Angelo’s SUPERHERO 7th Birthday Party…

Angelo will be turning 7, this July, and he wanted a superhero birthday party at school all because he wanted to celebrate with his classmates (and partly because their friends threw parties also..)

We picked a theme that the kids would love.  Here’s a look at Angelo’s 7th SUPERHERO birthday party.

 Superheroes are so in with their age right now, and I was very excited about creating a really fun party for my little man.  

We started with superhero invites.I asked my sister to do the lay out and went to Photoline for printing. Frankly, I don’t find the need to give out invites since the “guests” are the classmates and teachers, but  I chose to gave out invitations because Angelo expected me to make one so he can hand him out to his classmates and announce his  upcoming celebration.

The 4R size invitation costs 7.75 pesos per piece. We prepared 25 pieces for his classmates and teachers.  Next, I planned the party favors. I got the service of Mate Salazar for personalized pillows. The 8×10 size pillow is worth 50 pesos. The minimun order are 30 pieces so I gave some to his cousins as well. The pillows are too cute and they loved it! It’s simple yet thoughtful.  Aside from pillows we also gave super cool superhero masks. I purchased 17 various kinds of masks like Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Batman and Hulk from Anding Toystore in Divisoria. Each mask cost 40 pesos.                        And they were a hit.  

Instead of candy buffet we handed out Avengers drinking cup with sweets. Each cup includes M&M chocolates, Hershey’s Almond Kisses, Tutti Fruiti Lollies, Potchi and Marshmallows. 
 The cups are from Divisoria Mall. I got it in wholesale for 95 pesos per dozen.    For birthday cake I ordered chocolate chiffon from Goldilocks. Instead of chocolate icing, I requested for white icing and added 100 pesos for blue and red color icing.

I also used the superhero toys we got from Mc Donalds Happy Meal. For some fun, easy party décor, we wanted to keep it simple and budget-friendly. I bought Superman buntings and letters balloon.   For food I ordered one day in advance the Chicken with Spaghetti meal from Mc Donalds – Pasay Libertad. This was the most fuss-free preparation since everything was delivered to school. 

I learned that the simpler the food, the better.  No fancy food required to make the kids happy and full.

I’m glad that the birthday boy enjoyed his celebration. I’m grateful because he’s not asking for a big party. Since this is also mu first time to throw a school party, I realized it’s usually us parents who make things complicated with over-the-top elements at times. The kids are easy to pleased and contented of what we have prepare as long as they have their all-time favorite meals, sing Happy Birthday, and blow out the candle!



Our Kiddie Crew Mc Donald’s Tayuman Experience

One of the things that I really wanted for Kuya Angelo this summer is to be a part of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop.

Mc Donald’s Dubai dont have that kind of summer programme and so I am very glad that we are here in our country. I really dreamed seeing him wearing kiddie crew uniform and just being generally cute at the counter, greeting customers and helping out with the orders. I didn’t have any goals for this program for Kuya Angelo, I just wanted him to have fun.

We signed him up at the McDonald’s in Tayuman, near our house. He still have classes till end of May so the plan was to leave the school 30 minutes before dismissal. We chose week 6 which starts from May 2-6 afternoon schedule.

The program fee is only Php is 650 and this includes:shirt, ID, bag, chef hat, apron and all the materials the kids used for their afternoon acitivities, and their snacks   

The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is a 5-day summer program specially designed for kids ages 6-12 years old. During each workshop day, Kiddie Crew members will get to experience on-floor training like greeting customers and assisting the crew at the drive-thru and front counters; showcase their skills through creative art workshops; and learn the importance of hard work, discipline and teamwork, through values formation lessons.

Day 1 – Teamwork 

The kids were assembled at one the function rooms at the parents were asked to leave the kids and so I did and seated myself at a table just near the entrance of the function room. I presume the kids were welcomed to the program and were given a briefing on what they will be doing as well as an intro to what they will be doing during the entire week.

Soon thereafter, the kids all lined up and went to the counters following their leader, who looks like one of the managers of the branch. They toured the counter, went behind the counter, the cooking area, the large freezer and soon thereafter they were given stations and cashiers to help. Kuya Angelo had a great time welcoming the customers, laying the paper placemats on top of the tables, delivering the fries and putting ice on the cups.



Day 2 – Hardwork

On this day they were given a workbook journal where in they can write and draw their activity for the day. The journal includes stickers as embelishment.


Day 3 – Discipline

Third day is just simply practicing their dance steps and continuation of their workshop journal. He also earned his first badge as Certified Kiddie Crew Artist.


