joy!


 The first time I visited Jollibee, I admit I went with much of expectation. I told myself not to expect much as their chicken must be over-hyped and just a fad which will die down soon. 

The order– We ordered the CB2 which was good for 3 persons. It’s a package meal that comes with 6pcs Chicken Joy, 3pcs Spaghetti, 3pcs Chocolate Sundae and 3pcs of Pepsi. I also ordered Burger Steak and Regular Yum for Kuya Angelo. It’s his favorite!


Moment of Truth, is this hype really worth the time? YES!  To conclude Jollibee’s Chickenjoy has this“crispy-licious” skin and taste that is very similar to what we used to have in our home country in terms of texture. The chicken meat is juicy, soft, and tender .

I also have to mention I enjoy eating the rice with the brown gravy drizzled over it. The rice is very soft and when eaten together with the gravy, it is oh such comfort food!


The cost – CB 2 cost aed 65 while the Jolly Burger Steak without drink is aed 13 and the Regular Yum is aed 7.

The verdict -If you’re looking for a filled stomach, a satisfied chicken craving, and more value for your money, you can consider heading to Jollibee. We become such huge fans of this bee and we will definitely come back for more!


Learning through play – Sorting using IKEA Kalas Children’s Tableware

With my experience of teaching Kuya Angelo at an early age I noticed that toddlers learn so much from just living and playing!  

And now that Inigo is on the stage of exploring and like simple tasks and activities that can feel successful at accomplishing. We have been doing a lot of activities over at our house this week.


   Aside from puzzles, shape sorters, and stacking rings, we love to thrown together items around the house!  When we have had a stretch of time at home, I often quickly pull together an activity to engage #chinitoinigo that happens to introduce him to a learning concept or skill.  

Today I am sharing how we used the IKEA Kalas tableware in learning the process of sorting.

Inigo sorted the tableware according to its classification. I wanted to introduce sorting by colors as well but don’t want him to overwhelm so we settled in stacking them. But since we are also of teaching vocabulary every time he’ll picked one item I am saying the color he’s holding. Remember – repetition is the key!😊  


Inigo (now 18 months) loves to complete these tasks. What toddler doesn’t like to clap for themselves??  He learns so quickly and amazes me everyday by how much he has learned and changed in his short 18 months of living!  



 I look forward to spending more time with him and finding teachable moments in his everyday play!


Sharjah Dining – Eating well at Russo Sahara Mall

This week we discovered Russo New York Pizzeria at Sahara Mall Centre. Thanks to Emirates NBD voucher we’ve got to taste Italian dishes at a discounted price. 

Russo New York Pizzeria is remarkably known for serving the finest and freshest Italian Cuisine.With extreme preparation of pure ingredients and the execution of memorable Italian dishes.        

The place –  Cozy interior, cool service and freshest products ensures that all customers who walk through the door keep customers coming back for more. 


The orders – While browsing their menu we were given a plate of thin crust bread along with trio dipping sauce. It’s delish!


For  starter we ordered WINGS FRA DIAVOLO – a jumbo spicy buffalo wings served with a side of blue cheese. This dish is too salty for my taste. I should have choose Calamari sana! Sayang!

Come main course, we were so over-whelmed with the delicious-sounding, freshly prepared  menu that we allowed our enthusiastic waitress, to help us what to order. She told us we should devour the Chicken Parmigiana– it’a tender chicken breast lightly seasoned with Italian breadcrumbs, topped with Russo’s homemade marinara sauce and all natural mozzarella cheese on freshly prepared spaghetti and that we did. 


But the dish that got the best response was the healthy serving of SHRIMP FRA DIAVOLA – shrimp sautéed with spicy hot marinara sauce and fresh basil, on a generous portion of fresh spaghetti – there were enough prawns to feed two.


Then the food trip didn’t stop yet as we also tried their oven brick and hand – tossed pizza which is made from 100% Italian semolina wheat with no additives or preservatives. We chose the NEW YORK VILLAGE – a cured pepperoni, Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms, black olives, flavorful bell peppers, white onions, hamburger, and all-natural mozzarella cheese atop with homemade pizza sauce.


 Verdict – You can’t go wrong with their food. And your rumbling tummy will be undeniably filled to have the super rich flavours of Italian dishes. Whether eat with friends or your loved ones over the weekend pizza and pasta are a must.

Thank you sister Raquiza for our sumptous bonding. Such an early treat for your upcoming birthday.




Learning through play – Fork Tulip Painting Kid’s Craft

Inigo is such a trooper and has lots of energy. He always wants to move and play around. In fact he loves to scattered the toys all over the house. To divert his energy I am trying to create an invitation a.k.a activity that doesn’t look like serious teaching. I love early learning activities. I love the idea of learning through play. 

What better way to spend a hot, summer day – than doing some crafts together! I wanted to incorporate some different and unique types of art into Inigo’s crafts, so that he didn’t feel like it was the same ol’ thing again! I think I accomplished just that too. 

Today I’m going to share how we used the wooden fork to create a wonderful painting.

For these crafts, you will need the following:

  • Tempera Paint
  • Wooden or Plastic Forks
  • Paper Plate
  • Paint brush
  • Water bottle (optional)


For this activity, since he’s only 18months old I helped him out a little bit while talking and explaining what colors we are using. If you have older child,you can let them do it all themselves, it really is up to how you want it to come out in the end!But this is really quite simple though!

