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Letter of the week – Cc is Counting Caterpillars 

Counting with Printable Numbers (1-10) has been so much fun for our letter of the week series.

We have been very much into Cc is for Caterpillar lately, Inigo love it and I love that I can just pull one activity to occupy him!

Today’s activity features counting as the main goal with number recognition as well as simple addition and subtraction reinforcement.   

The mat was laid out and slowly it’s either I am adding caterpillar or taking some of them them away.

For my 3 year old who is currently learning numbers this is a great activity for him.


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Learning through play – Blocks of FUN

When it is raining it means a lot of indoor time, but it doesn’t always have to be boring!

Our chinito Inigo have been playing with blocks so much. This by far has to be one of the simplest activity for toddlers that’s always on the move!

For me it was a win-win activity not only did he have fun But it also helped him improve his color recognition by counting and sorting.

Stay safe and dry everyone!


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Writing and Counting skills – P is for Pumpkin

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to post
the activity we had this week. And because I loved free things, I wanted to share the free printable I’ve got from 2teachingmommies.

It’s a complete set to practice the writing and counting skills of your preschooler.

Here in UAE we had a long week holiday due to Eid Al Adha.

And to keep our little preschooler busy over the holidays we made a fun activities at home.

Here is a cute pumpkin ideas that your preschooler will surely love.

Presenting our P is for Pumpkin activity.

The set includes:

Letter P tracing and Pumpkin coloring – I wanted to laminate this sana for future use kaso costly so I just glued it to his learning journal and used marker and crayons.

Pumpkin Pre- Writing Practice- used pencil for tracing but in the end we end up using orange marker para cute! hehe

Pumpkin Number Puzzle – little A needs to arrange the number in order.

Pumpkin Size Sort – little A lesson are now in big and small, this is a great learning process of sorting.

Pumpkin Counting Skills- With the use of his lego toy, little A will count how many seeds in the pumpkin and match it to the corresponding number.

Pumpkin Clip Cards- using clothespin little A will clip the number that matches the number of items on each card. I liked this so much kasi this is also a great tool for fine motor skills and easy way of learning of counting.

P is for Pumpkin worksheet- this is from confession of a homeschooler. You can download it for free and your preschool can learn the proper strokes of uppercase and lowercase letter Pp.

P is for pumpkin



pumpkin clip

size sorting

number puzzle

counting skillsjpg

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Pretend Play – Cupcakes

After seeing that I was pretty sure that little boy would LOVE to play baking with mommy. I set up our baking activity.

One small twist was instead of actual cupcakes I created a more of a pretend play set up.Ironically little A made this one into a counting and sorting activity.

Now for the fun part. I gave the bag to little A hoping that he will like it and boy I was right!  It was an instant hit!!
This is what we baked according to him – strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, grass flavour ( because the grass daw is color green), lemon and lastly mocha pretend cupcakes.

Don’t they look realistic and delish?

What we really loved about this pretend cupcakes is that we were able explore the possibilities through playing, practice the ideas and develop his imagination.

Kudos for play based learning.











This is specifically for Daddy A only according to him. he will surprise daddy daw with his blueberry cupcake
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Learning through play – Creative Play

For a toddler who is always on the move long road trips can be tough. Especially when they finally become conscious that they’ve been trapped on their car seat for a long hours.

One of our stress buster is refocus his energy by playing “Create a story”.Each of us takes a turn narrating any stories that we may think. This game is such a big hit to little A.

Last weekend after eating breakfast I had the chance to finally arranged all of my compiled recipes I was planning to write it in my notebook.

Of course knowing how active little A he then asked me if we could play our “create a story”. This time instead of narrating he wants to put it into illustrations. He wants me to draw his story. Ok, this is a sign that he’s bored and he wants something to do. So I grabbed his small pad and pen and I set aside what I planned to do. He then started to narrate his story..

Little A – One day there’s  a little boy.

Mommy – What’s the name of the boy

Little A – He said his name “Little A”

Mommy – What is he doing..

Little A – He’s holding a balloon. So many balloons..

(So I complied) I drew 4 balloons and asked him to count. I also asked him the shape of the balloons. I even hold his hand so I can guide him to draw as well.

He then asked me if we can draw mommy and daddy.

After seeing the illustration he said “no mommy”. .  I asked him why? Mommy and Daddy will also hold balloon.

A simple activity using his imagination.

 A simple aid to build his vocabulary and communication skills.

I’m amazed how much faster the time passed by we were so engaged! Before I knew it I need to prepare again for lunch time.

he drew this he said this is little A and daddy..cute!!


This is me and Little A (sorry but drawing is not my cup of tea)

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Cooking with toddler – Homemade Pizza

Cooking is a great time for teaching little A! I can use math terms,science term or words that I think my little boy may not know.

ingredients: store bought pizza bread,grated mozarella cheese,green bell pepper,tomato sauce and sweet ham

Though it requires a lot of patience and table-cloth for cleaning the mess.hehe. This tedious and messy bonding time is great example of developing language skills for him.

I intentionally transferred the tomato sauce to the squeeze bottle to practice his fine motor skills.

Even for our little guys, talking about words is important. We want to create word-conscious kids. We want our children to be aware of words, to love words and to listen and look for words wherever they may be.

During the process little A and I are talking about the measurement, counting skills, color recognition,sensorial skills,fine motor skills and expanding his vocabulary words.

When I asked little A to count how many ham he’s putting on the pizza bread he count it in spanish (uno,dos,tres etc). By the way he knew from uno – bente..

Boosting his language skills can be easy through cooking/ play..

ready to bake

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Dinoclip fun game

Last weekend is all about dinosaurs! After a huge success of our dinomite tub we played a fun counting game using clothespin.

Presenting our “Dinoclip” acitivity..

the invitation

Directions: Using clothespins have your child clip the number that matches the number of items on each card

This activity is not only for counting skills.It also focus on fine motor skills. Pinching/Clipping the clothespin is an excellent practice for your little ones too!

Happy counting everyone!!

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Hands-On Math activities

Little A knew the numbers from 0-50. In several occassions like making “pabibo” he’ll count up to 80. With this, I thought of introducing a firm understanding of math concepts and skills on him.

When Little A entered in our playroom he’s so excited to see different colors of marbles.It’s his first time to see and feel the marbles. So,I have prepared 3 fun learning math games.

Presenting our activity… ” Counting + Marbles = Hands on Math activities.

1. Replicate the patterns – I made the circle template from 0-9 and asked Little A to count while putting the marbles on the circles. At first, he was confused. He will add one marble on the first circle and he will say 1. Then,he will proceed to the next pattern he’ll continue counting 2,3. I had to constantly remind him to start again from 1. After few trials and errors he got it right. So we finished up to number 9.

replicate the pattern

2. Math mats – Learning the number facts 0-9. Each box is labeled and has a math activity inside. It’s nice to have a reliable printables that you can use in so many ways. I asked him to trace the number by simply adding marbles on it. After tracing the number, he need to place marbles on the box. This time he doesn’t have a hard time doing it.

math mats
count and learn

3. Workjob Math activities – Each lids is labeled from 1-9.This handy activity which keep Little A happily working on his counting skills.

work job activity

You see, marbles aren’t just for games but also work well in a variety of educational activities. They are relatively inexpensive and are readily available in any discount stores and toy shop. I got mine in Day to Day for aed 3.00 but they are the flat ones. Grab some and have fun learning with your kiddos.

*Never leave your child alone while playing marbles especially if they are under the age of 3.

*Marble is a choking hazard. Supervision is highly recommended.