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Mathematics and Literacy

I guess you knew by now that I am a newbie mom of a preschool boy and it’s quite obvious that I always document every assignments or activities that he has been learning from school or at home.

After all we parents are our child’s first teacher, right?!

Little A is learning his math skills. Now, he can write the numbers 1-20 which surprised me kasi I thought hanggang 15 pa lang sia.






And then he told me that he learned new numbers and wanted to write it as well. I was amazed, of course! hehe




However, in literacy he learnt to form letters using the formation rhymes. You must see him writing each letters as in ang cute!

For instance he’ll write S while writing it he will say “slither down the snake” or for P “down the pan across the plate”. Basta kabisado nia lahat ng rhymes ng letters nakakatuwa. Mana sa tatay! Very smart!! hehe

That’s why we practice forming the letters through blending and segmenting.

Kids will always have excuses when it comes to writing skills but through constant practice you will see a big progress.










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Developing reading skills through play

One of my favorite parts of being a mother–aside from spending time with little A–is finding ideal moments for sneaking in some learning.

Whether he’s playing with numbers, letters or language, there is always fulfilment and joy in my heart every time we are doing our activities. At his early age little A can read already. I must say that his passion and eagerness to learn makes it easy for us to teach/guide him.

Here are two quickie tricks for developing reading through play.

Jump.Hop.Run to the words..
Sight words are common and frequent words that occur in everyday reading and writing.
matching words
Teaching kids to recognize common words by sight is one way to improve reading fluency. Because these words are used so often, it is important that readers are able to recognize them quickly without having to rely on sounding them out.

Reading can be so sneaky but learning through play can be beneficial . . . no one even knows he’s learning and having a good ol’ time.

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Learning is FUN

action mode

I don’t have plans of doing any activity today coz Angelo is been sick since Tuesday. Good thing goodbye cough and colds na sia but the diarrhea di pa din nawawala.

Anyhow, he’s showing interest in writing to the easel. So for me it’s a sign.

Since I’m not prepared I just asked him to match the big letters to it’s small letter. I was so amazed how he can quickly grasp the instruction and how he enjoyed this game/play/lesson.

enjoying much