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Family Day Out at Manila Ocean Park, Philippines

Hotel H2O and Manila Ocean Park is just right next to each other. That’s why Kuya Angelo can’t contain his happiness upon knowing that there is underwater aquarium inside the place. He insisted that we must watch the Sea Lion show. We check the ticket price and in the end settled with the Deep Sea Rush promotion for php 580 per person. 

We also paid for Inigo’s ticket in full because his height is above 2feet na din. But if your child is below 2feet free pa sila.

Deep Sea Rush offer includes the following:

  1. Oceanarium
  2. Jellies exhibit
  3. Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter
  4. Sea Lion Show
  5. Back of the Room Tour
  6. Symphony Evening Show

Our first stop is at Oceanarium. The Oceanarium is home to 14,000 marine creatures from around 277 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its sheer size and diversity makes it one of the world’s best public aquariums. 

 You are only allowed to enter the attraction once so might as well sulitin mo na! They will cross out kasi the attraction once you enter.   
The Oceanarium is a stunning walkthrough of the watery depths featuring seven sections and containing 1,900 cubic meters of seawater.    


At the heart of the Oceanarium is the main attraction – a 25 meter long, 220° curved walkway tunnel with a spectacular underwater view of amazing sea creatures swimming overhead.

The exit of Oceanarium will lead to the second floor where the Back of the House is located. This is the area where breeding of the sea creatures happens. You may also see the machines being used in the operation.


After Back of the House we went straight to Jellies Exhibit.




 We were tired of all the walkings that we did so we decided to go to the Sea Lion show and wait till 3pm to start.

This show is so awesome! Ang saya and ang galing! Super nag enjoy ang mga bata! 


Due to tiredness we skipped the Sharks and Rays Encounter while the Evening Symphoney starts at 6:30pm so we decided to go home na din.We’re planning to go back if our budget permits, we like to try the Trail of Antartica.


Manila Ocean Park

behind Quirino Grandstand

Luneta Manila Philippines 1000


+63 2 567 7777


+63 2 567 2309



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Staycation at Hotel H2O, Quirino Philippines

We stayed in Hotel H2O Manila for advance birthday celebration of daddy A since his actual birthdate falls on weekday,we couldn’t let this go by without a little treat so we went for a staycation.It was wonderful choice!

Hotel H2O, a weekend family getaway located behind the Quirino Grandstand at Rizal Park, noted for its iconic aquarium-themed Aqua Room, the only one of its kind in the country.


 Welcome drinks, nuts and cookies were given as complimentary.   

 The pool is located outside the hotel which is quite far and I find it too public since it is within the area of Sea Lion show. People from the show are passing by and looking on us. Minus point😞

 And because it was raining the attendant in Sharks and Rays are not strict so they allowed us to have a close dry encounter with the sea creatures.

 While resting the boys started to watched cartoons while I chose to pamper myself at Zenyu Spa.   

Part of our stay is a wellness treat for two, consists of cold facial treatment and half hour on the hot bed at Zenyu Eco Spa. With the kids around, it’s impossible for us to get away from them, so daddy A stayed first with the kids while I sneaked out to have my much awaited ME- time.Yahooo!!

I was ushered to the changing room and asked to changed into scrub suit. Then the attendant introduced me into a room fitted with antioxidant ceramic floor and wall, and supplied with high concentrations of negative ions – clean pure air molecules. The room was set at 45 degrees celsius to make us sweat, relax and gain the benefits of antioxidant absorption.  It was my first time to try this treatment and the attendant explained to me the benefits of the hot stone bed. It’s good daw for blood circulation and muscle pain. Plus one point😍

I highly recommend this treatment since it’s still easy to breath and doesn’t feel heavy unlike in a sauna.

After half an hour I feel rejuvenated and cleansed. Parang rosy cheeks lang!😝

Then we went to another room to have my facial done. Ay ang saya! 😛 
To complete the relaxation I was also given a complimentary Facial Cold Treatment. Super sulit!

H2O hotel transported us to a place that’s fun for the whole family. It’s a great place to bring kids because there’s a lot to do within the complex, and the sea creatures in the fish aquarium walls really keep the kids entertained and amazed.

Hotel H20

Luneta, Manila, Philippines 1000

(Behind the Quirino Grandstand)

Phone: +63 2 238 6100

Fax: +63 2 238 6188

Reservation :

Hotel Inquiry :

Guest Feedback :


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Family Fun Trip at Manila Zoo

Before we arrived here in the Philippines Manila Zoo is already in my list to visit. Aside from the fact that it is near our place we also have kids who are fascinated with the animals.

Inigo is familiar with the animals and it’s sounds so I guess this is perfect timing for him to see the animals up close and personal.

Manila Zoo is located along Adriatico St., corner Quirino St., Manila, the main entrance of the zoo is fronting the Playground for Manila youth. It has a land area of 5.5 hectares.


For those who love taking selfie or have a snake around them then you must visitthe Jungle Adventure, just pay php 100 and they will capture  your braveness.

  Compare to the zoo in Dubai animals in Manila Zoo are just few. But the kids still enjoyed their time roaming, running and watching the animals.







 The highlight of our trip is the fun of trying the horse back riding.


Are you familiar with Vice Ganda’s launching movie?. Well, luckily Kuya Angelo rode to the famous Petrang Kabayo..

Priced at php 100 per pax, if accompnied by parent then she must pay as well.

