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Our Back to School Journey…

How have you been? Are you kids going back to school already? Kuya Angelo’s first day was quite tough. At first he was too excited but upon entering to his old school he became fussy and cranky. Infact,he was too hesitant to enter his classroom. Can’t blame him though, this is something new again for him although he’s been in his school from FS2 to Grade 1. 

 But after explaining and comforting him he eventually agreed to go inside. I hope in a week or two he’ll be more confident to his new teacher and classmates.

Anyhow, since we are in back to school mode. I’d like to share some of new things we did for the past week. Aside from giving him a short prayer and sending him with words of blessings every day. This school year, I started to make his lunch something special. 

Oh no! I’m not speaking of bento lunch or baon serye. I just simply added a lunch note in his lunch box and water bottle.   

 The first time he came back from school he was too excited to tell me that he was so surprised and he couldn’t throw the bottle. 
Then I realized that since we are away from them for few hours lunch is the perfect time to remind them of our love!   These lunch box notes are super easy and convenient. Simply print them and send them as is, and your child will feel loved all throughout his or her school day.

I also started to write encouraging words on our easel so when they woke up they can see/read a love notes from mommy!  

These little touches are sure to make them SMILE😄

***water bottles are free from itiswrittenonthewall while the lunch notes are from pinterest free printables.

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Learning through play – DIY Cardboard Castle and Crown..

We had lots of balikbayan boxes in our house since we arrived. And I can’t just afford to throw it without putting it in good use.

Our weekend includes creating a fort like a strong fortress for our prince and princess.

Introducing our easy and DIY castle..

  So, I started off by cutting turrets, windows and a simple flap for a drawbridge.  

I was supposed to add some ribbon to create a draw bridge and a handle but can’t find any. So I just cut out a castle window on the side.

We didn’t paint it and just used it as it is and the fun started.

 At the beginning of the play, Isabelle was dressed as a princess and the boys loved to be knights. Luckily, the Kids Church topic was about the Armor of God so they still have shields and swords.

Later on the boys wanted to become prince and wear crown. Cardboard are all over our house so it’s easy for us to make one. I cut the pattern and asked them to decorate their own crown using color pencils and markers.

 Kuya Angelo made a rainbow colored crown while I draw shapes in Inigo’s crown and to my surprise he colored it with the color i used for the shapes.

When they are done they can’t contain their excitement to play again in the castle.

 They asked daddy A to be the dragon and the rest of the day were all laughters and pretend play.


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Let’s Party – Mom’s 60th Birthday…

Ready your goggles and swimming ring, fellas! We are ending this month with splish..splat.. And splash of water adventure! Yes, that’s right! Despite the rainy season we’re going out of town!  

My mom’s 60th birthday party got us chilling by the pool, all thanks to Belzer Pool Resort for an amazing experience.We had a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

I can’t wait to share it with you! Shout out to my siblings for making our Nanay so happy. 
Happy birthday Nanay we love you so much! 

Scroll down for more pics and come swim with us!


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Let’s Party – Angelo turns 7

When Angelo had his birthday celebration in his school, I knew that superhero theme will excite him. Then his cousin, Johann also celebrated his 3rd birthday with Avengers theme.

So I opted to have an intimate and very simple affair  with people who love him family! It was an event where the only agenda was to catched up on our daily life..

Well, we did more than talk. We also ate all throughout!

The party will be at my sister’s house so I thought about just throwing my hands up and going with no theme at all.

Until, I went to 168 mall and decided a color theme is better than no theme.

For his 7th birthday, it’s a Blue Theme Party.


I bought a cute birthday cake bunting in 999 mall and these little touches are sure added fun and festive birthday cake which I got from Goldilocks.

For the party food, we had a delicious spread of  my mom’s famous Spare Ribs Caldereta, then we ordered Pancit Malabon and Pork Bbq from Ambers. It’s a typical pinoy favorites, of course, our desserts were aplenty too! We feasted on  Buttered Puto, chocolate cupcakes from Goldilocks and Kakanin from our suki.     

After the party we took the kids to Kidzoona at SM San Lazaro so that they could burn off their energy and play around in a fun safe area.   

We paid for 3 hour’s worth of play which is enough for the kids. The ticket priced at 400 pesos per kid. 


Angelo may not have a fabulous party but sure he did had tons of laughters and fun!

Happy 7th birthday Anak! Lagi mong tatandaan mahal na mahal ka naming lahat.


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Angelo’s SUPERHERO 7th Birthday Party…

Angelo will be turning 7, this July and he is OBSESSED with superheros, so naturally it was his chosen birthday party theme this year. He wanted to celebrate with his classmates (and partly because their friends threw parties also..)

Here’s a look at Angelo’s 7th SUPERHERO birthday party.

 Superheroes are so in with their age right now, and I was very excited about creating a really fun party for my little man.  

We started with superhero invites.I asked my sister to do the lay out and went to Photoline for printing. Frankly, I don’t find the need to give out invites since the “guests” are the classmates and teachers, but  I chose to gave out invitations because Angelo expected me to make one so he can hand him out to his classmates and announce his  upcoming celebration.

The 4R size invitation costs 7.75 pesos per piece. We prepared 25 pieces for his classmates and teachers.  Next, I planned the party favors. I got the service of Mate Salazar for personalized pillows. The 8×10 size pillow is worth 50 pesos. The minimun order are 30 pieces so I gave some to his cousins as well. The pillows are too cute and they loved it! It’s simple yet thoughtful.  Aside from pillows we also gave super cool superhero masks. I purchased 17 various kinds of masks like Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Batman and Hulk from Anding Toystore in Divisoria. Each mask cost 40 pesos.                        And they were a hit.  

