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Bible Hero – The Story of Joseph (Genesis 37-46)

For the month of May we will be teaching the Heroes of the bible and among of all the heroes written on the bible Joseph is the one of the greatest example. His humbleness,faithfulness and loyalty are one of the many strong characters that we need to impart to our kids.

The aim of the story is to show that Joseph was faithful to God during the hard times and the good times. Because of this, God blessed Joseph and saved his family during the famine.

And because I am part of the Arts and Crafts team we are assigned to prepare the activity of the level 1 kids ranging from 3-6 years old. What a better way to demonstrate the bible story than a Joseph and the coat of many colors.

Memory Verse: For the Lord protects those who are loyal to him (Psalm 31:23)

Joseph Crafts – Hand Crafts Stick Puppet


  • Crafts sticks
  • Markers
  • Construction papers or A4 papers
  • Magazine scraps
  • Glue


1.Cut out the Joseph shape


2. Cut out the coat shape. We used sticky back plastic (contact paper) but card would work just as well.


3.  Fold Joseph over so that the two halves fit on top of each other. Tape a lolly stick to the inside of the Joseph shape and then glue the two halves together.



4. You may decorate one half of the coat shape with lots of colors. Tape the sides of the coat together so it won’t come off the figure.






 6. Give the puppet a smiley face.




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Make Summer Memories Last – Kids Ministry Summer Workshop

It’s hard to believe that there’s just two days left until the end of August and the Summer is almost over!

And before the month kicks off I am so proud to share to you guys the activities we did last July.
During a particularly hot and humid month earlier this summer the Kids Ministry held a fun-filled summer experience through a variety of creative learning workshops that developed the artistic skills, talents, gifting’s and abilities of children in the field of Singing, Dancing, Arts & Crafts and Musical Instrument Playing.

Honestly, the 4 weeks of exposing them to a various activities gives them a chance to individually discover their innermost talents and gifts.

It is our job of prepping the kids a lifetime of learning…and trying to make it fun the process!

To end the summer with a BANG! Here’s a quick overview of the Summer Workshop!

Kudos to all faithful and dedicated teachers who devoted their time to hone the skills of the children. And to all the mentors who shared their experience and knowledge to all the children who dream of serving GOD using their talents.



getting ready for the musical instruments – Maracas and Tambourine
Arts and Crafts with Kids..Can I say that I super like this activity for so many reasons. A good sample of sensory skills, expanding vocabulary words and color recognition. Yes – that’s how I appreciate this!!



Musical Instruments – Boys are making maracas using empty plastic bottle adorned with glittery stickers and colourful stones.


Musical Instruments – Girls are prepping their Tambourine using paper plate and ribbons.
Using their instruments while performing the action song..



painting session with Teacher Wowie ,DJ, Joseph and Troy


Playing Musical Instruments with Mentor Lady
learning how to hit the drums
Dancing with kiddos
Mentor Nikka with aspiring worship leaders in the future

Exhibit of their artworks
Wall of artworks created by the little ones..
From the imagination of the kids..see how they can create a masterpiece with the help of their mentors Teacher wowie,DJ and Joseph.
Little A is proudly showing his artwork with his dad.
Ahh..what a beautiful collection.


Kids and parents were served with marshmallows,pretzel with melted chocolate and corndogs..




Congratulations to all!! It was a blast and everyone had a fun!!


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Teaching bible verse to kids – Jesus Calms the Storm

Lesson: God Gives…The Gift of Peace

Aim: That the children will know that because Jesus actually LIVES IN US, WE CAN TRUST Him at all times.To care for us and gives us peace in times of trouble.

Opening idea: For more interaction with the kids, I asked them if they ever experience storm or thunder. As expected they are all excited to answer. Some said when they visited Philippines and its rainy season. Then, I asked them how do they feel/react every time they can hear thunder? Most of them said they were scared while some of them co-sleep with their parents. Lastly, I asked them if they think that Jesus can calm the storm? Seeing their puzzled faces, I knew I hit the button right.

Kids loves visual demonstration so I always opted of creating something special to make it more appealing to them.



Story: Jesus calms the storm (Mark 4: 35- 41)

Some of the highlights of the story that needs to be stress out to the kids are:

  • Jesus invite his disciples and decided to cross the lake
  • It was calm when they set sail, but a sudden storm hit the boat. The sea waves was so rough that the waves were crashing over the boat, filling it with water.
  • Since Jesus was very tired after a full day of walking and preaching, he slept in the boat and did not wake when the storm hit.
  • The disciples were very frightened.

