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Letter of the week – Apple Tree Counting 

Ready to go “apple picking?” Yes, I enjoyed our apple sorting activity so,I replaced our letter Aa basket with numbers. 

This apple tree counting is just right for some fun, hands-on practice with counting, number recognition, vocabulary building and fine motor skills.

When I saw the number basket online, I quickly printed them out and laminated them. Luckily, below our building is the office stationary shop. It’s quite expensive (aed 3.50) but  it’s a lot thicker and atleast I can use it over and over). Then, I cut them apart so that I have baskets numbered 1-10.

Like in letter Aa sorting, I explained to Inigo the direction and let him try on his own.

I don’t have enough apples so I lined up our baskets from 1-5 only (which is great for working on number order) and then he started to count the apples and paired them up with the correct basket.

As usual he had a great time playing with this game so I opted to add another elements which is the finger counting symbols.

  Giving him something to compare really helps to solidify his understanding of numbers.

Now, I’m absolutely in love with our first letter of the week unit. It really is my favorite lesson. I love all of the apples activities we made for this week, a lot of learnings and memories to ponder.

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Letter of the week – Letter Aa Apple Sorting

As we are about to end our Aa is for Apple unit, I decided to try to incorporate apple picking and letter Aa sorting this time.

    It is actually pretty simple to make a fun apple tree of your own! I cut brown construction paper  and we had the perfect trunk for our tree!

Then I painted the paper plate with green tempera to make an apple tree right up on the wall. 

You’ll need some tape to attach your tree to the wall and the printable apples and letter A baskets as well.

After taping the letter A baskets onto the wall, I cutout the apples and marked half of them with an uppercase A and the other half with lowercase.

We talked about the differences between the big A and the little A and after showing Inigo the difference between the two baskets and the corresponding letters on the apples, I let him have at it.

He had a blast picking all of the letter A apples and put them into their correct baskets.

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STEM Activity – Marshmallows and Toothpicks Structure..

Kuya Angelo has been acting up lately. He’s always looking and begging daddy A to come home early. But the traffic and the travel time takes him approximately 2hrs of driving from his workplace to our house. To divert his attention, I set up an invitation that I know he cannot resist.

Marshmallows + toothpicks = an afternoon of engineering fun! Previously, we did the 2 and 3 dimensional shapes using clay and toothpicks. This time I thought building marshmallows structures was a deliciously entertaining way of reinforcing his learning at home.

Since this our first time to try this engineering activity, our excitement turned into frustration.Using marshmallows in building a tower is unstable, wobbly and always collapsed. 

We almost give up but this activity not only tested our patience but also our determination to finish the task. Talking about resilience huh!

So I dropped the idea of creating a tower but instead, I keep the activity open ended and let him to be as creative as he wanted to be. 

After making several attempts, he moved on to making pyramids, then joined them together to make a larger structure.It looks like we came up with a new stress-buster for an awesome time!

Thank you for finding time to read my posts. Please feel free to share them as well! 

Have an inspiring, positive homeschooling ahead! Stay blessed!

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Fine Motor Skills – Straw and Pasta

The other day, I was looking for a quick activity that would be fun for Isabelle. She gets bored with her toys after awhile, and constantly looking for her brothers. The #cerradoboys were out for their haircut bonding😜.

Since I constantly looking for new activities using materials in our home.I grabbed few sticks of pasta and a handful of straws. We only have the paper straws right now, so I cut them down to fit into her tiny hands. 

When I set out the materials, Isabelle was immediately interested in them. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, though, until I showed her how to put a straw in the pasta.

It took a lot of concentration, but she did it!

It was a lot of fun for her, and so easy to put together. I know we’ll do it again soon.

Enjoy watching!


Thank you for finding time to read my posts. Please feel free to share them as well!  
Have an inspiring, positive homeschooling ahead! Stay blessed!