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Learning through play – Hammering with Nails

Fine motor activities are important for strengthen hand muscles and hand-eye coordination. Both of which are needed for writing skills.  

This hammering activity has been on my list for a long time, and I’m so glad to finally get it together. Inigo was very engaged in this work.

 This is a really a simple activity. All you need is a toy hammer, styrofoam and we used real nails from daddy A’s toolbox.

He liked hammering, but he also enjoyed just pulling the nails.

Later on we used our scented playdough and Isabelle started to joined us.


When they are done with hammering they used the saw and the team work begin.


This activity was new to them. I find that once they see me getting into materials they want to get involved too.Keeping them focused and entertained.

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Learning through play – DIY Yoghurt Playdough

 When I saw this recipe in my FB newsfeed, I knew right away that I needed to save it for future use. 

Yoghurt playdough is made with just 2 ingredients (that you probably already have) and turns out so soft and fun to play with.   What’s Yoghurt Dough? A super easy to make sensory dough that your toddlers and kiddos will love to play with.Being a mother of three, I’ve come across lots of sensory activities that I’m finally getting around to making with them.It’s so important to give them new sensory experiences, to help stimulate their brains, creativity and it’s just plain fun!  The texture of our DIY yoghurt playdough is slimy but smells so delightful , which is why they enjoyed playing, squishing, poking, twisting, rolling the playdough. This is also great for fine motor development, perfect for a quiet time activity, plus it’s such an open ended invitation. 

There are endless ways and items to add to it for creative play that’s why we are so excited to try it!

 We added food coloring and used Lego for stamping. We also used plastic knife for cutting and cooking pan for pretend play.   Isabelle didn’t quite understand how to actually mold things with it yet but she had a ton of fun squeezing her hands through it and smashing it. It kept her busy too!          

On the other hand, the boys write their names and created some artworks.  

  Now when it comes to clean up…hmmm.. I’d say that if you are not fun of messy play then this post is not for you.

It’s a delicious, sweet smell and finger licking kinda mess! Don’t worry though this is super messy to clean, your house and hands will smell like peach and mixed berries.
So grab some Yoghurt and have some fun!   


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Learning through play – Fine Motor Skills with Stickers…

One thing I’d like with learning through play is letting your child to explore with different learning skills without them knowing. They are having fun at the same time learning! 

We had left over stickers we used in our DIY wall clock. And decided to leave the sticker sheet in our easel just in case the kids wants to play with it. And I was right!    

 Our chinito Inigo shows interest and started to use the stickers and decided to use our wall as his working station. 

 Peeling those stickers off the sheet is tricky for little fingers. This is a great fine motor activity to turn to when you don’t have a ton of time to play.   
   When everything were already in our wall he was still asking that made me promise before he went to bed that I’ll give him more tomorrow because there are countless possibilities with this activity.  

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Keeping them busy…

This school year, it has been a challenge to keep my two toddlers busy! Inigo is almost three and Isabelle is 20 months old, and as much as possible we don’t want them to spend the whole day watching TV or just sit in one place playing Ipad.
It doesn’t matter whether our home is rarely spotless because of our kids who loves to play all the time. If you walked into our home , you would see Superhero costumes on the ground,paper on the table from the kids drawings,our castle fort in our living room, sippy cups on the table and kids running around.

Keeping them busy can be a very challenging task. That’s why I am on a quest to find some constructive ways to keep them entertain!

Here’s our tried and tested ideas for keeping their little fingers and imagination working. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a short span of attention for their age.

Let’s say  10-15 min. to be a successful activity. Enough to enjoy a sip of coffee or a quick exercise.

1. Puzzles –    

   2. Building Pipes   

   3. Lacing Buttons   

  4. Pencils and Paper – for drawings



5. Watercolor and Easel for painting   

 6. Books for Reading Time   

 7. Happy Meal Toys

9. Clothespins   


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Learning through play – Robot Making using Shapes

The other night while browsing at Pinterest and looking for a robot craft, I saw a great activity that involves sticky plastic cover we used to cover Kuya Angelo’s books.

We still have spare since daddy A bought 1 roll. Then the idea pops out to combine pre-cut shapes and contact paper to make a robot. And thus the Robot Making Shapes born. 



I was pretty sure chinito Inigo would be into it. He’s into robot  because of the Toy Story movie and he’s fascinated with Buzz Lightyear.   


First, I cut a large square of clear contact and tape it to our easel with the sticky side out.

Then, I put tape in each corner and halfway so it wouldn’t move or bunch up when we pulled things off.

Next, I laid the pre-cut shapes and asked him that he can make a robot out of shapes.He was too excited to start.

Finally, he made two robots. One for him and the other one for Kuya A. I also made rocketship to go along with the robots.   


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Learning through play – Numbers and Clothespin

  I know you know that I love free printables! But sometimes, an impromptu activity comes to mind that I don’t want to take the time to look in the pinterest and print it.

 Inigo loves numbers but needs lots of practice in recognition and improving fine motor skills creating this DIY clip card using markers, cardboard  and clothespins we had was a great alternative!           

 While doing this activity he is not only learning the math skills but also building up the strength in his fine motor skills which is essential for writing soon.


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Our Back to School Journey…

How have you been? Are you kids going back to school already? Kuya Angelo’s first day was quite tough. At first he was too excited but upon entering to his old school he became fussy and cranky. Infact,he was too hesitant to enter his classroom. Can’t blame him though, this is something new again for him although he’s been in his school from FS2 to Grade 1. 

 But after explaining and comforting him he eventually agreed to go inside. I hope in a week or two he’ll be more confident to his new teacher and classmates.

Anyhow, since we are in back to school mode. I’d like to share some of new things we did for the past week. Aside from giving him a short prayer and sending him with words of blessings every day. This school year, I started to make his lunch something special. 

Oh no! I’m not speaking of bento lunch or baon serye. I just simply added a lunch note in his lunch box and water bottle.   

 The first time he came back from school he was too excited to tell me that he was so surprised and he couldn’t throw the bottle. 
Then I realized that since we are away from them for few hours lunch is the perfect time to remind them of our love!   These lunch box notes are super easy and convenient. Simply print them and send them as is, and your child will feel loved all throughout his or her school day.

I also started to write encouraging words on our easel so when they woke up they can see/read a love notes from mommy!  

These little touches are sure to make them SMILE😄

***water bottles are free from itiswrittenonthewall while the lunch notes are from pinterest free printables.

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Learning through play – DIY Cardboard Castle and Crown..

We had lots of balikbayan boxes in our house since we arrived. And I can’t just afford to throw it without putting it in good use.

Our weekend includes creating a fort like a strong fortress for our prince and princess.

Introducing our easy and DIY castle..

  So, I started off by cutting turrets, windows and a simple flap for a drawbridge.  

I was supposed to add some ribbon to create a draw bridge and a handle but can’t find any. So I just cut out a castle window on the side.

We didn’t paint it and just used it as it is and the fun started.

 At the beginning of the play, Isabelle was dressed as a princess and the boys loved to be knights. Luckily, the Kids Church topic was about the Armor of God so they still have shields and swords.

Later on the boys wanted to become prince and wear crown. Cardboard are all over our house so it’s easy for us to make one. I cut the pattern and asked them to decorate their own crown using color pencils and markers.

 Kuya Angelo made a rainbow colored crown while I draw shapes in Inigo’s crown and to my surprise he colored it with the color i used for the shapes.

When they are done they can’t contain their excitement to play again in the castle.

 They asked daddy A to be the dragon and the rest of the day were all laughters and pretend play.