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Sanctuary for kids – Little A’s Playroom

One of our goals in our family is that to look for ways to help others – that we have the tremendous privilege of being blessing to others.

When my friend informed me that they are raising money through garage sale for the medication of her relative in the Philippines,I volunteered that I’ll be bringing old stuff of little A particularly old toys and books.

I really can’t understand why at his age he can have so many toys, 4 cars,2 scooters,stuff toys and lots of other toys.

I spent Saturday afternoon of de-cluttering little A’s room. After the general cleaning, I am happy that I got 3 full bags of toys that are not age appropriate for little A. What’s the use of putting it in the box for the next baby when these things can be a great help/useful for a friend.

Apart from that I also figured that the playroom is a sanctuary for kids though it is a complete nightmare cleaning and organizing the room. I’ve got to see the room so neat and tidy. Everything is properly arranged. From art section,bookshelves and toys section.

I actually dug deep in my archives to find this really old photo of
how the room once was.A before shot of what this area looked like 2 years ago.



A lot of changes but one thing remain – Giving him the option to tumble into a fun space to let loose and be a kid.

photo (11)

photo (10)

photo (9)

photo (15)

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Home organization – Christmas is in the air!

I am so excited to show you this quick little project I have started couple of days ago.

We have a wall in our dining’s not too big, but was completely boring. So I decided to add a little touch of christmas spirit to it!


Do you want to see the new look?


Something fresh and festive with a little touch of Candylandia theme.

Christmas is in the air!

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Our Eid holiday round-up

Hello peeps!

Eid holiday is a super fun week for our family.

We didn’t go out-of-town this time because I wasn’t sure if I will need to work last Thursday but because of the urgent decision of the management we finished the two magazines last Wednesday.We had to work late and stayed till 12:30 am.

That’s why I’m off from Thursday to Sunday.Hooray!!

Here is what our weekend has been

Breakfast meal in Mc Donald’s

We took a quick trip to Ikea to look for affordable shoe cabinet that will fit in our small house.

Lunch break at Wendy’s.

Hubby started to fix the shoe rock while I and little A are sleeping. I had a terrible headache so I’m excuse to help!! hehe

Dyaran!! Our new main entry. I am really thrilled with how it turned out . The addition of frames from Red Tag give life to our wall..

Happy decorating!!

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Home organization 101 – The wall of LOVE

Hi there! How’s your weekend? Mine was quite busy. Guess what keeping me busy aside from attending birthday party again..hehe

It’s my home organization project again..

Once upon a time we had an entry that looked like this….

After almost two years of living with eye-sore and awful entry wall..

I am excited to transform the space and make it more chic.

It was such a tricky spot to problem solve since our main switch board looks really disgusting.

To hide the main switch board. I printed subway art and framed it. I bought all the frames from IKEA but most of them was from “AS IS” section including the big frame.

(tip: before roaming around – it’s a MUST to looked at this corner- sometimes you can find gem on that area)

SOOooo pretty!! Now the nook is a space with meaning and simply ADORABLE! It’s simple.  Nothing here is overdone.

 This was one of the best organizing decisions I’ve ever made.  The small  touches make our house a home..

Now,I am pretty sure that every time we are putting on our shoes or leaving/getting our keys – it will always brings a smile to our face  daily..

Why not??

Say hello to Santa Claus and Snowman..

 Because this little space in our house creates a haven of tranquility.

For me, it is about loving the ones I already do have and simply organizing it..

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Home organization 101 – Filing of important documents

Between the two of us hubby is the “masinop and very organized” type of a man.Yan ha honest ako nyan!!
He’s saving all the receipts and manuals of all the things we purchased. But the downside of it although he’s keeping it (halo-halo naman) and worst we are only placing it under our bed..
In my attempt of organizing all our household paperwork I collated all our important documents,print labels,break up all the major sections inside the tabbed dividers and file it in one folder. I  love the way it turned out..So organized!
I did this because I wanted to be able to take the case with me on the go and
not be stressed over losing something. Especially that hubby has loads of documents.

Also I prefer to keep important documents in our safe in case of emergency..

In the meantime let me share our Family Case..

Now, I’m also  planning to organize all our household paperwork into 3 binders (Kitchen recipes,Finances and Manuals and Warranty for all the appliances and gadgets..

This maybe too much of  a headache and tedious work – but this is worth your time..

Better safe than sorry!!

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Our Little Gardener

We are the new additions to Cerrado Family…

My name is Fortune
and I am Snow White
He's our little gardener. His mom called him little A. He's caring,thoughtful and loving..
He always make sure that he watered us before going to sleep. Sometimes he's talking to us like his mommy. But I think he inherited his green thumb to his daddy.