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Pretend Play – Picnic in our room

After a long week holiday today is back to normal and the school starts again. Luckily, little A’s sleeping habit didn’t changed despite the holiday kaya walang naging problema sa gisingan.Yes!

Anyhow, this week theme is about Being safe and healthy and his assignments are to bring plastic and pictures of fruits.

I bought assorted fruits from Gift Market for aed 2 each. At dahil natuwa ako I’ve got all the fruits na meron sila like grapes, apple, mango, orange and banana. When I saw the fruits kasi all I’m thinking was we could use it for our pretend play.

And I was right the moment little A saw the fruits he asked me if we could have picnic in our room.

Who am I to say no to a very thoughtful boy! He knows kasi that im not allowed to get tired so I should be resting kaya he brought everything into our room.

Of course I should insert some points here and explaining to him that fruits are healthy and we should eat fruits. After a brief discussion of the importance of eating healthy foods, he started to prepare our food. He served cookies and breadsticks.. yan ang healthy!! haha

We had so much fun that even when we are done eating, we continued our play by using our white board and marker to draw some fruits and practice his writing and
spelling skills.

Simple toys can make a big difference to a child’s imagination!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone..








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Pretend Play – Restaurant

Little A has really been into cooking and baking. Whether real food or pretend food, I can say that this is something he really like doing.

So I thought I’d make him chef for the day. The chef costume was a gift from his grandmother,I told my mom kasi na mahilig kaming magluto at bake and mas cute if he will wear chef outfit while doing some baking and cooking activities. So di mother mega hanap sa Divisoria. Ang sweet noh?!

Little A wanted to serve his guest with hamburger, hotdog sandwich,chicken nuggets and dessert.

And because his busy preparing the food he ask me to invite everyone for a soft opening of his restaurant. This is like meet and greet Chef Little A. His restaurant is open from 10 am to 5pm only.He’s sleeping na kasi by 6:30 kahit walang pasok.. hehe

If you love to try the newest trend in town then better made a call now for reservation.

See you there!

PicMonkey Collage







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Pretend Play – Cupcakes

After seeing that I was pretty sure that little boy would LOVE to play baking with mommy. I set up our baking activity.

One small twist was instead of actual cupcakes I created a more of a pretend play set up.Ironically little A made this one into a counting and sorting activity.

Now for the fun part. I gave the bag to little A hoping that he will like it and boy I was right!  It was an instant hit!!
This is what we baked according to him – strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, grass flavour ( because the grass daw is color green), lemon and lastly mocha pretend cupcakes.

Don’t they look realistic and delish?

What we really loved about this pretend cupcakes is that we were able explore the possibilities through playing, practice the ideas and develop his imagination.

Kudos for play based learning.











This is specifically for Daddy A only according to him. he will surprise daddy daw with his blueberry cupcake
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Pretend Play – Breakfast with friends

When Angelo told me that he wanted to have breakfast with his plush toys, no doubt that this could be a great pretend play.
We will celebrate something special with it but not too fancy.
A special breakfast party with friends is surely hit!
This will fill their stomach for a few hours while doing some fun things!
We used some plastic plates and utensils from Ikea.
Angelo prepared the table and sorted the tablewares by it’s color.





After sending out the invitations, three of his closest friends came and party with him.
As per his request guests was served plenty of pancakes and milk.


The host of the party was very accommodating and lively. He even joked his friends that they can eat as many pancakes as they want.
Look, how he’s being so nice and thoughtful to his friends.



There was lots of chikahan and kwento’s and they were all having fun especially Angelo.




I smiled thinking about what a lovely moment to be reminded that everywhere is an opportunity for learning, for connecting, and let make believe bring your party to life..

Happy Saturday Playing!

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Key to raising little boys…

When I found out for sure that my first little child would be a boy – I worried endlessly about becoming a mother of the male species. I came from a family of all girls. I love pink , skirts and wearing dresses.