Day 4 – Cheeseburger Making 

The most exciting part of the workshop. Kiddie crew were given all the ingredients in making cheeseburger. The activity includes buns, burger patty, ketchup, mustard, onion and pickles.

 Day 5 – Culminating Activity and Graduation

 First part of the program is Memory Game where they divide them into two team. Team Yellow won the game. After the ice breaking game they started their presentation. I was so surprised during awarding Angelo got two awards. Best in Essay and Most Active Kiddie Crew.

So would I recommend this program? YES! It’s very budget friendly and the kids are kept busy for 2 hours. I would have loved them to be part of the crew for a better part of the shift but the activities they did were all so cool and fun too. They also had snacks too. 

Monday Art Class 

When we get back here in the Philippines  we seldom do structured activities. Most of their time are for free play.  

They learned to adopt the culture  and learned to get along with other kids. 

And I don’t think less structured activities makes me a bad parent. And more often lately, I can go days without bringing out an activity for the kids to do.   And sometimes I don’t have the creative energy to come up with something new… and just redo an old activity we’ve done in the past…    


There’s no need to over-think, out-do every activity out there. Sometimes it just feels good to do what’s comfortable.

Mamon – It Yourself -Kung Fu Panda 

When you have a daughter that needs to breastfeed yet, there’s two active boys that needs something to do other than watching.Suddenly, you’ll wish to have an instant activity that will divert those extra energy.

Fortunately,to celebrate the showing of the new movie Kung Fu Panda 3, Monde recently came out, for a limited period, every pack of Monde Mamon Classic 6’s contains a FREE Mamon Panda Maker Kit!    

Having watched Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, the part 3 is definitely worth your penny.

Kung Fu Panda is a story of large and loving life panda.

Po (Jack Black) realizes that he has a lot to learn if he’s going to fulfill the next challenge from his beloved instructor.It’s his transition Po from student to teacher and train a group of fun-loving, clumsy pandas to become martial-arts fighters. Together, the kung-fu brethren unite to take on the evil Kai (J.K. Simmons), a supernatural warrior who becomes stronger with each battle.

Going back, this activity became an instant hit.They were focus and interested in creating their own panda.

The instructions are very simple yet entertaining.


Grab your own pack at any leading supermarket!

From Bronze to Silver…

The second quarter report has been out since yesterday and once again Kuya Angelo proved that his hard work really paid off.  From Bronze he is now awarded as Silver Awardee. His teachers were all proud and amazed how he coped easily with new his environment.       

As his reward we went straight to SM San Lazaro. It’s his request to eat in Mc Donald’s and ordered his fave meal, chicken fillet with rice and fries. Very low maintenance lng sia.. Hehe 

After eating we headed to Book Sale and told him that he can get atleast two books but not more than php 100. So then chose Angry Bird Activity book and Curios George. A total of php 70 for both. 

I also got Where the wild things are to add in our book shell for only php 90.   

Let me end my post with our little talk after we recieved his test papers for the second quarter. 

Angelo- mommy i have surprised for you

Mommy R- really what is it?

Angelo – (showing his test papers) I am the highest in English and I got the perfect score in Computer.

Mommy R- wow your hardwork paid off..

Angelo- are you proud of me that I got high grades?

Mommy – of course yes! I am proud of you not because you have high grades but rather you know that if you work hard and study hard you’ll get best results. 

Isabelle’s Minnie-rific 1st Birthday Party

I am so excited to share the details from Isabelle’s 1st birthday party which was a Princess Minnie Mouse theme!   I loved this party so much! It was a TON of work, but really rewarding at the same time. I think I say that about every party I throw! Ha! Anywho, enjoy some of the party deets!

I went with more of pink and white polka dot theme with black and threw a lot Minnie decorations in. You can’t go wrong with polka dots! Ever! 

The party was held in Jollibee Bambang – Abad Santos which is just near our place. 

For entertainment,we organized several games for guests to enjoy.Phillip, our host was so bubbly and jolly. Kids and kids at heart really enjoyed the party games.

Additionally, to complete the party Jollibee and Hetty were part of the celebration they stayed up to last minute but I added 1500 pesos for the extension.

  For the food we for booked 60 adults and 30 kids. I choose the Package A with 1 pc. chickenjoy with rice, jolly spaghetti, regular fries, regular coke and chocolate sundae. 

Being a bow lover, the Mickey and Minnie ears were my favorite! I got them from 168 Mall for only 175 pesos/ dozen and I loved them! They are just an amazing addition to our registration table.  Kids and parents can grab as they walked in.    

  It was a last minute decision to add a dessert buffet. It’s such a HIT! 

