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Let’s Party – Back to School

The first day of school is quickly approaching.I can’t believe it is back to school time! I’m so in denial..but it is always nice to get the kids excited about going back to school.

It can be a challenging time for both children and parents. Children have a lot to deal with after such a long summer holiday. 

In order to make the transition back to school a bit easier for the kids, Kids Ministry team create a fun Back to School Party to celebrate the upcoming school year. I think the hardest part of getting back into a school schedule is getting up early!😂

Just a little kickoff to the next chapter in their education.We tried to relate their subjects in the bible storie. In this way we are prepping them in their back to school routine.

We started to instill the importance of Quiet Time by reading their bible and spending time to at least talk to God. Then, we proceed with the lesson proper. For PE class we discussed “The story of Samson”.

For Math it was “The story of Noah”

What a better way to discussed Science than with the story of King Solomon. We all know that Science requires logic and wisdom. 

We had lots of little learners and all of them were empowered with the holy spirit. We send them off with excitement and special memories that they will remember while they are in school.

Congratulations to Kids Ministry Team for a job well done! Thank you so much for the dedication and commitment! Thank you for touching the lives of the next generation. 

And also big shout out to all our sponsors. To all the parents who never hesitate to share their blessings.May God continue to bless you all abudantly.  

 To God be the Glory😊




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Let’s Party – Boho Themed Kids Teachers Party

So….3 months since my last blog post….

I’ve been quite busy with the new set-up in our house. I have too much on my plate and I can’t go back into blogging.Between working and taking care of three kids without yaya,blogging took a major back seat. LOTS has happened and hopefully I can get some updates up on the blog and fill everyone in on the happenings in my life.

Anyhow, let me start the updates with the Boho Theme party we had last January. It was an elegant get – together and thanksgiving celebration with all of the Kids Ministry volunteers. When we were deciding for a theme we all agreed with the idea of chill vibe atmosphere night.

This boho party is the picture of serenity and fun! It’s a backyard outdoor event … so needless to say it’s pretty amazing. From the incredible hands and a very talented Teacher Jen comes an ultra bohemian set up in the backyard complete with floor cushions and a long wooden table. 

Farm tables surrounded with rugs, pillows and Moroccan blankets were set across the center of the yard. Thanks to Ate Glecy for welcoming us to their gorgeous villa.

 Perhaps the highlight of the night was the dash of playfulness to the scene.Lights were placed around the tables for added coziness as the stars came out. 

We were all sharing stories, laughing, eating and playing games that the kids within us comes naturally.

The best part: the FOOD! Obviously this portion is our favorite😛

Our sumptous dinner was catered as well by Ate Glecy.  Sorry we don’t have photos of our feast para kasing hinipan lang ng hangin sa gutom namin😂 

Again, I am grateful being part of Kids Ministry.  It’s not easy but definitely worthy! 

Thank you teachers for your commitment. God bless us all!   

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Let’s Party – Mom’s 60th Birthday…

Ready your goggles and swimming ring, fellas! We are ending this month with splish..splat.. And splash of water adventure! Yes, that’s right! Despite the rainy season we’re going out of town!  

My mom’s 60th birthday party got us chilling by the pool, all thanks to Belzer Pool Resort for an amazing experience.We had a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

I can’t wait to share it with you! Shout out to my siblings for making our Nanay so happy. 
Happy birthday Nanay we love you so much! 

Scroll down for more pics and come swim with us!


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Let’s Party – Angelo turns 7

When Angelo had his birthday celebration in his school, I knew that superhero theme will excite him. Then his cousin, Johann also celebrated his 3rd birthday with Avengers theme.

So I opted to have an intimate and very simple affair  with people who love him family! It was an event where the only agenda was to catched up on our daily life..

Well, we did more than talk. We also ate all throughout!

The party will be at my sister’s house so I thought about just throwing my hands up and going with no theme at all.

Until, I went to 168 mall and decided a color theme is better than no theme.

For his 7th birthday, it’s a Blue Theme Party.


I bought a cute birthday cake bunting in 999 mall and these little touches are sure added fun and festive birthday cake which I got from Goldilocks.

For the party food, we had a delicious spread of  my mom’s famous Spare Ribs Caldereta, then we ordered Pancit Malabon and Pork Bbq from Ambers. It’s a typical pinoy favorites, of course, our desserts were aplenty too! We feasted on  Buttered Puto, chocolate cupcakes from Goldilocks and Kakanin from our suki.     

