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The sweetest note

I had a very bad headache today and can’t even get out of the bed. Must be the effect of the pills that I am taking right now.

And because I can’t be with the kids, Kuya Angelo pretend to be my doctor. He told me that I need to book an appointment and register to his medical lab.


Then he gave the sweetest prescription, just in time when I needed comfort.


He maybe defiant child at times but definitely he’s one sweet, loving and caring son!


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Bittersweet thought

Little A  is getting so much bigger and is just growing up right before my eyes. I swear he grows an inch everyday! He’s such a big boy now and is so smart that it baffles me. It’s almost a bittersweet thought thinking that he’s already going to be three years old in just a few months. He has been doing this thing lately where he “wants to be the baby”. He’ll climb up on my lap and cradle himself in my arms and let me rock him. It’s truly the sweetest thing. He may be getting to be a big NAUGHTY boy, but he will always be my baby. Always.