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New Year New Hope

It’s New Year!As we enter 2016, let’s go with hope! The Lord is with us!



 Cheers to the new year, I hope it will be everything you want it to be. I look forward to sharing new adventures with you “along the back roads of life”

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St. Mary’s Academy @ 70 – A Milestones To Remember

It’s Sapphire Jubilee Year of our Alma Mater. And to celebrate the momentous event in the life of our school all the alumni are invited to come to the Grand Alumni Homecoming which held in our school ground.

It’s been 21 years since the last time I saw our batchmates, classmates, teachers and our school St. Mary’s so attending the reunion will definitely be a night to remember.

Tickets are prized php 500 which includes dinner buffet and souvenir. 

The program starts at 3pm but we were kinda late because of “sunduan”. I missed these bunch so much! Kulitan, tawanan and tsismisan are just so normal that night.

We were able to see our classrom and started to reminisce old days.




     Whether it’s nostalgia or the evaluation of where we are right now. I think a lot about how blessed we are. I feel a strong sense of home, of belonging to this family and being loved.   


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Top of the week – Boodle Fight at Familia Sanchez

What has been an eating style in the military has become a popular concept for get together here in UAE. 

As we all know Boodle fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice are ready to eat using bare hands.So it isn’t a surprise that this exceptional concept oozed into Filipino gatherings and celebrations.


Our boodle fight was prepared by a kapampangan chef ( naks naman ate Rowee 😉)

No wonder that all dishes are cooked with passion. Our food are variety of seafood, vegetables, pork spare ribs, gourmet tuyo ( thanks to Chef Florabel ) and my all time favorite “buro ng kapampangan”.


Once the table is set. We washed our hands and started the boodle fight with a fellowship. That’s one thing I liked about meeting Familia Sanchez. It perfectly combines two things never ending talking and unlimited food.


If boodle fight signifies the importance of brotherhood in military. For us boodle fights perfectly sum up the friendship. We give importance to our spiritual family, closeness, and to the value of fellowship.

Thank you so much Familia Sanchez for all of your kind words, advices, words of wisdom and love for our family. We love you to the moon and back 💋.

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We were invited – Sweet as a princess- Sophia the First – 7th Birthday

        “Who doesn’t love princess Sofia? I was smitten and in love  with her character from the first time we were watching this tv series in Disney Junior. And yes! Even Rhian certainly does! So for her 7th birthday she chose to have a royal party.

Mommy Joan did a splendid job in creating a royal castle feel to this indoor party with lots of DIY.   

     What a sweet party! It has so many darling details that I just liked.From the beautiful sweet table to the adorable cake! This party is so cute and would work perfectly for every girl who love to be princess in every way.!

To get the party started guests were entertained by Kuya Tams clown. He did the hosting and magic show for the royal celebration. 





What’s a party without some yummy food to eat? 

The party was held at the Chinese Palace Restaurant. It’s a buffet dining experience with wide vary of dishes to choose from. I loved the Crispy Duck and the Chicken with Brocolli but the rest of the dishes are all delightful as well.



The royal cake was baked by Leila of Keyk Krumbs. She’s our favorite!    

 Guests received “bucket full of sweet treat”  as part of Rhian’s royal celebration.   

What I loved about this party is seeing our friends as well.    


 Once again Happy Birthday Rhian continue to be a good girl just like Mommy Joan said. Thank you for inviting us.


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Dubai Dining – Asian Buffet at Intramuros 

When hubby and I discussed where he’ll treat his colleagues for despedida, I suggested Intramuros. It’s an international cuisine buffet at a cheaper price.

Intramuros is a casual dining restaurant situated along Deira. The restaurant’s facade is inspired to one of our historical place in Intramuros called Fort Santiago. It’s one of the tourist spot and  the most popular landmark in Intramuros in Manila. 

The interior has an ancestral atmosphere; very elegant and classic. Pinoy na pinoy ang dating! I could feel the Filipino warmth the moment I walked in.

We were ushered at the Bonifacio Hall with three big tables that’s good for 15 persons. We came a little early so I managed to take some photos while waiting for others.

The restaurants offer a variety of international cuisine from Japanes, Thai, Chinese and Filipino food and delicacies.

salad bar

sumo station

my fave – Tempura station

Yesterday’s menu consists of Kare- Kare, Chicken Lemon, BBQ chicken, Chicken with Tofu in Black sauce,Fish Fillet with tartar sauce. For veggies they served Water Spinach fried in Garlic sauce and Vegetable Spring Rolls. 

And of course my all time favorite Prawn Tempura. For the rice you can choose between plain rice or Chicken Fried Rice. If you don’t feel like eating rice, you may devour their Mixed Pancit Guisado- a combination of bihon and canton sauteed in chicken and vegetable. 