The dessert table was definitely a highlight of the party! Luckily, the team from The Project 8 were very kind and helpful. Ms. Joyce, who is Engineer by profession loved doing candy buffet as her passion. She’s easy to talk to and responds quickly.  For those who have sweet tooth, we have prepared desserts of various types of candies, gummies, nachos, mallows, freshly baked cookies courtesy of my sister Ranibell. I also baked muffins to add on the dessert table.    





We have the beautiful cake which will make you fall in love. It seemed that this cake was made with love. It was a gift from my baker friend Yham Morcelos Rubio who specialized in baking cakes and cupcakes.  You’ll see a ruffles design on the cake and that’s very girly!     Also, you cannot say NO on her cupcakes. They are absolutely delicious.  

Party favor table was set up for kids to grab their goodies on the way out of the party.

Guest recieved a munchkin type donut box as party favors. Each box contains bubbles, mini coloring book with stickers and playdough. I also added sweets such as jellies, chocolate candies and chocolate cupcake.

The package I got from The Project 8 includes 30 free candy cups with assorted candies. I also add them to the box for more sugar rush!   Princess Isabelle looks fab on her pink and gold gowns. Thanks to Tita Racel who gifted her with such a lovely birthday dress. Headress was from SM department store for only 149.75 pesos. She really looked like a very beautiful princess.  

The venue were adorned with pink and white ballons and Minnie Mouse mylars. I am happy with Ms. Divine Dano and her team. They were very efficient and when I arrived at the venue she was there already doing her own stuff.

I took the basic package which includes 2 pillars, cake arch, letter name floor balloons and 8pieces centerpiece.

I am very satisfied with their service that even my sister admire the set-up.      The great images were captured by Mhel of Mhel Masa Photography. Dealing with Mhel is easy breezy. She trusted her client so much and did not even bother ask for downpayment. She was there ahead of time and carefully taking photos of the party details. 

I like her style and her professionalism. Mhel is very affordable yet the quality of work is beyond expectations. She’s a gem and she will be our fave photographer so far.   

       The party was a success, im glad it went well and some how I’m Glad we survived it ahahhaha thanks soo much to all my suppliers and people who made this party possible.

We would like to thank all of our guests who took their time to celebrate with us. We truly appreciate that you are part of our little girl milestones.

Thank you to my sisters for the generosity. My children are so blessed with love and kindness.  


Letter to Princess Isabelle @ ONE

Dear Isabelle,

My sweet loving daughter..

It’s hard to believe a whole year ago I went into labor with you. When I think of that night – when all the medical staff were trying their best to control my blood pressure to lower down and your daddy was beside me holding my hand and praying for our safety. It wasn’t easy delivery a lot of painful contractions, pushing for just a few short minutes… then you, your warm, beautiful little body on my chest. Some of the happiest moments of my life. 

Last night, as I rocked you to sleep my mind flooded with memories of the last year. The hundreds of times I have rocked you, sang ‘You are my Sunshine’, slept beside you so I can nurse you all through the night, the hours I spent widely awake with a broken heart listening to you cry because of sickness, the thousands of diaper changes, the snuggles, the kisses… and my most favorite, that smile. Oh, #princess isabelle… your smile. You have the most radiant smile I have ever seen. It’s genuine, and I can’t help but smile, too, when you flash those big eyes. This year has been filled with a profound amount of love because of you. I completely underestimated how overwhelming it would be to love a daughter like I love you. 

#princessisabelle I am so unbelievably proud to be your mom. I’m proud of you, proud of your smile, your sweet soul, and your sense of humor. You truly bring so much joy to my life and to our family.

I love you so much!


Mommy R

Goal for 2016 – Listen with Understanding… 

First of all, I’d like to wish all my readers a wonderful New Year!   While some are making their new year resolution, this year I have no resolutions.  


 Maybe it is because my goal for this year is to Listen With Understanding..  



enjoy each day, each moment  

one day at a time, one moment at a time.

You should be quick to listen, but slow to speak and even slower to become angry (James 1:19), for anger does not bring about the Christian example that God desires.

Christmas 2015

While this season bind us with joy and love Christmas season is also thanking God for giving us greatest gift by sending his only begotten son to save us from our sins. And that is enough reason to rejoice and be merry! Though it’s our first time to celebrate Christmas without daddy A and it was too heartbreaking. Christmas Eve together – the Reyes fambam – with many of our seasonal favorites are also worthy reasons to smile!

Though I missed cooking in our kitchen I will never trade off all the delightful dishes my mom cooked for us.

Here’s a holiday round-up of how we spend Christmas in the Philippines. 






We wish you all a very happy holiday season! May your hearts be full and your smiles bright.