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Learning through play – All about ME

This face parts game is an excellent way for Inigo to learn about the parts of the face. Yes, he can named it but my aim is to let him count the parts as well.

 I made this face parts game for Inigo to play with Isabelle. It is easy and all the pieces fit into their tiny fingers. In fact, you can also put this in a resealable bag, so it is super handy for travelling.

 It can also be a proficient vocabulary building activity too as well as learning the parts of the face.

 After cutting I gave them to Inigo and he started to named the face parts as he begun to count the parts as well.

 He completed a face on his first attempt by gluing it and later on he helped Isabelle in creating the girl face.

 He also learned to differentiate the boy and girl as well as learning to used the she and he words. 

    Later on, we decided to add paper straw and play puppet show. 


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Learning through play – Blocks of FUN

When it is raining it means a lot of indoor time, but it doesn’t always have to be boring!

Our chinito Inigo have been playing with blocks so much. This by far has to be one of the simplest activity for toddlers that’s always on the move!

For me it was a win-win activity not only did he have fun But it also helped him improve his color recognition by counting and sorting.

Stay safe and dry everyone!


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Yay or Yey! Learning through play activities…

When Inigo started to show interest about structured play I made sure that everyday is a learning experience for him.

But not all the time he’s in the mood. So in just a snap my original plan will quicly change depending on what keep him more interested. So you see it’s always a child led teaching method. I don’t force him because I want him to enjoy and I want him to know that learning is fun!

Most of the invitations are hits but there are failed like the following:

1. Painting using cork- After some dabbing of cork to the paint he ran away and never return. 😁   

 2. Paper Plate Tree using leaves – When he started to used the glue he’s unstoppable! He doesn’t like gluing the leaves but he loves squeezing and squirting the glue bottle.   

  3. Matching Shape – Ok! OA na ko dito. This is inaapropriate for his age. But I just want to see if he will like it!  

4. Color Sorting and Matching Shoes – He loves daddy’s shoes and everyday he’ll ooen the shoe rack and ilalabas niya lahat ng shoes.    


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Learning through play – Indoor Water Play

I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love water play. Even the smallest bin or bucket of water will keep any toddlers happy for hours. Two very simple things – water and squeezy bottle – have been keeping #chinitoinigo busy and happy again and again.


Quick and Easy Toddler Activity

What you need:

  • Small tub with 1/4 to 1/2 full of lukewarm water.
  • A small squeezy bottle
  • A towel to catch spills
  • Washable tempera paint (optional)


Directions: I filled the small tub with clear water and gave the squeezy bottle to Inigo. Eventually, I added blue tempera paint to look like an ocean.

Inigo likes to squirt the bottle. I am happy to let him since it builds fine motor skills. Squeezing the bottles is also great for fine motor skills, and it’s so much fun!  

We also used this chance of learning new vocabulary words like empty, full, squeeze, dry, wet and squirt.

Sometimes, it is often the simplest things that engage young children the most. 

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Learning through play – Fine Motor Skills with Toothpick 

Loads of fun with just a few simple things and very little preparation.  For this invitation to play, I gave toothpick and empty clear plastic container.  

I gave him the empty container and a small paper plate filled with toothpicks. I showed him how to pick up one toothpick at a time and drop it into the container. 

 When it was his turn, he picked up several toothpicks at a time and then ended up dropping them.  

He learned that it worked much better to only pick up one at a time. He was very engaged in this task and thorougly enjoyed it. 👍

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Learning through play – Fork Tulip Painting Kid’s Craft

Inigo is such a trooper and has lots of energy. He always wants to move and play around. In fact he loves to scattered the toys all over the house. To divert his energy I am trying to create an invitation a.k.a activity that doesn’t look like serious teaching. I love early learning activities. I love the idea of learning through play. 

What better way to spend a hot, summer day – than doing some crafts together! I wanted to incorporate some different and unique types of art into Inigo’s crafts, so that he didn’t feel like it was the same ol’ thing again! I think I accomplished just that too. 

Today I’m going to share how we used the wooden fork to create a wonderful painting.

For these crafts, you will need the following:

  • Tempera Paint
  • Wooden or Plastic Forks
  • Paper Plate
  • Paint brush
  • Water bottle (optional)


For this activity, since he’s only 18months old I helped him out a little bit while talking and explaining what colors we are using. If you have older child,you can let them do it all themselves, it really is up to how you want it to come out in the end!But this is really quite simple though!

STEP ONE: While I was preparing for the activity I asked to give to me the colors that he like us to use. While he’s giving it to me I’m talking to him and I’ll tell him “ok you want to use red color, nice choice! Then I’ll asked him again to choose one more so on and so forth. The idea is helping him to express himself since he can’t talk yet and to increase his vocabulary.

After selecting which paint colors to use I pour a little of each color onto paper plates.


STEP TWO: Dip the forks into the paint and press them onto the canvas. Let your child decide how many flowers and where to put them – you will add stems later!


I am not after the end product but on the process. So since he’s still baby (awww) his attention span is still short. So in between activity he will still do other things which is quite normal for his age.

While doing the Fork Tulip Painting he took one of his favorite book and tried to look for Mickey Mouse.   

   After reading he went back again and this time he wants to use the water bottle.    


I wanted him to create more flowers but he chose to have less – he needed to have his “creative freedom” I guess!


When he finally decided that he doesn’t want to continue I helped him to add the stem and vase.

That’s it! These are what our final picture looked like:   


I displayed his artworks where he can easily see it and show to his dad and Kuya. 

I love how a simple cutlery can turned into masterpiece. And the idea of using different things to paint with rather than just a paint brush is amazing!