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Let’s Party – Mom’s 60th Birthday…

Ready your goggles and swimming ring, fellas! We are ending this month with splish..splat.. And splash of water adventure! Yes, that’s right! Despite the rainy season we’re going out of town!  

My mom’s 60th birthday party got us chilling by the pool, all thanks to Belzer Pool Resort for an amazing experience.We had a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

I can’t wait to share it with you! Shout out to my siblings for making our Nanay so happy. 
Happy birthday Nanay we love you so much! 

Scroll down for more pics and come swim with us!


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Christmas 2015

While this season bind us with joy and love Christmas season is also thanking God for giving us greatest gift by sending his only begotten son to save us from our sins. And that is enough reason to rejoice and be merry! Though it’s our first time to celebrate Christmas without daddy A and it was too heartbreaking. Christmas Eve together – the Reyes fambam – with many of our seasonal favorites are also worthy reasons to smile!

Though I missed cooking in our kitchen I will never trade off all the delightful dishes my mom cooked for us.

Here’s a holiday round-up of how we spend Christmas in the Philippines. 






We wish you all a very happy holiday season! May your hearts be full and your smiles bright.

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Top of the week – Boodle Fight at Familia Sanchez

What has been an eating style in the military has become a popular concept for get together here in UAE. 

As we all know Boodle fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice are ready to eat using bare hands.So it isn’t a surprise that this exceptional concept oozed into Filipino gatherings and celebrations.


Our boodle fight was prepared by a kapampangan chef ( naks naman ate Rowee 😉)

No wonder that all dishes are cooked with passion. Our food are variety of seafood, vegetables, pork spare ribs, gourmet tuyo ( thanks to Chef Florabel ) and my all time favorite “buro ng kapampangan”.


Once the table is set. We washed our hands and started the boodle fight with a fellowship. That’s one thing I liked about meeting Familia Sanchez. It perfectly combines two things never ending talking and unlimited food.


If boodle fight signifies the importance of brotherhood in military. For us boodle fights perfectly sum up the friendship. We give importance to our spiritual family, closeness, and to the value of fellowship.

Thank you so much Familia Sanchez for all of your kind words, advices, words of wisdom and love for our family. We love you to the moon and back 💋.

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The Best Mothers Day Gift

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers! It’s summer and hot here, but we are having a lovely, relaxed day nonetheless. The boys were already sleeping while I’m still nursing the little princess. Looking at them I feel so blessed and complete. God has been so good to me that He gave my heart’s desire to marry a man who knows how to value a family and honor God.

Today I recieved the best mother’s gift. It didn’t come in package but It is made with pure L❤️VE and heartfelt message.

Thank you so much daddy A, Kuya Angelo, Kuya Inigo and Isabelle. I will forever be grateful of having all of you in my life. 



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Sweetest Adventure Christmas Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful valentines celebration today. While most of the couples and family choose to go on a date, hubby and I had a lovely time in our house soaking up every minute with our kids. We cuddle, play and cooked simple dinner to celebrate the occasion. We end our day watching Diary ng Panget in Cinema One.

Maybe is just me but as soon as February starts rolling I start to think of summer. Sigh! I am not yet over with winter season.

Since it wont be for a while I am excited to share our post holiday party with you!

Theme: Candy Land Party.It’s a sweetest adventure filled with lollipops, chocolates and candies.


I love Christmas! Who wouldn’t love this season.Kids just make it so much more fun right?! We enjoy decorating our Christmas party and make it more memorable by preparing lots of games and prizes.




We had six major raffle draw courtesy of KM Leaders. Gifts were handpicked by yours truly. I made sure that whoever will get the prize will definitely jump for joy…hehe
Gifts are from Toys R Us and Mango.


WOW. Is all I can really say with our Candy Buffet. Totally loving on all the details.
I could have stayed for hours munching through all of the sweets. That make me want to be a kid again! Thanks Teacher Jen. Also the Rocky Road Brownies really rocks the crowd. It was ultimate fave of the guests.







After wrapping my head around the idea of making a photobooth, I came up with an idea that turned out so great. This photobooth is so easy you can literally put it together in minutes. Seriously.

Backdrop are made of IKEA christmas wrapper and a store bought christmas banner.
After you make your fabulous photobooth you are gonna need some cute props, right? Luckily over the years we’ve kept some of the props we used in our previous parties and added christmas headdress from Home Centre.

Without further adieu. I’ll let the photos do the talking of our DIY Photo Booth.





Thank you so much to all who helped us to make this possible. From the parents, kids, sponsors and teachers thank you for your commitment.



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Merry Christmas Eve Day

Should I still say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year?!!

I pray y’all had a blessed Christmas celebrating the Lord’s birth – the One who came to be the only thing that could ever truly make our homes happy.

For Christmas Eve we just had a simple dinner and luckily daddy A’s schedule permit him to be on time for noche buena.



I easily get tired so I didn’t bother to prepare super special menu. I just cooked whatever we have on our fridge and pantry.

For Noche Buena I’ve prepared Spaghetti, Kare – Kare, Fried Chicken and Fruit Salad for dessert.





After dinner we let the kids open their presents. There’s always a joy seeing them excitedly unwrapping their gifts.



