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Quick update to our #chinitoinigo

#chinitoinigo is 22 months old today and i can’t believe that i didn’t post his lego theme birthday party. Give me more time🔜😆.

The little boy is so talkative though there are words that we really can’t understand. 

Some of his clear words-

Parts of the face:

  • Head
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Tongue
  • Teeth
  • he’ll also say neck and toes

Parts of the body:

  • Feet
  • Hands

When it comes to his favorite foods:

  • he clearly say milk
  • grapes
  • rice
  • itti (for spaghetti)
  • yoyet (chocolate)
  • eyk (cake)
  • biscuitst
  • toto (water)
  • ice (iced tea)
  • ba-ba-ba (banana – because of the minion song)

His expressive language:

  • ayk – for “i don’t like”
  • yes
  • Noooooo- for big NoO
  • eat
  • drink
  • shoes
  • ipers (for slippers)
  • ba – borrow

His also very OC when it comes to putting back his slippers and shoes. Kung san kinuha dun niya ibabalik..

Every night before sleeping he’ll asked all of the people closed to his heart..

  • Bobos- Lolo Bossing
  • Nanay – for Nanay Celda
  • Daddy
  • Ya- for Kuya Angelo
  • Besh – for Isabelle
  • Ek- for Tita Keke (when asked where’s Tita Keke, he’ll say Bay for Dubai)

I can’t think anymore too sleepy perhaps but i’ll definitely post more updates soon..


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Inigo Kulit

Dear Inigo,

You are now 15 months and every day you always put smile in our face. The other day you learned that opening our refrigerator can make a big impact to your toddler life. Why? Because you found out that there are lot of things na pwedeng makalikot sa loob.

And one of them are no other than food.

You had your first bite of chocolate chips and you loved it. Mana ke mommy na mahilig sa sweets.




You love the taste of our left over Chicken Adobo.



You wanted to try the Cinnamon from Cinnabon.



Now I know na hindi ka magugutom kasi alam mo na paano magbukas ng ref. Hahaha

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Inigo and his first hair cut

My son recently had his very first haircut two weeks after his 1st birthday. It was bitter sweet. His long hair reminds me of “Watzelei” of Meteor Garden.

This was Inigo a few days before his appointment.



My chinito Inigo.. my little good looking kid. His hair was always a mess. Longer on top than it was anywhere else. There are times i need to use pony tail so his eyes will not be irritated.

Daddy A and I were too nervous about his first cut because we didn’t want him to look too different and it is kind of a big boy thing and we are both in denial that he’s growing so fast.



We brought him to kiddie saloon at Fun City Reef Mall Dubai. Hair Cut priced at aed 35.

He was so afraid with scissors next to his head. He was so cranky, crying and wailing the whole time.

Even Mickey Mouse didn’t helped to make him calm. Drama-rama sa hapon talaga ang peg namin sa saloon. But it had to be done. These are his reaction the entire time.




The stylist was quick and just took some of the length off the top and trimmed up the sides.

Here’s the after picture..



After two weeks nasanay na din kami sa kanyang new look..



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Inigo is ONE – Our DIY Outdoor Photo Session


I know I’ve mentioned this  few times – but to me there is nothing more special than to capture a memories over the years.

OMG where is my tiny new born that we can cradle in one arm.  How did he turn into this cute little man who looks nothing like he used to?! It seems like yesterday when we saw his precious face.

It’s definitely crazy how quickly the time passes – but what I looooove to see is the personalities that emerge from this little man as he grow.





Inigo certainly brought the personality! This time he came secure in the knowledge that he L.O.V.E.D. outdoor play. And he H.A.T.E.D. holding his hand to lead him. He has his own way and direction and don’t want anyone to distract him. Oh and one more thing he hate having his clothes changed. So we didn’t even bother to changed him again because for sure it will definitely one big drama!

But I can’t help but  just adore this sweet boy and I know you’re going to love his smile and his goooooorgeous chinito eyes too!!!


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Inigo’s First Birthday Cake Smash…



As promised at the end of yesterday’s post here is our sweet little guy really going after this cake.

What one year old photo session wouldn’t be complete with out a Cake Smash? This is the first time we’ve done Smash the Cake session! It’s probably one of the precious moment for Inigo. He got his first taste of his own cake. I mean seriously..who wouldn’t like a piece of  sweetness.


I wasn’t surprised when the cake simply never got smashed. Although he didn’t dive in like so many other kids do we still had lots of fun.



Happy Birthday little man! I hope you’ll have a  ONEderful toddler hood..


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Stay Tuned for Inigo 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session…

We have been photographing this adorable baby since he was a newborn. It’s amazing how fast time flies.  I can’t believe that we are now doing his 1st birthday cake smash photos! Inigo wasn’t a big fan of daddy A’s camera on the day we took his photos. We decided to do something outdoors for a change since his previous milestone shoots had been indoors. We went to a park and brought some props along! Inigo gave us every emotion–he laughed, he cried, he screamed and got mad, then he walked away!

PicMonkey Collage


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Behind the scene of our DIY Outdoor Photo Shoot of Inigo

Can you believe that Baby Inigo is now ONE! Yay! Welcome to the world of toddlerhood.

Yesterday we had his first post birthday shoot. Originally we were suppose to shoot pre-birthday  but he was down with fever and flu and the little boy was so clingy and moody so we need to cancel our plan. During the shoot we really work hard to get him to smile. He has his own plan and don’t want to stay in one place especially on his cake smash session.

But all in all it was a fantastic session, a lot of memories were made! Before I gave you the sneak peek I want to post these photos para makita niya how cute he is even if he is cranky..haha

I guess you will all agree that even if he was crying he’s still the most beautiful baby…

I LOVE YOU INIGO RAPHAEL and Happy Birthday!!




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Dear Baby Wiggle… You’re ONE

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you are one year old. This year has passed at an impossible pace, and when I think of those moments, those precious first moments, of holding you for the first time, I am overwhelmed with amazement at what a beautiful little boy you are.

You’ve developed, changed, grown, thrived and brought an intense amount of joy to our lives. We look at you everyday and are still blown away that you are our baby.



Baby Wiggle, I am so proud of you. I see your love to your brother and how you always wanted being with him all the time. It reminds me daily to stop and thank God for giving me a loving son and brother. I am in awe of you, and I hope as each year passes you stay true to your heart, believe in yourself and always remember that we love you so much.

My prayer for you is that you grow up obeying and honoring God above all. Continue to be kind,caring, and confident young boy. Don’t give up on what you believe in. And NEVER forget how deeply you are loved. You, my chinito baby, are the best thing ever happen to me. Thank you for making us laughed everyday and giving me this wonderful year. It’s been the best and I didn’t take a single day for granted!


Daddy, Mommy, Kuya Angelo and Jelly Bean