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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 20- Family day

As we get nearer to Christmas the ongoing holiday events can get wearing. Don’t feel like you need to do them all. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t done very many. Smile, enjoy the Christmas lights and don’t be too hard on yourself.

For our day 20 of our Christmas countdown the activity is:

Family day!








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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 19 – Bake Chocolate Muffin

Hoping you are having a warm and cheerful December!
Today is the start of winter break and because of that kuya A requested if we can bake again but this time his favorite muffin.

For day 19 the Christmas activity is:

Make Christmas Chocolate Muffin!

You might think of a huge ordeal with a messy kitchen when you think of baking with your kids, but most of the times that’s where the fun memories .


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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 18- Snowflakes

For day 18 of our christmas calendar countdown we made a snowflakes out of popsicle stick craft!

As you can see the “craft sticks” here are actually Starbucks’ stir sticks. I grab a few when we had our bonding time.
I just love how long and delicate these stir sticks are; perfect for snowflakes! You could certainly use regular craft sticks to make these ornaments though.

These snowflakes are fun, easy, and so inexpensive to make. You could also coat them in glitter or whatever art supplies you have on hand. Buttons will be a neat addition too. You could hang them in your window, over a door instead of a wreath. And why stop with ornaments you can add it to your presents as embelishment.



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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 17 – Make wrapping paper

Have you been wrapping up presents?
Maybe your kids would like to help. They’ll love giving a present that they made look beautiful.

Today the Christmas activity is:
Make Wrapping Paper!


Instead of using store bought wrapping paper I encourage kuya A to made some using my nativity cookie cutter set and paint.


I love how simple this easy Christmas craft is, it let him explore with colors and create something fun to give to his friends.