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Dubai Dining – More Life Happens Here at Chili’s – Deira City Centre

I didn’t know that Toy’s R Us shop was already closed in Deira City Centre. Supposedly we’ll buy the present of Kuya Angelo for his 6th birthday. I don’t know why he’s excited for his upcoming birthday.Kaya I tagged along Tita Raquiza para she can buy na. Tita is the spoiler di ba..😛

Raquiza arrived earlier than our meeting time and when I saw her she’s already carrying a big shopping bag from Bath and Bodyworks. I was about to check the shop also when I saw the signage that Victoria’s Secret is on 25-70 % promo. I went inside and saw most of the filipinas in lotion and lingerie sections. Why not thong panties for only aed 15 while lotions are aed 20 only. Steal! 😜

There are lots of cute stuff pero I need to buy lang for my sisters and hipag. Kaya control! 

After a quick shopping we settled to dine-in at Chili’s Restaurant located at the second level of the mall.

 The restaurant Is known for traditional Southwestern flair, serving delectable Mexican food and chilled margaritas in a casual, friendly environment.   

    The orders – For starter we had Triple Dipper which includes Wings over Buffalo, Honey- Chipotle Chicken Crispers and the new Big Mouth Burger Bites. Daddy A wants steak so he opted for 12 oz Flamed Grilled Rib Eye with two side dish such as Fries and Shredded Corn. We also add Grilled Shrimp Alfredo Penne Pasta.    


 The verdict – The selection of food is impressive. I loved the pasta but I find the steak too dry. We asked for mushroom sauce but they failed to put it on. The Strawsicle Ice Cream Smoothie is a bomb! 

Money wise I still consider it worth the penny.   

Chili’s Restaurant Deira City Centre


04 2959559, 04 3440088


Deira City Centre Area › Level 2, Deira City Centre, Deira City Centre Area, Dubai

***Restaurant timings and services may change during the Holy month of Ramadan. Please directly confirm with the restaurant for operations during this month.

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Dubai Dining – Sweet treat at Shakespeare and Co. Restaurant – Dubai Mall

It seemed that a piece of England had found a nook for itself in Dubai Mall. 

The ambience- Shakespeare and Co. is designed in a very colorful Victorian style… 

 The décors – are inspired by the hallmarks of a bygone era – 18th Century Europe, a period when elegance, luxury, and exquisite attention to detail was de rigeur. From plush upholstery encased with antique frames to intricate chandeliers and vintage centerpieces, classically majestic, awe-inspiring union of colour.


The menu
– The menu comprises classic dishes from the world’s favorite cuisines – in essence, reflecting the rich diversity of the patrons who visit the restaurants. They use classic methods and fresh ingredients;quickly prepared, craveable meals that persuade a nostalgic feeling of home.

It’s composed by an array of salads, sandwiches, wraps, eggs Benedict, crêpes, pasta, milkshakes and the juices are fantastic.


The orders – None of us are hungry so we opted to try their cakes and milkshakes. We feast on a slice of Mille Feuille, a puff pastry cake with layered of vanilla filling, a piece of Mogador Chocolate, it’s a chocolate sponge cake with mousse and praline cream. We also craved for a Raspberry Cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries. 


For beverages we enjoyed Chocolate Milkshake and Chocolate Cappuccino and a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream. We just don’t like sweets😛


When we told them that the cake is for birthday they got the correct spelling of the name of the celebrant and add candle for blowing.


The verdict – The service was good… staff are welcoming! The place creates a truly extraordinary environment that oozes comfort and encourages great conversation.



Shakespeare and Co.  is located on the first floor of the mall, opposite Galerie Lafayette and easily accessible from the grand parking levels.  Open from 7AM – 12AM everyday of the week.


+971 4 434 0195

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Dubai Dining – Birthday celebration at The Texas Roadhouse – Dubai Mall

We are meat lovers and so for Raquiza’s 30th birthday celebration The Texas Roadhouse wins unanimously.  Texas Roadhouse at Dubai Mall is a great place to go if you want to experience the hand-cut steaks, award winning ribs, fresh baked bread, and made from scratch side items.  