STEP ONE: While I was preparing for the activity I asked to give to me the colors that he like us to use. While he’s giving it to me I’m talking to him and I’ll tell him “ok you want to use red color, nice choice! Then I’ll asked him again to choose one more so on and so forth. The idea is helping him to express himself since he can’t talk yet and to increase his vocabulary.

After selecting which paint colors to use I pour a little of each color onto paper plates.


STEP TWO: Dip the forks into the paint and press them onto the canvas. Let your child decide how many flowers and where to put them – you will add stems later!


I am not after the end product but on the process. So since he’s still baby (awww) his attention span is still short. So in between activity he will still do other things which is quite normal for his age.

While doing the Fork Tulip Painting he took one of his favorite book and tried to look for Mickey Mouse.   

   After reading he went back again and this time he wants to use the water bottle.    


I wanted him to create more flowers but he chose to have less – he needed to have his “creative freedom” I guess!


When he finally decided that he doesn’t want to continue I helped him to add the stem and vase.

That’s it! These are what our final picture looked like:   


I displayed his artworks where he can easily see it and show to his dad and Kuya. 

I love how a simple cutlery can turned into masterpiece. And the idea of using different things to paint with rather than just a paint brush is amazing! 



Learning through play – Water Play using Pipettes

We keep a whole set of pipettes in our house for all sorts of exploration and so today, we set the pipettes out and colored cups with water for Inigo to practice transferring water from one cup to another through a little drip drop.

I often needed to help him and show him how to squeeze the pipette first then set it down into the cup and let go so the water would suck up into the pipette.

It wasn’t easy for him but he’s enjoying. 


    Soon, he decided it was easier and fun pouring the water directly to the cups.   

 But when you want to make yourself explore – you’ll gonna love stacking the cups as well.

These are just a few of the many ways significant learning happens during an activity that seems like “just playing.” 



The Best Mothers Day Gift

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers! It’s summer and hot here, but we are having a lovely, relaxed day nonetheless. The boys were already sleeping while I’m still nursing the little princess. Looking at them I feel so blessed and complete. God has been so good to me that He gave my heart’s desire to marry a man who knows how to value a family and honor God.

Today I recieved the best mother’s gift. It didn’t come in package but It is made with pure L❤️VE and heartfelt message.

Thank you so much daddy A, Kuya Angelo, Kuya Inigo and Isabelle. I will forever be grateful of having all of you in my life. 



Dear Moms: What are your favorite things about being a mother?

Before I answer my post I would like greet all the mothers Happy Mothers Day! 

Being mom of three I learned that it is not an easy task. It requires lots of patience and a full tank of LOVE. I’ve realized that aiming to be the “best mother” is impossible. 

I am far beyond a perfect mother but I am glad that little by little I am learning to embrace motherhood with grace. That my imperfections doesn’t sum up how I loved my children. They are my precious gems! 

Everyday is a learning process and I loved waking up seeing their angelic face lighten up the moment they opened their eyes! 

So what are my favorite things about of being a mother

1. Watching my kids learn and grow reminds me daily that there’s so much good in this world.   2. Hearing ‘I love you, mom’ nothing else compares.  3. Unconditional L❤️VE  4.Hearing Kuya Angelo telling his siblings how he loves them.  

   5.Soft little hands in mine, the “I love you Mommy”‘s, the bedtime talks, little arms around my neck, watching their faces when they see something or achieve something new.



My children, like nothing else in this world, have sparked growth in me as a mother.

Motherhood is more than just dirty laundry and cleaning messes.

My life, each day, is full of small joys that should be noted and celebrated.

Happy Mothers Day! Saludo ako sa lahat ng mga Nanay! 

Wake up to the beauty around you.

This is it.

Your life flashing before you … during every diaper change, every load of laundry, every boo-boo and every homework battle.

You are so busy.

And yet you know there’s more to life — that being there alongside your kids is important.

There are just not enough hours in the day.

We were invited – Sweet as a princess- Sophia the First – 7th Birthday

        “Who doesn’t love princess Sofia? I was smitten and in love  with her character from the first time we were watching this tv series in Disney Junior. And yes! Even Rhian certainly does! So for her 7th birthday she chose to have a royal party.

Mommy Joan did a splendid job in creating a royal castle feel to this indoor party with lots of DIY.   

     What a sweet party! It has so many darling details that I just liked.From the beautiful sweet table to the adorable cake! This party is so cute and would work perfectly for every girl who love to be princess in every way.!

To get the party started guests were entertained by Kuya Tams clown. He did the hosting and magic show for the royal celebration. 





What’s a party without some yummy food to eat? 

The party was held at the Chinese Palace Restaurant. It’s a buffet dining experience with wide vary of dishes to choose from. I loved the Crispy Duck and the Chicken with Brocolli but the rest of the dishes are all delightful as well.



The royal cake was baked by Leila of Keyk Krumbs. She’s our favorite!    

 Guests received “bucket full of sweet treat”  as part of Rhian’s royal celebration.   

What I loved about this party is seeing our friends as well.    


 Once again Happy Birthday Rhian continue to be a good girl just like Mommy Joan said. Thank you for inviting us.