 I grew up playing luto-lutuan and dolls. And the idea of playing wrestling,running around the house,robot,cars and naughtiness bit scared me. But now living with two boys (Little A and Daddy Al) – I do understand one key to raising little boys. Give them adventure and make it real!

Little A was fascinated with his 1st birthday photobook and insisting to wear the same costume that was on the cover.I was tempted to say ‘no’ but he was so persistent.I grabbed the costume to his closet and put it to him.He was very happy and I can’t wipe off the smile on his face.It’s truly the cutest thing.

little A said.."mommy picture"
tita ake said he looks like Cedie ang munting prinsipe
this is his simple smile..holding his photo book.


Thank you Tita Belle for the lay-out.

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Pretend Play – Veterinary Clinic

It’s been said that the work of a child is play or, perhaps, to be more exact, learning through play. Play is such a part and parcel of your child’s life that childhood is, virtually, defined by the dominance of play.

But role play is more than fun…it’s a key component of learning. According to child development experts, role play helps children acquire all kinds of skills and knowledge, encouraging them to:

  • Explore imagination
  • Think in the abstract
  • Acquire language skills
  • Build social skills
  • Problem solve
  • Understand someone else’s perspective
  • Learn essential life skills from adults
  • Discover leadership skills
  • Safely explore the world beyond
  • Acquire confidence and a sense of self

So,after the huge success of our Pretend Play – Ice Cream shop. This week we turned our playroom into the magical art of imitation and make believe.

Presenting our this week activity 😛 Pretend Play – Veterinary Clinic

Play Veterinarian

With the helped of veterinary printables, mixing a few stuffed animals,rearranging the furniture and our real trusty doctor kit we made our Saturday morning more fun and exciting.

During the play, we talked about taking care of animals and emphaty. I also explained to Little A the importance of drinking medicines.He’s not use to drink the medicine orally and it is really struggle for us whenever he needs to drink antibiotic because we cannot mixed it on his milk. I also informed him that doctors also treated sick people not only animals so children should never be afraid of them. This is one way of convincing the child that doctors will not harm them but instead help them to get well soon.

Please allow me to show to you our top class facility. Be our guest and let our experienced Veterinarian take care of your pets.

waiting room
Doctor Angelo's table
X-ray room
X-ray film
checking zebra
cleaning the wound of turtle
giving injection to Mickey
injection for baby zebra too
Doctor Angelo knows how to take care of his patient. He's giving vitamins for Zebra
He said that Pooh was hurt because he fell on his chair so he grabbed the animal tablets and give some to Pooh.
Doctor Angelo realized that all of his patients should drink medicines. See, how caring he is.
Then, he went to the X-ray room to show to little bear his x-ray result
Doctor Angelo trying to explained to Zebra that he should take care of his health

There are simple ways imaginary play and child development can be encouraged in our home. Before you knew it you are having an enjoyable time, too!

“While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about”. ~Angela Schwindt

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Pretend Play – Ice Cream Shop

Presenting our this week activity – I Scream,You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAMMMMM!!

Whenever we go to IKEA we always make sure that Little A would have his own share of his fave ice cream. So I guess,it would have so much fun running his own ice cream shop.  With just a little advanced preparation Little A  can run his own ice cream shop right in our own home—or outside, if it’s no sand storm.

the invitation

 I made a menu list so Little A could take ice cream orders

what's on the menu
choose your fave

We have several “flavors” which consist of strawberry red,blue cotton candy,green tea and chocolate brown.During the soft opening we have invited two important guests.

"can I have your order,sir?"
"here's your order,sir"

 Little A is quite busy preparing for the orders.

Winnie the Pooh choose to have Chocolate Brown while Tigger prefer to try the Blue Cotton Candy flavor. Though he’s so tired Little A was very excited about having a pretend playdough ice cream.

Doesn’t the playdough ice cream looks yummy? The nice thing about this activity is that he’s using his imagination.

meet the cute owner

And since the ice cream does not melt we can still use it more than once.Now that the summer is fast approaching, I’m sure we’ll be playing ice cream shop many more times.