For Inigo we gave him Mickey Mouse Trolley Bag. He loves Mickey Mouse so much and he always wanted to used Kuya Angelo’s school bag so when we spotted this luggage bag at Shoe Mart we knew that this will  be perfect for him.



For Kuya Angelo naman he’s been praying for this Superman Lego for quite some time now. In fact hubby and I don’t have plan talaga of buying him one. But when you heard your son praying for particular toy every night parang you wanted to give him toy that he will truly appreciate. Buti na lang we did kasi he was so grateful that night that even when we are about to sleep he keeps on thanking Papa Jesus.



I’ve been eyeing to have a white chic sunglasses so daddy A got me Coach shades and I gave him Rayban Polarized shades din…hehe! Exchange gift lang kami talaga!



I hope that you have a joyous time celebrating the holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3

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VCF Sharjah Kids Corner Booth

Wow! Can you believe we have less than three weeks till Christmas? December is flying by too fast!

Christmas is a great time to give and show love by doing kind things for others. Today I’m going to share our Kids Corner Booth during the VCF – Sharjah Family Day.

The event was held in CUCA also known as Preston University in Ajman.

In partnership with CFC department we were in charged to take care of the kids activities.

Our booth opens at 9am and kids had a great time cheering their parents.


Right after cheering competition we set the invitation. We prepared Create your own accessories using Dye Pasta Beads.


This is such an instant hit. They all went ga-ga creating their own necklaces and bracelets. They were too focused and excited.













Our next activity was classic! I must say that never estimate how kids works. Their imagination is superb! And their creativity are extra ordinary. God really makes them champion! A future leaders!
Kids were asked to create an animal using clay. They giggle when they heard CLAY!
Ahh.. you can never be wrong with clay! Kids love it so much they all worked together to come up with their own masterpiece!


















Before we end our morning session and while waiting for lunch break we let the kids rest by reading books. I brought lots of christmas books and they all enjoyed reading.




We can’t get enough of clay so we went back playing clay but this time we used the playdough mats.








Creativity flourishes when things are done for enjoyment. What matters is the pleasure, not the perfection. Let’s forget about the “getting it right” and let’s give our kids the opportunity to explore, to make mistakes and take risks and to feel the freedom to express all their wonderful ideas.

Coming up part two of our Fun with Kids Corner..

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Have yourself a MERRY.. MERRY Christmas

This week we put up our Christmas tree. Actually we are contemplating whether we will have the christmas tree this year because our little explorer is into pulling things.

But we have to consider that our Christmas tree is always our favorite aspects of our holiday decorating. I love how a tree can tell a story, with each branch containing a different ornament that serves as a connection to a long-ago memories. That truly is, to me, one of the most precious aspects of the season!


This year we let Kuya Angelo decorate the tree. Our color scheme for this year are red, silver and white. We wanted to change sana our theme but we are on a tight budget so we settled on what we already have.




But that doesn’t stop us to cherish the moment because adorning every branch is an ornament or photo that transports me back to Christmases past.




I love with the meaningful memories and mementos that epitomize the season.


Happy Decorating!

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Mother’s Day Special @ Anise Restaurant Dubai

How was your week? If there’s one thing I’ve learned being staying at home for quite sometime now, it’s that being a mom is a lot like being a super hero.

We are responsible for so much in the well being of our children but with healthy doses of goodness, love, imagination, play, and laughter we can always save the day.

And my mother’s day was will filled love from my family but also with kind words, emails, Facebook messages, and photos that have been sent to me sharing your results.

photo 1-5

photo 2-5

photo 3-4


 We had the INCREDIBLE experience celebrating Mother’s Day, we wanted to dine somewhere special.

photo 3-8




Anise Restaurant at InterContinental Hotel Dubai Festival is an all-day dining restaurant. Everything is brand new and the atmosphere is modern.There is a feeling of quiet luxury as you walk inside.

photo 5-5

photo 4-6



Like any other hotel buffet, it features sumptuous cuisine and culinary specialties from China,India, Europe, Japan and local dishes from the Middle East.

photo 2-7

photo 4-4

photo 1-8

photo 4-5

photo 5-4

An enticing restaurant offering International dishes, uniquely prepared at live cooking stations ensuring guests of a sense-immersing experience. Magical dishes from all over the world are available. The wide variety and authentic preparation techniques ensure a stimulating and delightful experience.

photo 4-6

photo 1-6



photo 5-3
Now the food. Yes, true to it’s title are very modern and gastronomic. The buffet are just enough to make you crave for more and the presentation is nothing less than artwork. And the taste. Let’s just say nothing we ordered was less than orgasmic. You will give them table card for the live – cooking station.
We were just going to stay for dinner but the dining experience was so enjoyable we ended up staying for hours and were even noticed the time. It was that good.

photo 2-6

photo 1-7


Buffet price: 210 AED for food only
Seafood Night ( every thursday ) : You will enjoy our Live music every thursday night ( Brazilian dou,bossa nova style ).

AED 275 with soft drinks, AED 335 with house beverages.
Every Thursday, from 7pm until 11.30pm

photo 2-10

For more information or reservation you can contact them:

InterContinental Hotel Dubai Festival City, P.O.Box 45777, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 (0) 4 701 1127 / 1128
Fax: +971 (0) 4 701 1119 | | |

or  FOLLOW them on