After the party we took the kids to Kidzoona at SM San Lazaro so that they could burn off their energy and play around in a fun safe area.   

We paid for 3 hour’s worth of play which is enough for the kids. The ticket priced at 400 pesos per kid. 


Angelo may not have a fabulous party but sure he did had tons of laughters and fun!

Happy 7th birthday Anak! Lagi mong tatandaan mahal na mahal ka naming lahat.


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Let’s Party – Johann’s 3rd Birthday Avengers Theme Party


 Hello! How’s the extra off going on so far?! To make your day extra special it’s time for another dose of all things pretty!   Today, I have something super fun in store for you since I’m taking you to Johann’s Avenger’s  party. Filled with superhero accents in blue, red, gold, and silver, Johann’s celebration is a surely blast of fun.   

  My sister did an amazing job styling the place! And incredibly creating loads of DIY including painting JOHANN’s name in Avengers color.Photography Props Manila made paper mache suit case as party favor and it was a truly hit to the kids. And we are so glad that Obscura X Phils was there to capture every single detail!   

       Have a supertacular Wednesday!   


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The mischievous Minions are back! If you thought those sunny little yellow guys from Despicable Me 1 & 2 were funny, wait till you see what kind of trouble they get into Minions movie. 

Because Kuya Angelo is always smitten to any Minion Crafts. He adores those lovable yellow little creatures.

So after watching the commercial of Monde Mamon-it-yourself Minion Limited Offer. I knew we have to try it for ourselves too.

Aren’t these Mamon Minions simply the cutest?  
Actually this is the supposed activity of the kids during his birthday celebration but it is always out of stock in leading supermarket. Fortunately, yesterday we went to SM Fairview and saw one in the gondola. I was so excited that I hurriedly grabbed one pack with 6 classic flavor of Mamon and Mamon Minion Maker Kit for only php 74.  

The Mamon Minion Kit includes 3 big candy goggles, 3 candy eyes, 1 pack of yellow frosting and a small edible black fondant for the mouth and to attach the goggles.  

I guess the best time to make it is in the afternoon right after the siesta para saktong meryenda na din..hehe

Here’s the four steps to create your own Mamon Minion:

Step 1: Spread frosting on top of Mamon.

Step 2: Use fondants to create Minion eyes.   Step 3: Assemble your own very own Minion.  Step 4: Enjoy     

And for those who can’t get enough of those silly Minions. Whether you are planning your own Minion party or just looking for a great afternoon bonding this activity is sure to please your Minions. 


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3 special steps to book a Jollibee party…

After attending my nephew’s party in Jollibee I thought of sharing on how we can booked a party even we are not in the Phillipines. 

This might be helpful for those who are planning to have a Jollibee party.

It’s easy to create your party package at Jollibee, here are the steps to a well-put celebration:

STEP 1: Find A Store and Select The Date of Your Party.

You may do this now through Jollibee’s Online Party Reservation.

STEP 2: Plan Your Party

– Choose from the available themes:

For additional party favors, here are the costs:

      * 1 Set of theme favors – P7.00 each (includes name tag, party hat, invitation card, party liner)


  •   Name Tag – P0.50 each
  • Party Hat – P4.00 each
  •  Invitation Card – P1.50 each
  • Party Tray Liner – P 1.00 each
  • Prizes – P10.00 each
  • Guestbook – P10.00 each
  • Crayons – P6.00 each
  • Balloons – P12.00 each
  • Lootbag – P60.00 each

– Actual contents may vary without prior notice.

 Cakes are also available at selected Jollibee branches, supplied by Red Ribbon. They only have 1 size of cake 8′ x 12′ cake, which is kind of small for P900.00. You may bring your own but as their rule, could not be served to your guests during the party.


Choose Food Packages:

 Food Package A: P4,350.50 (good for 30pax)

      * Jollibee Spaghetti

      * Regular Fries

      * Regular Drink

      * Chocolate Sundae

  Food Package B: P5,850.00 (good for 30 pax)

     *Jollibee Spaghetti

      * Jolly Hotdog Classic

      * Regular Fries

      * Regular Drink

      * Chocolate Sundae

 Food Package C: P5,250.00 (good for 30 pax)

      * Jollibee Spaghetti

      * Regular Yum

      * Regular Fries

      *Regular Drink

      * Chocolate Sundae

  Food Package D: P6600.00 (good for 30 pax)

      * 1 pc Chickenjoy with Rice

      * Jollibee Saghetti

      * Regular Fries

      * Regular Drink

      * Chocolate Sundae

STEP 3: Online Payment