Instead of candy buffet we handed out Avengers drinking cup with sweets. Each cup includes M&M chocolates, Hershey’s Almond Kisses, Tutti Fruiti Lollies, Potchi and Marshmallows. 
 The cups are from Divisoria Mall. I got it in wholesale for 95 pesos per dozen.   I ordered chocolate chiffon birthday cake from Goldilocks. Instead of chocolate icing, I requested for white icing and added 100 pesos for blue and red color icing.

I also used the superhero toys we got from Mc Donalds Happy Meal. For some fun, easy party décor, we wanted to keep it simple and budget-friendly. I bought Superman buntings and letters balloon.   I ordered one day in advance the Chicken with Spaghetti meal from Mc Donalds – Pasay Libertad. This was the most fuss-free preparation since everything was delivered to school. 

I learned that the simpler the food, the better.  No fancy food required to make the kids happy and full.

I’m glad that the birthday boy enjoyed his celebration. I’m grateful because he’s not asking for a big party. 

Since this is also my first time to throw a school party, I realized it’s usually us parents who make things complicated with over-the-top elements at times. The kids are easy to pleased and contented of what we have prepare as long as they have their all-time favorite meals, sing Happy Birthday, and blow out the candle!



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Happy 2nd Birthday #chinitoinigo


 Two years! I watch you sleeping and I can’t believe you’re already two! I remember how tiny you were when you were born. You came out a bit too early and we got worried if you will be okay. Well, nothing to worry about because slowly, the little baby grew into a precious little boy!  


Two years. I cherish every moment. I learned how big my heart is because I met you.I learned that I could give until there was almost nothing to give. I learned how far I could go without getting regrets of becoming a mother of three. I learned that a life of chaos with you and your siblings could be so fun! I haven’t learned everything yet, so if I fail you sometimes, please be patient with mommy. I will try again.

   You have the sweetest little voice and my goodness, you are talking so well. Communicating with you has gotten more and more fun because you can tell us what you need and want and you are speaking in full sentences. You even starting using your manners “excuse me please, thank you & you’re welcome bulol nga lang

You are smart, #chinitoinigo. It’s amazing what you understand and can communicate to us. You have such a loving heart. Sometimes you will grab my hand and say “UP UP” so we can play hide and seek. It is so much fun to see you interact with Nanay Celda and Lolo Bossing.You call Lolo Bossing”Boboss” and light up when you see him. And you and Boboss have a very special relationship. You love eating beside him and mimick him especially when he’s teaching you kalokohan.He loves you and plays with you and you two have a wonderful bond that I have loved getting to see grow! 

One of my favorite relationships that I have loved watching blossom is with our princess. From day one, you have been smitten to her- but in the last few months as you’ve gotten old enough to really play and love on her, you two have become the best of friends. You loves chasing her around, messing her around, singing with her, playing with her, and snuggling with her. Your love for each other radiates from both of you when you’re around each other. It is one of the most precious things I have ever witnessed… and I know it will only grow stronger. Princess Isabelle must be very lucky girl to have you!

Your dad and I talk about you all the time… we feel so lucky that you are our baby boy. You are building such a strong relationship with both of us and I know you will always be one of my best friends. I have so many special memories from the last 2 years. I feel beyond blessed – you are so unbelievably loved. What a privilege and thrill to get to watch you continue on this adventure through your life. You are such a gift


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Family Day Out at Manila Ocean Park, Philippines

Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Park is just right next to each other. That’s why Kuya Angelo can’t contain his happiness upon knowing that there is underwater aquarium inside the place. He insisted that we must watch the Sea Lion show. We check the ticket price and in the end settled with the Deep Sea Rush promotion for php 580 per person. 

We also paid for Inigo’s ticket in full because his height is above 2feet na din. But if your child is below 2feet free pa sila.

Deep Sea Rush offer includes the following:

  1. Oceanarium
  2. Jellies exhibit
  3. Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter
  4. Sea Lion Show
  5. Back of the Room Tour
  6. Symphony Evening Show

Our first stop is at Oceanarium. The Oceanarium is home to 14,000 marine creatures from around 277 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its sheer size and diversity makes it one of the world’s best public aquariums. 

 You are only allowed to enter the attraction once so might as well sulitin mo na! They will cross out kasi the attraction once you enter.   
The Oceanarium is a stunning walkthrough of the watery depths featuring seven sections and containing 1,900 cubic meters of seawater.    


At the heart of the Oceanarium is the main attraction – a 25 meter long, 220° curved walkway tunnel with a spectacular underwater view of amazing sea creatures swimming overhead.

The exit of Oceanarium will lead to the second floor where the Back of the House is located. This is the area where breeding of the sea creatures happens. You may also see the machines being used in the operation.


After Back of the House we went straight to Jellies Exhibit.




 We were tired of all the walkings that we did so we decided to go to the Sea Lion show and wait till 3pm to start.

This show is so awesome! Ang saya and ang galing! Super nag enjoy ang mga bata! 


Due to tiredness we skipped the Sharks and Rays Encounter while the Evening Symphoney starts at 6:30pm so we decided to go home na din.We’re planning to go back if our budget permits, we like to try the Trail of Antartica.


Manila Ocean Park

behind Quirino Grandstand

Luneta Manila Philippines 1000


+63 2 567 7777


+63 2 567 2309