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I’m beginning to feel like summer-ready!

You may wonder why? Well for evident reasons after browsing What She Wears Sole Facebook page , I went shoe crazy as I sought to update my wardrobe with a palette of striking colors. There’s nothing like bright accessories to get you more chic on summer days.

I feel giddy when my orders arrived yesterday. It was actually Raquiza’s fault..hahaha.She persuaded me to browse the site and I admit, I instantly fell in love with their collection. So love at first sight does exist! Haha!

These shoes will surely catch anyones attention cause believe me, it’s that bright and uber cute! I can’t wait to wear these over and over!

What She Wears Sole has so many styles to choose from! From comfy flats to sexy sandals, strappy heels and wedges to easy-to-wear pumps.

For orders and inquiry, you may check their Facebook page –!/whatshewears.sole/photos_stream







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