At this stage, I paused for a while to involve the kids by asking them question- What if they were the disciples what do they think would do. Some said that they will pray, some said they will call Jesus. After hearing their answers, I proceeded.

  • The disciples thought Jesus didn’t care and they woke him up.
  • Jesus awoke and spoke to the wind then He spoke to the sea and the storms became calm.


For memory verse – I prepared a simple craft. Origami boat craft fit well for the story. To be honest, I really don’t know how to do origami craft but the night before I watched it you tube para I can teach the kids. Oh Yes, The kids went crazy when I told them that we will make a boat out of paper. Hubby was with me so he helped me in assisting the kids.





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Teaching bible verse to kids ( 2 Timothy 1:19)

This has been a very busy week for us. Aside from the fact that the weather is getting me sick.Super lamig!

Actually because of it I was downed again with colds and flu. In fact,last Tuesday we went to New Medical Centre – Buhaira for consultation.

The doctor prescribed Cefuroxime tablet (500 mg) to be taken 2x a day for five days along with Sinecod syrup and anti-histamine. I am also drinking warm water with lemon to soothe my throat. Sakit sa lungs ng ubo ko at parang hinihiwa ang throat ko everytime im coughing

I know I should not complain about this sickness dahil mas marami pang ibang me malubhang sakit. Kaso di na ko makatulog sa gabi. Can you pray for me,please.

On the positive note, I want to share my passion. Our Kids Ministry.

Our lesson “Born for a purpose”. Can you guess who amongst the bible characters we studied? It’s none other than the very brave Queen Esther.

Our aim is that the children will understand they were not born by accident, but for a purpose.

For some who doesn’t know Queen Esther – Esther was a beautiful young Jewish girl who lived in Persia with her cousin Mordecai.  God had a plan for Esther’s life, even though she didn’t know it from the beginning.  The King of Persia wanted to marry a beautiful young woman and make her the queen of the kingdom.  When King Xerxes saw Mordecai’s cousin Esther, he fell in love with her.  Esther married King Xerxes and became the new queen.
One of the king’s helpers, Haman, hated Mordecai because Mordecai would not bow down to him. Haman convinced King Xerxes to make a law that Mordecai and all the Jewish people should be killed.  King Xerxes did not know that his beautiful young queen was a Jewish girl.  When Mordecai heard the new law, he sent a message to Queen Esther, asking her for help.
Even though the King had not called for Esther and she might be punished, she bravely went to see the king. Esther invited the King and Haman to a banquet.  There, she told the king that Haman wanted to kill her and her people.  King Xerxes was angry with Haman and made a new law to save the Jewish people.
Esther’s bravery and trust in God were part of God’s plan to keep his people safe in Persia.

Our memory verse was from 2 Timothy 1:19. God saved us and called us to be his own people. It is a simple verse and I came up with an easy craft to help ease the memorization of the verse. I am looking forward to seeing their excitement about this lesson.

I always am looking for ways to peak their interest from the minute they walk into the door.

Who wouldn’t love to be King and Queen. I gathered all my materials and traced king’s crown using cartolina paper. Once I am happy with the results I wrote down the memory verse and asked the children to decorate their own crown.
Let the Royalty begin..





photo (10)

Teaching Children the Bible is an Honor.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Teaching Bible verse to kids (Exodus 2:15-22)

Well hello there! I hope you all have a chance to spend some fun time with family and friends last weekend.Albeit,everyone is back in the swing of back-to-work routines now, and life is getting busier than ever.

We had a great weekend that I can’t wait to share.

As you all know I am part of Kids Ministry in our church and last Friday I had the privileged to teach the Level 1 – Preschool.The class was mainly  between the age of 5-6 years old.

Our lesson is about “Helping people in need”. In this lesson the best example to impart the values of helping was the biblical chapter of Exodus 2: 15-22. The chapter is how Moses defends the lady shepherd.

Just a quick kwento – When I was preparing my lesson my sister and hubby saw the props I will use supposedly for Friday and they make lait as in they were laughing. I can’t blame them kasi originally I printed images which is not age appropriate. Don’t get wrong but the only images I’ve found in google are mostly paintings. Since Thursday was a busy day for me at work I didn’t have the chance to research which obviously is not an excuse. So after all tha lait and kutya – (which I must say is my realization point!) I came up with another idea. It really helps when you’re praying and trusting God to help you in times of cramming. When your mind can’t think and all you have to do is surrendered to HIM and trust that everything will work according to his plan.