The orders– Looking at the comprehensive menu,we were overwhelmed with mouth-watering choices and was delighted to start with complimentary glazed cinnamon bread with cinnamon-infused butter.

And while we are waiting for our order we were also given a bucket of free nuts to munch. 

For main course, daddy A indulged himself with 10 oz flavorful and juicy Ribeye Steak with seasoned rice.


I ordered Ribeye Steak and Shrimp combo while Raquiza enjoyed her Ribeye Steak with Beef Rib.

We also ordered Oven Roasted Chicken for Tita Miriam. It’s a half chicken, trimmed, uniquely seasoned then slow-roasted for the perfect tenderness. They also give her signature barbecue sauce for added flavor. Then Kuya Angelo and Inigo shared the Mini-Cheeseburger with fries.

Our main dish was served with a choice made from scratch two side dishes. 

The Verdict – What a fun evening it was. A good meal guarantees a good time and great food make for great memories with the birthday celebrant.

Texas Roadhouse is set in the heart of Fountain Restaurant Area – Lower Ground Level.

Call 043253951 for more information.

* thank you for the treat sisssy! 

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Dubai Dining – Breakfast at IKEA Restaurant – Dubai Festival City

One of my guilty pleasure in life is going to IKEA. Not only because you can get some pretty awesome furniture for relatively cheap but mostly for the breakfast worth getting out of bed.  

Breakfast at the IKEA Restaurant gets your day off to a flying start. They offers quality, healthy and sustainable food – yet still great value.    


The menu is full of Scandinavian breakfast treats which is great for weekend delights.Priced at Dhs 10 with four items breakfast includes Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Crispy Hash Browns and Baked Beans. You may also add Dhs 4 for Mushroom Buttons.


 If you are an IKEA FAMILY member then you’ll get an unlimited free coffee drink. 



 If you’re not fan of big breakfast then you may also choose from their freshly made healthy sandwiches and wraps. And if you enjoyed trying new dish, you can also order samosa and quiche. They also offers assorted breads and sweets.
Breakfast is served every day  from 9:00 am until 11:30 am. 


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Dubai Dining – Isa pa..Isa pa..Isa Pang Chicken Joy at Jollibee Dubai Mall

We had not been very sure where to go for breakfast last week while waiting for Kuya Angelo’s school dismissal. Since his school is just few minutes away from Dubai Mall , we decided to check how the queue going on after our first visit during their opening day.


So it’s true that if you’ll come on weekdays and the mall is just about to open,you don’t need to wait for 6-7 hours just to place your orders.

I remembered the first time I visited Jollibee, the queue snaked all the way next to the fast food restaurant. However, the queue moved rather quickly due to their more organized system. Anyhow, we were there around 10am and went straight to food court. We were so surprised that we need to get our number from the Token Machine.


At 10:05 we were already at number 1173. And they were serving number 1150 at that time. The security told us that it might take an hour or so, but even if we come later we don’t need to wait in queue and can proceed. Our number called around 12pm that’s two hours of waiting.


We came back because of the Chicken Joy so it’s obvious that we will order a bucket of full of joy!


 The first time I visited Jollibee, I admit I went with much of expectation. I told myself not to expect much as their chicken must be over-hyped and just a fad which will die down soon. 

The order– We ordered the CB2 which was good for 3 persons. It’s a package meal that comes with 6pcs Chicken Joy, 3pcs Spaghetti, 3pcs Chocolate Sundae and 3pcs of Pepsi. I also ordered Burger Steak and Regular Yum for Kuya Angelo. It’s his favorite!


Moment of Truth, is this hype really worth the time? YES!  To conclude Jollibee’s Chickenjoy has this“crispy-licious” skin and taste that is very similar to what we used to have in our home country in terms of texture. The chicken meat is juicy, soft, and tender .

I also have to mention I enjoy eating the rice with the brown gravy drizzled over it. The rice is very soft and when eaten together with the gravy, it is oh such comfort food!


