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Little A as Little Juan Dela Cruz..

In few days from now Ramadan will be over which means we will be back from our usual office timings..Sadness!! Actually we are still hoping that Eid will fall on Thursday para naman atleast di kami lugi and we can still enjoy long weekend before it ends. Hoping!!

Back to our pirate activity, this time we created a pirate sword. When were done with our sword little A noticed that the sword looks like the sword of Juan Dela Cruz. And because of that he doesn’t want to be pirate na!
He said he’s little Juan Dela Cruz and he will fight for the monster daw.
Then he realized that there’s something missing with his weapon, he asked me if I can make him Bow and Arrow same as in the series. Hay naku I really don’t have plan of creating one kasi I don’t know how to do it but he’s so persistent.

Little A – Mommy, can you make me Bow and Arrow so I can be a hero?

Mommy – I am not that crafty, I don’t know how will I do it. Let me think first ok.

Little A – You’re not my best friend now! You’re not helping me!

Mommy – Just because I can’t do your Bow and Arrow were not best friends? That’s unfair!

Little A – Yes mommy! Now I am sad because of you! (showing his super arteng emote)

After 15 minutes of analysing how will I manage to do his request, I gave in! I made him Bow and Arrow made from carton box and rubber bands. You should see his face when he saw that I am working on his Bow and Arrow. And the good news is I did it!! hahaha..never estimate talaga the power of being a mother!

After handling the Bow and Arrow to little A –

Mommy – Here’s your another weapon! The Bow and Arrow

Little A – Your the best mom! Thank you for making my Bow and Arrow! (sabay kiss)

Now how can you say no to this little boy!! Awwww! The joy of having a son!

Presenting The Espada ng Katapangan (Sword of Bravery) and The Pana ng Kagitingan (Bow of Wisdom).

















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Summer activity – Marble Run

I was supposed to throw this empty box when I stumbled upon Made by Joel blog.  I thought it would be cool to take the project one step further and attempt to craft a marble run. I was elated seeing empty box turned into something fun. The instruction was very easy that even a not- so -crafty – person can create one for their toddler.

Whether we are out and about or at home I  had to think of something to keep little A busy. A  fun learning activity that will keep him entertain and enjoy for hours.

And the best thing – it’s inexpensive.

I love the creative energy it creates for him! It’s very satisfying watching the marbles race down the track.

This simple craft is also a great way to help develop a child’s physical small motor skills as well as hand – eye coordination.

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Summer activity: Painting with ice cubes

Ice cubes + food coloring + papers = FUN.FUN.FUN

Here is how it works.  In advance mix water with food color and pour it into an ice tray.  Freeze overnight but don’t forget to put popsicle stick or cotton buds like what I used.

tip: You will need extra thick paper because regular paper will tear easily..

It might not be the cute art to hang on the wall, but I guarantee that this is COOL..  painting with ice!

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Summer Activity: Be Bold .Get Dirt.Be Artistic

With a little imagination,a lot of preparation and keeping the summer more memorable finally I convince myself that getting messy explore the artistic side of the toddlers. And because little A loves mixing colors our Saturday afternoon were filled with endless BIG MESS ART ACTIVITY.

Tip: This art activity is ideal before bathing your kiddos.

Unlike last week where I put little A on his high chair to avoid creating a big mess.This time I set up papers on our playroom,prepared our homemade paint,grabbed paintbrush and plenty of wet wipes. Viola!!

Let the mess begin!!

The idea is letting him enjoy the process of creating, rather than being caught up in the end product.

And although this is really creating big mess it allows him to develop his learning skills about mixing colours, consistency and texture. A great way of learning without even knowing..

If you’re going to get messy, you might as well make the most of it .He was so immersed that he wanted to paint his feet as well.

And poured all the colors while mixing it thoroughly. What an awesome experience for him!

Better save the artwork.The paper can be used to wrap presents especially Father’s Day is upcoming..

Have a great summer messy art activities with your kiddos!

Dont forget to take pictures to capture the moment!!

Happy Independence Day Philippines!!

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Summer activity – Let’s go to the library

Let’s Read.Let’s have Fun.Let’s visit the Library..

The most important thing we can do in helping little A to develop his early love for reading is instilling the love for books.

For a little boy with desire,interest and curiosity to explore the world it is worth spending Sunday good time at the Children’s Library.

Hor Al Anz Public Library is situated in Al Nahda near Century Mall- Dubai.

Now the question is what we can expect from the children’s library..

Aside from this is an educational place for children,huge collection of books there are also designated art area to explore.

Lifetime membership is aed 75 and library card will be provided. You will be allowed to borrow books but need to return in given time.

They also offer story telling during weekdays and other varieties of activities especially this summer.

Since we only want to introduce this kind of environment with little A,we didn’t pay the membership although we stayed there for a while so he can be familiarized.
A good start for him to learn proper behaviors such as no running and shouting.

While inside he’s browsing the library displays and bookshelves and was looking for a particular books..

He was so keen in finding Dr. Seuss collection..haha

When he can’t find one he chose to read picture books instead.

And Baby Einstein book collection.


I guess in my opinion, it’s never too early for his age to discover the world of books.


Because this new adventure in his toddler years can be a lifetime experience..


No matter where you live in Dubai, find a library closest to where you live to share in a wonderful world of knowledge and entertainment.

Al Ras, Baniyas Street: 04 2262788
Al Twar: 04 2630013
Al Mankhool : Opening soon
Hor Al Anz, Al Nahda: 04 2661788
Al Rashidiya: 04 2858065
Umm Suqeim: 04 3482512
Hatta: 04 8521022
Al Safa, opposite Al Safa Park: 04 3947279

Opening Times
Dubai Public Library
All weekdays except Fridays and Saturdays
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.(daily)

Dubai Public Library Branch of children
All weekdays except Fridays and Saturdays
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.(daily)