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Letter of the week – Cc is for Caterpillar Activities

I was excited to pull together a fun follow up activities for our Cc is for Caterpillar series.

These simple, colorful activities are a motivating way to practice language arts,fine motor, pre-writing, and even cutting skills of Inigo.

The Activities: 

1. Language Arts – Letter Cc dot-to-dot activity

We used various colors of stickers to form the letter Cc. Then, we traced the letter using his index finger for tactile sensory. 

2. Pre-writing skills

As usual we always include pre-writing in our activities, to train him holding the pencil properly. We are still on working progress but I can see a great potential that in no time he can hold it correctly.

3.  Cutting skills

Cutting is one of his favorite activity. This cutting practice allows him to cut straight lines.

4. Fine Motor Skills- Hole Punch Activity

Inspired by the book this Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity was a great addition to our lesson. 

On a recent trip to the office supplies store, I spotted hole punches and I grabbed one for the kids. 

Fine motor activities like this help young kids develop the strength needed in their hands and fingers to hold a pencil and write. They work the muscles in the fingers and hands and develop wrist movement, leading to holding a pencil for long periods of time and writing with strong and controlled muscles.


We did this Cc is for Caterpillar activities specifically to bring a little caterpillar learning fun into our home.

I hope you are also having fun homeschooling your kiddos. Till our next post! Enjoy learning😊

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Cutting Activity – Barber Shop Pretend Play

Inigo is just learning how to hold the scissors, how to coordinate both hands together when cutting, how to open and shut the blades of the scissors to cut smooth lines, and how to stay on a line when cutting. 

So when I thought of the idea of setting a pretend play barber shop I knew this will be a hilarious activity.  

Plus, he thought it was a ton of fun to be a barber for the day.
    You can have the template from I made my own hairdo and used the goggly eyes as well. 

This is a perfect fine motor strengthening activity for little hands working on improving dexterity and motor skills. Im sure in no time his scissor skills will be fabulous! 

Thank you for finding time to read my posts. Please feel free to share them as well!  

Have an inspiring, positive week ahead! Stay blessed!