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Will you be my mommy again?

Our weekend was jam packed with tons of pre-writing skills. While preparing for lessons, I talked to Angelo.

Mommy: Angelo I am your teacher today.We will do activities to help your writing skills. Is that ok? Call me Teacher Raquel.

Angelo: Ok teacher. But after being my teacher, will you be my mommy again?

Mommy: Of course!

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That’s Be Careful with my heart

We don’t have cable at home but lately we’ve been watching teleserye from
I don’t normally watch with little A being around but with the trending topic of harana ni Sir Chief to Maya. Sorry I’m just a fan!! Nanood agad ako!Haha..

(While sitting on the couch and watching)

Little A: Why Sir Chief is sad?

Mommy: (Nagulat) You know Sir Chief? You know this? (referring to teleserye)

Little A: Yes! Be Careful with my heart!

Wahaha.. Maya!Ikaw na ang paboritong yaya ng lahat!

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I will PAK the cockroach!

After bathing little A he sat on the floor and started playing his Hot Wheels

Mommy: Little A you’re not yet wearing your brief, you want the cockroach to eat your patutoy?

Little A: If the cockroach will come here, I will PAK him!

Mommy: WHAT?? what you will do with the cockroach?

Little A: I will PAK him.(still playing)

Mommy: What do you mean PAK?

Little A: (Stood up, took one slipper and said) If there’s cockroach mommy I will do like this (he’s describing his plan), I will get the slipper and PAK (sabay palo sa wall)

Mommy: (Sorry! but I laughed hard talaga) Ah you mean you kill the cockroach using slipper?

Little A: No I will not kill them mommy, that’s bad only PAK. I will PAK the cockroach!

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I want that girl! I will get that girl and I love that girl!

While preparing little A’s clothes we had a simple conversation.

Scene 1:

Mommy: Little A we will go to Justine’s party, you will see your friends, c’mom get ready na!
Little A: I will see my friends?
Mommy: Yes! Of course
Little A: I wil see Ate Ynah,Kuya Yani,Kuya Phillip,Ate Julie,Ate Cheezy and Maggie
Mommy: No anak, Maggie is on vacation. She will not be there.

Sudden change of mood..

Little A: I want that girl! I will get that girl and I love that girl!
Mommy: Umayos ka di mo alam ang sinasabi mo!

Scene 2:

Mommy: Little A it’s Cirrus baptism today,we will go to the party. Come here let’s put your clothes on na.
Little A: yehey! I will see my friends again. (mentioning again all of his friends including maggie)
Mommy: No maggie is still away for holiday.She will not be there. She’s still in US.
Little A: Remember I told you I will get that girl because I love that girl.
Mommy: Naku bata kapa! We’re late na come here!

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It says Merry Christmas Angelo

Believe me I don’t have plans of letting little A to open his presents from his tita and tito of DH family.

But his convincing power ay di matatawaran..

Little A: mommy can i open these ( his holding his presents)

Mommy: No, we’ll wait till christmas na lang!

Little A: But mommy look it says “Merry Christmas ANGELO” i’m so excited!Please!

Sige ikaw na.. Ikaw na ang nkkabasa! Hehe







Thank you tita’s and tito’s for the early christmas presents.

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Ang batang sumbungero

Spending time with little A is really entertaining. I mean, at his age he really knows how to start a conversation. He talks a lot, he has so many “why” and he ask so many questions.

Yesterday while I am having my quiet time, he on the other hand is playing his toys.

Mommy: Little A there are lots of blocks under the chair. Can you get them?

Little A: Mommy it’s bricks not blocks,ok??

Mommy: Ah ok,can you get it please.

Little A: ok,mommy

Then after a while he started to play with another toy. And all of his blocks este bricks are all scattred on the floor.

Mommy: Little A if you will not play your bricks can you put back to the proper place,please.

Little A: Later mommy,I’m still playing!

Mommy: Remember I told you” you have to obey mommy and daddy”..

Little A: But I’m still playing..

Mommy: I will count and if you will not put it back then I need to discipline you. One!!

Little A started to clean up his toys with matching inarteng iyak. Yung fake na iyak.

Then tumunog and doorbell. He stopped and went straight to the door. Jumped to his dad and nagsumbong.

Daddy: How’s your day?

Little A: I cried.

Daddy: Really, why??

Little A: Because mommy is asking me to clean up the mess. I am talking gently but she started to count. She said 1…2…

hahaha..sumbungerong bata!