That’s where the idea of story telling came up. I remember my sister keeps on reminding me ‘ate yung props mo nmn parang greyego tsaka parang di ikaw yan”.

I used materials readily available in our home. Tissue rolls, clothes pin, clip arts and even little A’s coloring books.

And here’s what I end up:

I’m up till 2 am just to finish my lesson.It was tiring yet very fulfilling. When I’m done I feel so relieved. Ang kyoot ng result.

For memory verse I printed two faces (boy and girl). My plan is – I will ask the kids on what will they feel if they help people who are in need. Will they follow Moses example on defending the daughters of Jethro from a bad male shepherds? Does helping others is a happy feeling?

I made sure to make it simple for them to understand the verse (Proverbs 11:25) Helped others,and you will be helped..

Come Friday afternoon and everything was set. My lesson and the kids. My co-teacher Jenny was in-charge for the application and food distribution.

The verdict – It was a huge success! Not because of me but because God gave me wisdom to teach to these little creatures about hiswords. They loved how I demonstrated the story. Whenever I will changed the tone of my voice you can see they are giggling and laughing. When I asked them if they will offer help when they see a person in need they all agreed and said yes! They said that it is happy to help and it will be pleasing to daddy God’s eyes. And also when I’m about to give the characters no one took home the bad shepherds. Ayaw da nila kasi bad guys!

And for the drawing – they all created a happy faces. Oh yes, not to mentioned, they are all excited to get a star..

What a blessing to be part of Kids Ministry.

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Our next generation – Future Leaders..

Being part of Kids Ministry can actually changed your whole life perspective about teaching.

 I strongly believe that our church plays a vital role in building our kids to encounter the presence of God in a powerful way.

I’ve always loved watching kids’ personalities shine as they get into the class.

Training our children to become future leaders is not a one day method. It’s a process to fully equip them spiritually.

 It requires GUIDANCE of the church and devoted teachers who are willing to develop their inner talents.

And most importantly it needs FAITH to accomplish this mission.

Because the goal is to create an atmosphere where champions are made and bringing more kids closer to God

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A day with teachers..

In our church we have a ministry called Kids Ministry. We are a group of believers (parents or singles) who are willing to faithfully teach/share God’s word to kids.  We have level one ranging from 3-7 years old and level two aged 8-12 years old.

The class starts with praise and worship.I love seeing those kids singing and dancing.It’s so cute! Followed by a simple discussion with props so kids can easily grasp the lesson.

For a several weeks now we are training little A to attend the class. We’d like him to be passionate for God while at the same time developing his social skills by interacting with same age group.

Part of our training/motivating him every Friday are:

  • sleep early so we could all wake up without a fuzz.
  • while inside the car we will talked something exciting about learning,sharing,playing with kids to make it more exciting for him.
  • that teachers are preparing great lesson about Daddy God and Papa Jesus.

First few sessions wasn’t a success. He was very shy,timid and doesn’t want to participate in the lesson. Which is quite normal at his age. But last Friday was not one of those “NO, I don’t want to listen to teacher” nor “No, Mommy you come with me”moments.Those days were suddenly over.

The sun began to shine, the birds began to chirp and miraculously, my cheeky naughty little boy began to be more cooperative and friendly.Life was grand, I must say. At this point I think it helps that we attended afternoon class. The little boy became jolly and cheerful again.

Oh boy! I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to let him go and be there alone.Hahaha..stage mother lang ang peg!

But hubby insisted paano daw masasanay so before leaving I talked to the teachers and informed them that everything was in his bag. His milk,his water and his food. I gave my mobile number so they could easily reached me if something happen. Thank you Teacher Wowie and Teacher Clarisse for the patience..

What a comfort to know that our children are in such loving hands so parents could attend the service without worrying that their kiddos were running,playing and worst crying around the church. It was a great pleasure for parents like us that there were committed teachers willing to take care of them even in few hours.

When we fetched him he looked at us with this big goofy grin and showed his artwork. We are so proud of him because he didn’t throw a fit and his teachers said he’s participating and sometimes he’s becoming naughty pero nakikinig pag napagsasabihan.Wehehehehe..

When he’s daddy was putting him in his car seat he was making pa- impress

Little A: Daddy look  (showing his artwork)”Jesus read the scriptssss (he can’t read the scripture properly..hehe) Luke 4:16

I was amazed that he can atually read the verse. Though hirap siang mag prononunce ng scriptures at least he’s trying. Good Job Little A!!

I hope this will be the start of our goodbye drama Fridays..