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I’m Lovin it…

We do have a few enchanting moments..

We do have sweet bonding moment..

And one of the greatest benefits of blogging ..

is being able to look back at our own story..our own family moment..

Keep safe everyone!!

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Home Organization 101: Kitchen nook

Target: Kitchen

Goal : Keeping the kitchen space organized to improve function and style.

Solution: Print playfully customizable DIY labels on sticker paper and adhere to a clear containers for an extra measure of organization.

Result: De- Clutter,De- Stress Kitchen nook

 Happy organizing!!

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Eid Holiday learning activities..

By all means, this is not an original idea.If you want useful and free printables then go to 2Teaching Mommies blog. She has tons of free activity sheets that are very helpful for the toddlers.

When I saw this Zoo pack I knew that this will make our holiday more FUN..

Animals + Numbers = Safari Fun afternoon.

The package includes

1. Counting skills..

Count how many animals and place the correct numbers. Easy Peasy!

2. Zoo Match

This is so fun. We casually talked through different animals and their sound before mounting it to the correct shadow.

3. Pre-Writing skills

And since we are working on his writing skills.

My little zookeeper needs to feed the animals by following the strokes from the template.

4. Beginning sounds

A little fun with the alphabet. This little activity will help little A to practice the phonics.

Just a fun little way to jazz up emotions and learning routines!

Little A drew happy face and sad face..

Happy learning!!

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Ang batang sumbungero

Spending time with little A is really entertaining. I mean, at his age he really knows how to start a conversation. He talks a lot, he has so many “why” and he ask so many questions.

Yesterday while I am having my quiet time, he on the other hand is playing his toys.

Mommy: Little A there are lots of blocks under the chair. Can you get them?

Little A: Mommy it’s bricks not blocks,ok??

Mommy: Ah ok,can you get it please.

Little A: ok,mommy

Then after a while he started to play with another toy. And all of his blocks este bricks are all scattred on the floor.

Mommy: Little A if you will not play your bricks can you put back to the proper place,please.

Little A: Later mommy,I’m still playing!

Mommy: Remember I told you” you have to obey mommy and daddy”..

Little A: But I’m still playing..

Mommy: I will count and if you will not put it back then I need to discipline you. One!!

Little A started to clean up his toys with matching inarteng iyak. Yung fake na iyak.

Then tumunog and doorbell. He stopped and went straight to the door. Jumped to his dad and nagsumbong.

Daddy: How’s your day?

Little A: I cried.

Daddy: Really, why??

Little A: Because mommy is asking me to clean up the mess. I am talking gently but she started to count. She said 1…2…

hahaha..sumbungerong bata!

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Our Eid holiday round-up

Hello peeps!

Eid holiday is a super fun week for our family.

We didn’t go out-of-town this time because I wasn’t sure if I will need to work last Thursday but because of the urgent decision of the management we finished the two magazines last Wednesday.We had to work late and stayed till 12:30 am.

That’s why I’m off from Thursday to Sunday.Hooray!!

Here is what our weekend has been

Breakfast meal in Mc Donald’s

We took a quick trip to Ikea to look for affordable shoe cabinet that will fit in our small house.

Lunch break at Wendy’s.

Hubby started to fix the shoe rock while I and little A are sleeping. I had a terrible headache so I’m excuse to help!! hehe

Dyaran!! Our new main entry. I am really thrilled with how it turned out . The addition of frames from Red Tag give life to our wall..

Happy decorating!!

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Learning through play – Let’s face it

Does anyone else feel like October is going by too fast?

Last Saturday I had the chance to pull out some of our Christmas decor. I must say that I am quite excited to decorate our tree this year.

Last year our theme is silver,blue and red.

This year I wanted to be more festive so I’m considering red and gold.

A friend of mine suggested that it will look nice to mix the tangerine to the red and gold ornaments.

But the problem is I don’t have budget for new decors. So while I am still figuring out how can mix and match our old decor let me share to you our last week activity with little A.

A face and body template + plastic dividers + dry erase marker = hours of entertainment.

How fun to let your child match the word to the correct spots.A simple way of practising his reading skills and writing skills at the same time.

Remember in my previous blog I’ve mentioned that the little boy is fascinated with numbers lately. A great way to teach your kids numbers while having fun is by doing matching game .I printed 1-10 numerals and write the numbers in word. This is his favorite so far!

Finally, ang favorite bondingan ng mag-ama..

Our family is a huge fan of Mc Donalds Happy Meal toy.Last week they launched Science Crazy Toy collection.

The toys are really useful for my little scientist! He’s really focused.

Our Saturday afternoon are filled
with entertainment and celebrations through a pancake merienda delights..

Let’s face it – this month is too much fun.

Happy learning through play..