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Learning through play – Simple Counting Activity

Here is a fun and simple counting activity for toddlers especially for those who loves Mickey Mouse. It’s very easy to set up, I got the printable online and it is designed to build their understanding of identifying numbers and how it’s represented using stickers. 

 This activity isn’t new, but obviously a really great one for developing Inigo’s familiarity with numbers and what they represent using physical objects. In this case I’ve kept it incredibly simple, which is often the best way to get him to learn, right? 

When the invitation is done, he started to sort the stickers ( actually i print only in A4 and cut it, so it’s not really stickers😂 ). Then we count how many set of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters we have. 

When I saw that his done sorting and counting,I tried to offer the counting fun template. The aim of this activity is for him to read the number and use the stickers to accurately represent it. I chose to have Inigo work with numbers up to 4 then eventually I added up to 5 to challege him further.   

 Seriously, this is such a great activity. It was so interesting to watch Inigo count out the stickers and add them to the column. I could see if he was able to count correctly, using one to one correspondence. I found that he knew more than I realized.    

  This wonderful Maths activity can also double to help his develop fine motor and sensory skills. Having said that, I chose to use glue to challenge him using his thumb and pointer finger when transferring the stickers.  


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Learning through play – Numbers and Clothespin

  I know you know that I love free printables! But sometimes, an impromptu activity comes to mind that I don’t want to take the time to look in the pinterest and print it.

 Inigo loves numbers but needs lots of practice in recognition and improving fine motor skills creating this DIY clip card using markers, cardboard  and clothespins we had was a great alternative!           

 While doing this activity he is not only learning the math skills but also building up the strength in his fine motor skills which is essential for writing soon.


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Learning through play – Addition with marbles

Learning to add can be great fun especially with easy addition activities. By creating a simple addition game with marbles kids will definitely love playing it and the house are transformed into learning activity.


This addition activity is simple to make and can lead to hours of fun.


  • Bowls
  • Marbles
  • Markers
  • White Board or paper

 We started with a simple ones and then eventually I introduced the additions of 3 numbers.


Depending on your child’s level of ability, this learning activity can be modified in many ways.


Learning to add can be a ton of fun when armed with games to keep boredom away.

Happy counting and adding!


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Writing and Counting Skills – A is for Apple

We have been doing a lot of math and writing activities over at our house this week!

In connection with little A’s lesson in school we did the A is for apple fun learning activities. In case you’re wondering why I mainly focus with writing simply because writing is not his cup of tea. He always have reasons every time we are doing exercises so as much as possible I wanted to add spice to our lesson.

All the printables are all free to download from 2teachingmommies.












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Writing and Counting skills – P is for Pumpkin

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to post
the activity we had this week. And because I loved free things, I wanted to share the free printable I’ve got from 2teachingmommies.

It’s a complete set to practice the writing and counting skills of your preschooler.

Here in UAE we had a long week holiday due to Eid Al Adha.

And to keep our little preschooler busy over the holidays we made a fun activities at home.

Here is a cute pumpkin ideas that your preschooler will surely love.

Presenting our P is for Pumpkin activity.

The set includes:

Letter P tracing and Pumpkin coloring – I wanted to laminate this sana for future use kaso costly so I just glued it to his learning journal and used marker and crayons.

Pumpkin Pre- Writing Practice- used pencil for tracing but in the end we end up using orange marker para cute! hehe

Pumpkin Number Puzzle – little A needs to arrange the number in order.

Pumpkin Size Sort – little A lesson are now in big and small, this is a great learning process of sorting.

Pumpkin Counting Skills- With the use of his lego toy, little A will count how many seeds in the pumpkin and match it to the corresponding number.

Pumpkin Clip Cards- using clothespin little A will clip the number that matches the number of items on each card. I liked this so much kasi this is also a great tool for fine motor skills and easy way of learning of counting.

P is for Pumpkin worksheet- this is from confession of a homeschooler. You can download it for free and your preschool can learn the proper strokes of uppercase and lowercase letter Pp.

P is for pumpkin



pumpkin clip

size sorting

number puzzle

counting skillsjpg

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Eid Holiday learning activities..

By all means, this is not an original idea.If you want useful and free printables then go to 2Teaching Mommies blog. She has tons of free activity sheets that are very helpful for the toddlers.

When I saw this Zoo pack I knew that this will make our holiday more FUN..

Animals + Numbers = Safari Fun afternoon.

The package includes

1. Counting skills..

Count how many animals and place the correct numbers. Easy Peasy!

2. Zoo Match

This is so fun. We casually talked through different animals and their sound before mounting it to the correct shadow.

3. Pre-Writing skills

And since we are working on his writing skills.

My little zookeeper needs to feed the animals by following the strokes from the template.

4. Beginning sounds

A little fun with the alphabet. This little activity will help little A to practice the phonics.

Just a fun little way to jazz up emotions and learning routines!

Little A drew happy face and sad face..

Happy learning!!

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The child is curious..

“The child is curious. He wants to make sense out of things, find out how things work, gain competence and control over himself and his environment, and do what he can see other people doing. He is open, perceptive, and experimental. He does not merely observe the world around him, He does not shut himself off from the strange, complicated world around him, but tastes it, touches it, hefts it, bends it, breaks it. To find out how reality works, he works on it. ~ John Holt

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Hands-On Math activities

Little A knew the numbers from 0-50. In several occassions like making “pabibo” he’ll count up to 80. With this, I thought of introducing a firm understanding of math concepts and skills on him.

When Little A entered in our playroom he’s so excited to see different colors of marbles.It’s his first time to see and feel the marbles. So,I have prepared 3 fun learning math games.

Presenting our activity… ” Counting + Marbles = Hands on Math activities.

1. Replicate the patterns – I made the circle template from 0-9 and asked Little A to count while putting the marbles on the circles. At first, he was confused. He will add one marble on the first circle and he will say 1. Then,he will proceed to the next pattern he’ll continue counting 2,3. I had to constantly remind him to start again from 1. After few trials and errors he got it right. So we finished up to number 9.

replicate the pattern

2. Math mats – Learning the number facts 0-9. Each box is labeled and has a math activity inside. It’s nice to have a reliable printables that you can use in so many ways. I asked him to trace the number by simply adding marbles on it. After tracing the number, he need to place marbles on the box. This time he doesn’t have a hard time doing it.

math mats
count and learn

3. Workjob Math activities – Each lids is labeled from 1-9.This handy activity which keep Little A happily working on his counting skills.

work job activity

You see, marbles aren’t just for games but also work well in a variety of educational activities. They are relatively inexpensive and are readily available in any discount stores and toy shop. I got mine in Day to Day for aed 3.00 but they are the flat ones. Grab some and have fun learning with your kiddos.

*Never leave your child alone while playing marbles especially if they are under the age of 3.

*Marble is a choking hazard. Supervision is highly recommended.