But like  any other buffet  restaurant , I am always  excited  to go straight to their dessert station to check what they can offer to my sweet tooth.

For desserts, there were native delicacies, fresh fruit slices and irresistibly International sweets! My dessert plate had palitaw topped with grated coconut and sesame seeds, pichi-pichi, cassava cake and strawberry mousse. My taste bud are feasting with so much sweet treat.  

Priced at 49 AED/person,  the Flavours of South Asia buffet at Intramuros is one of the most affordable so far. Drinks not included. But still, the final price of 65 AED/person (buffet + 1 drink) is very reasonable! 

And to our NRL friends, thank you for your generosity. Daddy A loves your present. Isn’t obvious?!

Oh and by the way, he was teary eyed when we entered the car. Mamimiss niya daw kayong lahat except sa pag-uwi ng super late😜.

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“She said yes” bridal shower

We’re spreading the LOVE this month and to make your heart skip a beat I’d like to share the happiest moment of one of our closest and dear friend Ley Ann.


Getting married is such an exciting time. There’s just so much to look forward to. Aren’t you get giddy thinking to start a new life with the one you love. Is all just so wonderful when God gave you the man you’ve been praying for.  Every girl dreamed of a fairy tale romance and Ann is one of the luckiest girl for turning her dream into reality.


Last thursday was Ann’s surprise bridal shower. It was organized by her brother and Patchi friends. When I received the invitation it was clearly written that it is a surprise party and the venue will be in the other house and we must give a call to Kelly for the location. But the “mom-nesia” in me forget all the details and went straight to their place. I am the spoiler of the night!! Buti na lang si Ann di siya nag kakanin kaya medyo slow ang pick-up nia..hahaha


The place were surrounded with all of her best friends and to our surprise Mark was there to celebrate with her. In fact he was the special guest.He played the important role in the party. He pretended to be the hired macho dancer..haha! That segment was really funny!!


The buffet table were a spread of delightful foods. I must give credit to the cook of the night the buffalo and siomai was blockbuster!!


To my dear friend Ann and Mark here’s my message. I already posted in my Facebook and again here it is.

I love you Ley Ann Perez Ipac! Lam mo din how much our family loves you! We are so happy that this is it! Enjoy your wedding day and show your sweetest smile. Tandaan makikita ng mga apo ang album. haha..We hope everything works out great on the big day!! We’re really happy that you’ve found the love of your life. Mark Dee Gutierrez was suprised when you came all the way from Qatar.(kilig much).Wishing you both all the best for the wedding and for the future.


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Are you ready for excitement @ Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

It’s been the talk of the town since it opened in January. And now that we have something to celebrate I suggested to Raquiza that instead of fine dining why don’t we just celebrate her birthday and spend the day in the Yas Waterworld.
When she agreed to the idea, we booked our Friday with a fun-filled adventure..


More than a haunt for excitement, Yas Waterworld is an entirely different experience. Situated in Yas Island Abu Dhabi and themed around the tale of Dana, a well known character from The legend of the Lost Pearl, one of the Arabian folklore. Yas Waterworld is one of Abu Dhabi’s foremost tourist locations.


Discover your inner child on the Dawwama adrenaline rush – described as the most exhilarating tornado ride in the world! While Liwa Loop, Jebel Drop and Hamlool’s Humps will push thrill seekers to the limit.


Since I am preggy, I am incharge with little A. To keep him entertained we stayed in The Yehal play area, with three little slides and a dumping bucket, Yehal is the perfect place for a very active little boy. The different kids areas are fantastic, great fun and play time for all ages and sizes.Super saya and super sulit !Yun nga lang be ready sa pagsunod-sunod sa kiddo nyo..Kakapagod!!


Open 10 am to 7pm everyday but will close at 4pm every Thursday in preparation for Thursday Night. Ticket cost aed 225 for General Admission and aed 385 for Premium Pass.Children 3 years and under can go free but for guests below 1.1 metres tall will be charge aed 185.My son is quite taller than his age so the cashier is charging us but I insist that he’s only 3 yrs old. Upon presenting his ID he was convince na. Libre na ang bata batuta.


Locker room are priced aed 55 for medium size and aed 35 for small one. We took the small locker room since we don’t have much things naman. You can’t bring food inside but we were lucky to sneaked in some chips..hehehe (binalot namin sa tuwalya..haha)


Don’t worry the food naman is affordable and Yas Waterworld has all the goodies you want on a fun day out. From burgers and BBQ wings to sandwiches, salads,pizzas and desserts. Price of the food are ranging from aed 45- aed 55 complete with fries and drinks.


Thank you so much Raquiza for the lovely treat! We really had a blast!

For more information you can visit