The cost – CB 2 cost aed 65 while the Jolly Burger Steak without drink is aed 13 and the Regular Yum is aed 7.

The verdict -If you’re looking for a filled stomach, a satisfied chicken craving, and more value for your money, you can consider heading to Jollibee. We become such huge fans of this bee and we will definitely come back for more!


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Dubai Dining – Burger Treat@ Elevation Burger – Dubai Mall

I heard nothing but raves about Elevation Burger. And because Reel Cinema partnered with them they are offering 25% off on your total bill.

Elevation Burger serves 100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass-fed, 100% free-range, 100% ground-on-premises beef.



Aside from burgers and fries they are also serving Hand-scooped thick milk shakes and malts. And for dessert they have Fresh-baked cookies made in organic egg and butter.

If you are avoiding the calories from bread, you may wrap your burger with lettuce. 


    The orders – Raquiza and I ordered their best selling Elevation Burger – it’s consist of two organic beef patties with aged cheddar cheese slices while daddy A delight in Cheese Burger this burger has only one beef patty and aged cheddar cheese slice. We also tried their Fancy Fries which cooked in heart-healthy olive oil.


 The concept– Upon ordering the burger of choice, you’ll need to choose as well your own toppings from the following options like ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and caramelized onions to name a few.   


The verdict – I was pleasantly surprised how flavorsome  and delicious the burger was. Their burgers are so good and they’re grilled; the cheese fries are delicious. Staff was very friendly and prompt too with the food.

It’s located one level down at the Reel Cinema which makes it easy to grab and perfect for quick dining experience.




Currently there are four locations of Elevation Burger and planning to add one in Sharjah Corniche. That thing called “swerte” malapit na samin.  


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Dubai Dining – Langhap Sarap at Jollibee – Dubai Mall

It’s official, our well loved bee is finally here in Dubai. In fact, it created quite a stir yesterday during the opening day. #Jollibeeopenindubaimall was all over  the social media hummed with images of serpentine queu of loyal fans patiently waiting for more than 6 hours. At isa kami sa daan daang tao!😝  

 The Emaar Group decided to add security to ensure the safety of the customers. The que was tremendous yesterday,  the mall security formed a queue system similar to an airport check-in counter outside the shop to manage the crowd. Security is so strict even taking pictures near the counter is restricted. But I managed to get one para souvenir.😆  

The moment I had a glimpse of Jollibee I felt like a child excited to open my dream toy. We came at 8:30 pm but Raquiza and Claire were already in line since 6:30 pm. We were so excited and didn’t mind that we’ve been waiting na for 6 hours. That’s how much we missed and loved the food.   

No words can explain our faces the moment we realized that it’s our turn to order,is priceless!   

Initially we were confused on what to eat as there are tons of choices but our excitement turns into sour graping when we heard that Chicken Joy run out of stock.

In the end we ordered Jolly Spaghetti, Jolly Burger Steak, Regular Yum, French Fries and definitely the Jolly Hotdog. 

We then ate in silence, joy and satisfaction.   


Now you might be asking why do we crave for this? Actually I can’t define why? It’s like every bite brings back memories.It’s quite hard to explain  but it’s just good to make you come back for more.


Now do I recommend it? Well definitely YES! especially the Burger Steak – kuhang kuha ang timpla!, Having said that spaghetti might look like the one you know but trust me it’s not, this version is not the sweet sarap Jolly Spaghetti that everyone loves: medyo sablay dito so be warned.


Overall, I’m excited to be back anytime soon! I can’t wait to try my all time favorite! The Chicken Joy! We’re planning to bring the kids!We’re going to have the time of our lives sharing the langhap-sarap world of Jollibee here in Middle East.


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Dubai Dining – New Food Destination – Dampa Seafood Grill 

Seafood Restaurant have sprout out like mushrooms here in Dubai. In fact, a number of Filipino restaurants continues to flourish in the city.Dampa Seafood Grill has been a little taste of heaven. But that heaven is located in the heart of Deira, a few steps away from Deira Metro Station.  