Manila Zoo Entrance Fee for 2015:

For Non Residents – Php100

Manila residents – Php60 (Just present valid ID like village ID, Driver’s License, TIN ID, School ID, SSS ID)


It is open Mondays to Sundays including holidays from 8am to 6pm. For inquiries call (632) 525-8157

Landmark ofManila Zoo:

The Zoo is near Manila Hospital and Harrison Plaza.

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We were invited – Teddy Bear Theme Party

The weather is too hot and humid here in UAE. The temperature is starting to rise up to 45-50 degrees. ☀️

Fortunately, our family were invited to a free one night stay at Radisson Blu Hotel in Sharjah. Whew! That’s favor, right?! Thank you Jen for inviting us the kiddos enjoyed our stay and most especially the pool area. 

       Anyhow, If you have a soft spot for fluffy and oh-so-cute teddy bears, then this adorable Teddy Bearday celebration is too awesome not to post.

Jen is so passionate in styling parties. So for her to style her own party was superb while creating absolutely FLAWLESS teddy bear inspired desserts! 

She tried to keep it simple yet BEAR-y cute!

The party is held in Radisson Hotel so both adults and kids can relax, chit-chat, fill their bellies and entertain themselves with outdoor activities. 

We also enjoyed the games prepared by the master host Meredith and Jojit. It’s our first time to play Jenga and kaka excite and kakakaba pala yun😁


And because sharing is caring the night also honored all the fathers in the house with matching cake pa! Bonggels🎉🎂


Once again Happy Birthday Jen! You’re such a blessing to all of us. May God continue to used your gifts and talents para marami ka pang batang mapasaya sa parties nila. 


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Dubai Dining – Asian Buffet at Intramuros 

When hubby and I discussed where he’ll treat his colleagues for despedida, I suggested Intramuros. It’s an international cuisine buffet at a cheaper price.

Intramuros is a casual dining restaurant situated along Deira. The restaurant’s facade is inspired to one of our historical place in Intramuros called Fort Santiago. It’s one of the tourist spot and  the most popular landmark in Intramuros in Manila. 

The interior has an ancestral atmosphere; very elegant and classic. Pinoy na pinoy ang dating! I could feel the Filipino warmth the moment I walked in.

We were ushered at the Bonifacio Hall with three big tables that’s good for 15 persons. We came a little early so I managed to take some photos while waiting for others.

The restaurants offer a variety of international cuisine from Japanes, Thai, Chinese and Filipino food and delicacies.

salad bar

sumo station

my fave – Tempura station

Yesterday’s menu consists of Kare- Kare, Chicken Lemon, BBQ chicken, Chicken with Tofu in Black sauce,Fish Fillet with tartar sauce. For veggies they served Water Spinach fried in Garlic sauce and Vegetable Spring Rolls. 

And of course my all time favorite Prawn Tempura. For the rice you can choose between plain rice or Chicken Fried Rice. If you don’t feel like eating rice, you may devour their Mixed Pancit Guisado- a combination of bihon and canton sauteed in chicken and vegetable. 

But like  any other buffet  restaurant , I am always  excited  to go straight to their dessert station to check what they can offer to my sweet tooth.

For desserts, there were native delicacies, fresh fruit slices and irresistibly International sweets! My dessert plate had palitaw topped with grated coconut and sesame seeds, pichi-pichi, cassava cake and strawberry mousse. My taste bud are feasting with so much sweet treat.  

Priced at 49 AED/person,  the Flavours of South Asia buffet at Intramuros is one of the most affordable so far. Drinks not included. But still, the final price of 65 AED/person (buffet + 1 drink) is very reasonable! 

And to our NRL friends, thank you for your generosity. Daddy A loves your present. Isn’t obvious?!

Oh and by the way, he was teary eyed when we entered the car. Mamimiss niya daw kayong lahat except sa pag-uwi ng super late😜.

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Dubai Dining- Nutella Bar at EATALY – Dubai Mall

If my eldest son Angelo was with us last night I am very sure he will definitely jump for joy to discover and experience Nutella in creative ways he have never tried before. 

To enjoy a little indulgence that’s well worth the calories, Nutella lovers of the delicious spread can indulge their sweet tooth at the new Eataly Nutella Bar in The Dubai Mall, where the menu offers a range of new ways to experience this favourite.

The Nutella bar menu at Eataly Dubai Mall features a variety of items, including Crepes con Nutella, Crostatina con Nutella, Muffin con Nutella and much more.

What makes them more inviting is their LIVE cooking station of their FAMOUS Nutella crepe. 

 Nutella crepe is priced at aed 22 and you may add aed 5 for banana and aed 10 for strawberries. We chose to sampled the Banana Crepe and it’s so delish. 

And because the Illy cofee shop is just beside the bar we ordered their cold coffee. Raquiza and I tried their new flavour the Illy Crema while daddy A tasted the Espresso Tiramisu– it’s a double Illy espresso dusted with cocoa powder. Claire naman chose to be safe so just ordered Chamomile tea to keep her warm.

Also worth trying are the mouth-watering Verrina Teratisu – it’a sponge cake with mascarpone and coffee, Crostatina Cremacotta – custard short cake topped with fresh blueberries. However, Budino di Ricotta, got my vote. It’s a delectable tart that provides the perfect vehicle for the creamy, custardy flavour. Mi Paborito!

Cost – It’s a little much of expensive but I must say that the food was impeccable that we don’t even think the effect of the sugar rush to our waistline.

Eataly Dubai is open daily from Sunday to Saturday.

Sunday to Wednesday: 9:00AM to 11:30PM
Thursday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 00:00