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Pretend Play – Breakfast with friends

When Angelo told me that he wanted to have breakfast with his plush toys, no doubt that this could be a great pretend play.
We will celebrate something special with it but not too fancy.
A special breakfast party with friends is surely hit!
This will fill their stomach for a few hours while doing some fun things!
We used some plastic plates and utensils from Ikea.
Angelo prepared the table and sorted the tablewares by it’s color.





After sending out the invitations, three of his closest friends came and party with him.
As per his request guests was served plenty of pancakes and milk.


The host of the party was very accommodating and lively. He even joked his friends that they can eat as many pancakes as they want.
Look, how he’s being so nice and thoughtful to his friends.



There was lots of chikahan and kwento’s and they were all having fun especially Angelo.




I smiled thinking about what a lovely moment to be reminded that everywhere is an opportunity for learning, for connecting, and let make believe bring your party to life..

Happy Saturday Playing!


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