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Dear Jelly Bean

I know you don’t want mommy stalking you and taking photos every now and then. Sorry li’l princess, please don’t cry now.



Thank you Kuya Angelo for soothing and comforting her.

And to you li’l princess mommy will try to limit herself…😍😍


I love you!

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DIY Fun Photo Shoot @ Home

I am enjoying taking photos using my phone only. It’s very handy and I can easily upload it right away.

Last Thursday I decided to take photos of Isabelle. The plan was documenting her growth on a monthly basis.

But I have to say that this can be challenging the boys wouldn’t sit still, they just wanted to play with the magnetic letters and Inigo will throw them everywhere. I had to tell them that I will allow them to watch Disney Channel if they will let me finish. And it works! Thank you Handy Manny and Agent OSO for the help!

Anyhooo, Sending you good vibes on a Sandy Saturday!










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Jelly Bean @ 3 weeks

Hey everyone!!

I guess by now most of you know that Jelly Bean is here!! I have been meaning to do an official update post for the past week or so, but time has really gotten away from me.

In other words having three kids can be really tough and hard work.

But my two boys are doing an excellent job. They are really kuya to Jelly Bean except during bedtime when Inigo wants also to be with me while I’m nursing Isabelle.


Well other than that they are so proud and so gentle with their baby sister. They loves holding her and kissing her good night, and has been so patient and understanding with the changes around the house and my preoccupation. Both of them has adjusted better than I ever could have hoped for.




As for me, I am thrilled to have my sweet princess here, but it’s definitely an adjustment. Isabelle is super snuggly and sweet, and Auntie Miriam has been a huge help especially taking care of the boys.


I am so proud to finally introduce my sweet baby to you, she started to look like her daddy. I’ve really enjoyed our last three weeks together!!