The unique concept of the restaurant creates a buzz in social media and quickly gained popularity among filipinos.
This new food destination serves Pinoy foodfare with focus on grilled seafood. But if you are allergy to seafood and feel chicky then you can also try their buffalo wings.

We came all the way from Sharjah but that drive is worth it. The moment you enter you can feel the fun vibe of the place.

Dampa Seafood Grill restaurant is famous in serving fresh seafood cooked to your liking. Although the word dampa is originated as a typical bahay kubo. Hence here in Dubai  Dampa is simply means dumped the “seafeast” on the table lined with wax paper sheets. 

As a seafood lover my eyes are feasting with the dishes. I can’t hardly choose. I wanted to eat them all! But in the end we settled to order one serving of Dump-@-Seafeast and a dish from the Chef’s Special. 

As for the drinks, we shared two kinds of 1 liter Fish Bowl Mocktail which are already included in the menu. Hubby and I chose the Bluer than blue – is a tropical pineapple drink and blue curacao while Tita Raquiza quenched her thirst with Lindsay Lohan- it’s a mixture of passion fruit,pineapple and soda.

They also served a plate of complimentary crackers that taste like chicharap of Chowking.

Then after few minutes our server is standing right next to our table and ready to dumped our food. It’s a pile of saucy shrimps, crabs, mussels, clams and corn in Chipotle sauce.Our server, then, placed heaps of steamed rice in the lined wax paper. Did I mentioned that rice is unlimited. #ehdiwow

And because every dish is worth Instagram, they are offering free wifi. #ansabe


From the Chef’s Special, we ordered Grilled Squid and is beautifully presented in pan.
Cost – AED 168 not bad for four adults and 2 children.
Verdict – The food creates a bursting flavor inside my mouth. You can actually taste the freshness of seafood. Even daddy A agreed that the sauce has loads of flavor too fiery and sweet but doesn’t overwhelm the natural taste of seafood. In short sulit na sulit ang pera!
Centurion Bldg  is slowly evolving into a food strip, and the arrival of Dampa  Seafood Grill adds up to the reputation of this potentially lucrative food street.

Dampa Seafood Grill

Centurion Building, Deira

Dubai, UAE

Landmark: Opposite Deira City Center, behind Day-to-Day

Contact: +971 4 299 0884
Open daily from 1 to 10 pm




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Dubai Dining- Nutella Bar at EATALY – Dubai Mall

If my eldest son Angelo was with us last night I am very sure he will definitely jump for joy to discover and experience Nutella in creative ways he have never tried before. 

To enjoy a little indulgence that’s well worth the calories, Nutella lovers of the delicious spread can indulge their sweet tooth at the new Eataly Nutella Bar in The Dubai Mall, where the menu offers a range of new ways to experience this favourite.

The Nutella bar menu at Eataly Dubai Mall features a variety of items, including Crepes con Nutella, Crostatina con Nutella, Muffin con Nutella and much more.

What makes them more inviting is their LIVE cooking station of their FAMOUS Nutella crepe. 

 Nutella crepe is priced at aed 22 and you may add aed 5 for banana and aed 10 for strawberries. We chose to sampled the Banana Crepe and it’s so delish. 

And because the Illy cofee shop is just beside the bar we ordered their cold coffee. Raquiza and I tried their new flavour the Illy Crema while daddy A tasted the Espresso Tiramisu– it’s a double Illy espresso dusted with cocoa powder. Claire naman chose to be safe so just ordered Chamomile tea to keep her warm.

Also worth trying are the mouth-watering Verrina Teratisu – it’a sponge cake with mascarpone and coffee, Crostatina Cremacotta – custard short cake topped with fresh blueberries. However, Budino di Ricotta, got my vote. It’s a delectable tart that provides the perfect vehicle for the creamy, custardy flavour. Mi Paborito!

Cost – It’s a little much of expensive but I must say that the food was impeccable that we don’t even think the effect of the sugar rush to our waistline.

Eataly Dubai is open daily from Sunday to Saturday.

Sunday to Wednesday: 9:00AM to 11:30PM
Thursday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 00:00