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Christmas Wishlist come true..

Ang pasko ay di lang sa bata!! Hahaha..kasi me gifts si Santa samen..

They say that the elves are watching and reporting to Santa if you are naughty or nice. So to make sure you’re stocking will be filled with your christmas wishlist you have to be nice all the time otherwise there will be no christmas presents for you. Sad naman yun divah!

And because Papa Jesus knew that we are so nice (walang kokontra!) pinabigay na nia ke Santa ng aming presents. Yehey!! Ang saya ng pasko!

Portable DVD from us,Rice Cooker from Ann,Diary from Connector (wala na kasi siang Starbucks Planner..hehe) Comfy slippers from Jo and CK perfume from me..
CK Euphoria perfume from Tita Keke..wacky face nia yan!
at dahil di nadeliver ang original gift ko sa kanya, I opted to give him shirt sa New Year malamang umabot na yun..
Yehey! Finally, I’ve got FitFlops na..Alam mo ung like mo ung slipper pero di mo maatim bilhin kasi ang mahal..Buti na lang galante si Santa Raquiza. Thanks!! I lke it much..
And because the Gueverra Family knew that I am a baker (wahahaha) Kitchen apron set for me..Thanks!!
My favorite gift from Hubby!!
sabi ni ake konting smile lang di ko napigilan ang saya ko eh!! hihhihi
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Christmas tradition- Christmas picture

I have a few Christmas traditions we will do with little A every year.

One of these that I truly love and have done this year,was to take picture of little A standing in our Christmas tree.

I wish I had started this tradition as soon as he was born but unfortunately I didn’t. So I will share with all of you, so you can perhaps enjoy this from when your little ones are really little.

This part is not the important part..but I know I need to share it anyway:) I bought a picture frame at IKEA for aed 5. Print his last year picture and adhere on the frame.My one rule was that each every year he will hold the frame with his picture taken on the previous year.

And every year we will look back as a family and see how thing have changed over the year. Cute eh??

Sounds easy but with an active toddler it’s very hard to asked him to give his cute smile. But what do you expect from a 3 year old cute little boy! hehehe

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A very Merry Christmas

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!I’d like to apologize, firstly, for my longer than usual absence here. But now I’m back in action again! So bear with me if I will bombard you guys with Christmas posts.

The festive season is upon us;special time for celebration,merriment,goodwill,family and friends.

Today, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite parts of decorating for the holidays…our Christmas tree.

Our tree holds a special place in my heart and to commemorate the special moments we started a tradition. Starting this year all of us(I, daddy A,little A and Tita Keke) should always be present when putting on the glitz in our Christmas tree.

Throughout the year most of us lead busy lives, so we made sure we plan a great family day and spend important quality time.Nothing delights me more than seeing our family having fun while we are cheerfully creating memories.

And lastly when choosing our Christmas decor we made sure to incorporate a special topper that only little A will place. Silver star gave instantly touch of Christmas. An easy and attractive way to make our home look Christmassy.

To celebrate the spirit of Christmas and have a jolly good time,our family invited Santa Claus. Watch out little A!! Are you naughty or nice?

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2011 Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 13 – Day 25

A very merry month to all of us. Remember the festive season brings along with it the time to relax with family and a perfect opportunity to create your own tradition to double the dose of cheer and fun this year’s festive season..

As the second part of our 2011 Christmas Countdown.Here’s the second part of our 2011 Christmas Countdown Calendar.

13. Rudolp the Red Nose Reindeer – Hands and Foot Reindeer craft.
Gather your materials. Brown paper,red and black pen plus glue. Then, trace both hands and foot of your kiddo. Cut and paste lng..
the most tantalizing reindeer I’ve ever seen..
14. Decorating gingerman and gingerhouse using corrugated box and DIY color paint
What you need: condiments plastic bottles, glitters, gingerman and house cut- outs at isang batang mkulit!
Gingerhouse decorating
gingerman decorating
gingerman and his gingerhouse..
15. Double the fun party! Meet- up with playmates again
16. Bonding with Tita K and Tobit at Dubai Festival City
enjoying the huge christmas tree
17. Visiting Santa Claus
18. Sharjah Water Festival
enjoying the ride alone..such a brave boy!
19. Decorating Christmas Mittens
he likes glitters so much..
20. Watching and Enjoying the Pet Show
bonding moment ng mag-ama
21. Build your own Snow Man using the free printable from
the supposed to be scarf was used as belt. clever boy!
22. Counting and Sorting – What’s inside: Candy cane, bells, balls and angel
Simplest way of learning math..
23. New pet because the little boy loves fish
Frank the Fish meet little A
24. Noche Buena – singing the Happy Birthday song to Papa Jesus
25. Opening of Christmas presents
because the little boy behaved well sandamakmak na regalo galing sa mommy and daddy plus tito’s and tita’s