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The cat is hungry..

Last weekend our activity theme is all about animals. Every weekend i made sure that i am packed with fun activities. Right after were done with our pretend play veterinarian. I handed to him our next activity.

Presenting our “The cat is hungry” activity…

The rule is very simple Little A would feed the cat using our dry erase marker. I did not had the chance to laminate it but the plastic divider works magically. With this activity i let him hold the pen and just write/draw whatever he likes. I am just listening to him while he’s feeding the cat. He said the cat will eat lollipop, so he drew one. Then he said that the cat would eat number 11,letter H and circle. I did not intervene with him, I just let his imagination flow. There is no right or wrong with this activity because my main focus is to practice his writing skills.I’m not in a hurry for Litlle A to draw or color “properly” – we are working in progress for him to be ready to hold and control a pencil correctly.

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Pretend Play – Veterinary Clinic

It’s been said that the work of a child is play or, perhaps, to be more exact, learning through play. Play is such a part and parcel of your child’s life that childhood is, virtually, defined by the dominance of play.

But role play is more than fun…it’s a key component of learning. According to child development experts, role play helps children acquire all kinds of skills and knowledge, encouraging them to:

  • Explore imagination
  • Think in the abstract
  • Acquire language skills
  • Build social skills
  • Problem solve
  • Understand someone else’s perspective
  • Learn essential life skills from adults
  • Discover leadership skills
  • Safely explore the world beyond
  • Acquire confidence and a sense of self

So,after the huge success of our Pretend Play – Ice Cream shop. This week we turned our playroom into the magical art of imitation and make believe.

Presenting our this week activity 😛 Pretend Play – Veterinary Clinic

Play Veterinarian

With the helped of veterinary printables, mixing a few stuffed animals,rearranging the furniture and our real trusty doctor kit we made our Saturday morning more fun and exciting.

During the play, we talked about taking care of animals and emphaty. I also explained to Little A the importance of drinking medicines.He’s not use to drink the medicine orally and it is really struggle for us whenever he needs to drink antibiotic because we cannot mixed it on his milk. I also informed him that doctors also treated sick people not only animals so children should never be afraid of them. This is one way of convincing the child that doctors will not harm them but instead help them to get well soon.

Please allow me to show to you our top class facility. Be our guest and let our experienced Veterinarian take care of your pets.

waiting room
Doctor Angelo's table
X-ray room
X-ray film
checking zebra
cleaning the wound of turtle
giving injection to Mickey
injection for baby zebra too
Doctor Angelo knows how to take care of his patient. He's giving vitamins for Zebra
He said that Pooh was hurt because he fell on his chair so he grabbed the animal tablets and give some to Pooh.
Doctor Angelo realized that all of his patients should drink medicines. See, how caring he is.
Then, he went to the X-ray room to show to little bear his x-ray result
Doctor Angelo trying to explained to Zebra that he should take care of his health

There are simple ways imaginary play and child development can be encouraged in our home. Before you knew it you are having an enjoyable time, too!

“While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about”. ~Angela Schwindt

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Easel painting using watercolors..

our cute little painter

When you have a toddler who doesn’t want to sleep not until his Daddy Al arrive, you have no choice but to comply to his request of doing rainbow painting.

water color painting

It was passed 9pm but Little A is still insisting  if he can do some painting. Using his “signature smile” and a very cute tone of “please”, I pulled out that long box of paints, grab a paintbrush and pour a jar of water…then the fun begins..

Watercolors  are easily one of my top favorite art materials in our house.This simple art can be your child’s playful way of learning — yes, Little A is learning while creating the mess but I don’t mind. As long as he loves what he’s doing I will be happy to clean the mess.

da vincci in the making

For the past months of homeschooling Little A I learned that simple things can be so much fun and exciting.

singing rainbow song

When Little A starting to learn his colors, rainbow song was a big hit for us. That nursery rhyme made my life easy. Imagine how I always incorporate that song to our everyday life.

What about you mommies do you have other ways you use watercolors? I’m always looking for new ideas to try. I am an newbie mom and new projects and new material makes me so happy!

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Printables + Playdough = FUN

When I saw this free printables, I knew we could have fun together by encouraging Little A’s creativity.
So after printing it, I went straight to the shop for lamination. Dhs 60 is quite expensive for a frugal mommy like me. So I asked the guy to laminate it back to back instead of doing it separately. Atleast I can still put my Dhs 30 in my piggy bank. Oink! Oink! 
Presenting our activity…Printables + Playdough = FUN
apple tree
Playdough is such a wonderful touchy-feely activity for toddlers.
di pantay ang mata
It is also great in developing toddler’s senses by exploring and experimenting. 
angelo's face

 Not to mention that playdough helps toddler to strengthen their finger and hand muscles.

You can also used playdough to teach counting, shapes and other basic educational information.
happy birthday to you..

While Little A is playing our activity he is counting while adding apples on the tree. He’s also attentive while he’s putting eyes,nose and mouth on the face. He even say that it’s his face. We were laughing outloud when he said “handsome angelo”.

When he’s done with his creations, he immediately run to his Daddy Al to show his works.

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Defining “ME time”

Yesterday,when hubby is decluttering our drawer he saw that I still have complimentary vouchers from the press kit I got from N Style last August. That’s for their 10th year anniversary press conference.The vouchers were for Perfect Blow Dry and Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage. Good thing hubby saw the validity coz the vouchers will expire two days from now.He hurriedly, dialled the NStyle, The Walk Jumeirah branch and booked me for 1:30 pm appointment.
Once inside the room the ambience started to set my mood. Treatment begins with Soothing Lavender fragrance for a glorious scented full body massage. It was so relaxing as the therapist works on my muscles. Finish with foot and hand spa – a perfect close to a positively indulgent affair.
Oh boy! I missed this life. I think every mom should have at least “ME-Time” once in a while..
Call 04 4370270 for booking and look for Jennifer (she ‘s a star!)

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Pretend Play – Ice Cream Shop

Presenting our this week activity – I Scream,You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAMMMMM!!

Whenever we go to IKEA we always make sure that Little A would have his own share of his fave ice cream. So I guess,it would have so much fun running his own ice cream shop.  With just a little advanced preparation Little A  can run his own ice cream shop right in our own home—or outside, if it’s no sand storm.

the invitation

 I made a menu list so Little A could take ice cream orders

what's on the menu
choose your fave

We have several “flavors” which consist of strawberry red,blue cotton candy,green tea and chocolate brown.During the soft opening we have invited two important guests.

"can I have your order,sir?"
"here's your order,sir"

 Little A is quite busy preparing for the orders.

Winnie the Pooh choose to have Chocolate Brown while Tigger prefer to try the Blue Cotton Candy flavor. Though he’s so tired Little A was very excited about having a pretend playdough ice cream.

Doesn’t the playdough ice cream looks yummy? The nice thing about this activity is that he’s using his imagination.

meet the cute owner

And since the ice cream does not melt we can still use it more than once.Now that the summer is fast approaching, I’m sure we’ll be playing ice cream shop many more times.