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Happy Tuesday

Hello everyone! If we are friends in Facebook then you’ll probably know that once again I was admitted in Mediclinic City Hospital. First, thank you for those who sent messages and for my family and friends who really called just to ask how am I doing.

Finally, I’m home and in medication. The 24 hours monitoring and IV fluids helped baby wiggle to stabilize.

The CTG shows that baby wiggle is doing well so I should be careful and mindful talaga..

Let’s pray that I could finish my full term kasi medyo naeexcite na ang bata batutang lumabas!! hehe

Thank you Mediclinic staff for being so nice to me and for Dr. Anne Phillip for the help and support.

Thank you so much honey and little A for taking care of me and for walang sawang pagbabantay saken!! I’ll be good patient na talaga..




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Pregnancy update @ 27 weeks..

Hi everyone! The rains have finally let up. Let’s cross our fingers it will stay this way and that the sun will shine in the Philippines.
As per the news eighty-three towns and cities in Luzon, including Metro Manila, were placed under a state of calamity after these areas were submerged by floods caused by three days of southwest monsoon (hanging habagat) rains, enhanced by tropical storm “Maring,” leaving at least 15 dead and affecting over one million people, officials said yesterday.

Let’s continue to pray for our country and for those who are affected by the rains and floods that they may feel God’s grace, too.

Anyhow, just to give you a quick pregnancy update. I am now on my 27th week.

How i’m feeling: Great – he’s getting so big… it’s hard to believe we’re already this far along!

Total Weight Gain: not sure – last checked I didn’t gain… probably because I am on a diet. I need to control my food intake to normalize my sugar. In fact, my OB recommended to see Endocrinologist after seeing sugar in my urine. I had my OGTT and the result was above normal. The Endocrinologist asked me to submit my weekly result to make sure that I will not end up with insulin shot. So every after two hours of eating I need to check my sugar. Masakit na nga daliri ko kakaprick.huhu

Well, for this month naman I’ve been a good girl na. I stopped eating rice and switched to wheat bread. So far the results is getting better. I am trying to control din ung mga sweets..pero in times of craving for rice I ate pero as in super kunti lang..

Maternity Clothes: lots of dresses

Gender: a BOY…

Movement: The movement was constant. Now that he’s getting bigger, I think he may be starting to run out of move. But I still feel his wiggling around in there.

Sleep: Can’t sleep last night medyo matigas at masakit ung tyan ko..parang he’s staying in just one side then sobrang tigas. We are talking to him nga asking him na”galaw-galaw din pag me time”..hahaha

What I miss: sleeping on my tummy and in lying position..

Cravings: so far wala naman..

Symptoms: just some slight discomfort in urinating that’s why hubby checked my urine and as expected I am positive to UTI. I emailed the result to my OB and I am just waiting for her instruction. While waiting I increased my water intake na din.But truly, nothing major!

Best moments this week:
I scoured Medela Breast Pump at Babyshop. They are on 50-70% off. I chose the electric breast pump para pagbalik ng work it will be easy for me to pump in our office. I also asked my colleague to buy Natalac supplements. I am planning to take it on my 36 weeks. It will to stimulate my body to produce more milk. Yes I am so positive this time that I can do exclusive breastfeeding and I am glad that hubby is supporting me.

Looking forward to:
I know this sounds crazy… but that 30 week mark!
Praying na matuloy ang first ever maternity shoot ko..Thanks to Karisma Yu for volunteering.

I can’t believe we are already getting this far along, this baby boy is going to be here before we know it!


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Pregnancy update @ 23 weeks

It is a little hard to believe that I am already 23 weeks along and getting closer to having two children every day. There are certainly days that I feel like my 2nd will be my last with the type of tantrums my 4 year old has been pulling. Feeling so very grateful that the baby is growing and is healthy. Here is my most recent picture of the belly, I promise to get a better one soon, but for now this will have to suffice.




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Pregnancy updates @ 16 weeks…

Just popping in with a quick update — I’m 16 weeks pregnant!!

I started feeling a lot better around this time, and I’m so glad to say that I have a ton more energy and nausea is almost nonexistent  though there are times I still can’t control the vomiting issue especially when I smell lotion, strong perfume or when I’m on an empty stomach, so I try not to let myself get too hungry.

Heartburn is my main issue, and I have tried almost everything to get it to go away.  I had it bad with little A, but I can’t say it was as bad as this.  There are times when it nearly incapacitates me and I have to go sit down.

For cravings, I always want to eat croissant from Seattle’s Best almost everyday for breakfast. One thing I noticed there are foods which I super enjoyed eating before being pregnant that I cant stand the taste now a days.Previously, I’d love peanut butter in my toasted bread but now it taste awful to me.

My next appointment is on 22nd of June and by that time there’s a possibility of knowing the gender, which I am really looking forward to. I am excited and a teensy bit nervous.

Thanks again for supporting me and being here for me to share this with.

Happy Independence Day Philippines!!