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Gifts and Surprises for Super Dad

One of my most favorite things about being a mother and a wife is coming up with unique gifts for special occasions.Since Fathers Day means a lot to me. I always wanted to make sure that each year will never be the same but will always create memories.

And what better way to show your love, then with a thoughtful present…

I love compiling and putting into words the things we love about our Super Dad. This year to pay tribute to the man of my life and the best dad in the whole world I created scrapbook using old desk calendar. Yes! _ aside from socks,neckties and cards you can create your own photo book using materials you already have in your house. Recycle materials +  little creativity + effort + so much love = Happy Father

When I thought of this idea I wasn’t sure whether Daddy A will really like it because he’s not the “mushy and “sentimental type of man.But I want him to know how much I appreciate his hard works for being the best Daddy to little A. I want a present that he can treasure for years and years to come.

Little A was so excited that he wake up his daddy.

Super Dad almost burst to tears while browsing our DIY photo book.He said he can’t bear the thought of little A leaving us..Awww!!!

It’s true what they say…”it’s the LITTLE things that matter most!”

Who doesn’t love a box of sweet treats every once in a while…especially if it’s customized only for our real life Superhero!

I still have time on my hands so aside from cutie little book I decided to put together this incredibly meaningful fun box.

Spoiling him with his favorite treats. Inexpensive yet elegant and romantic, right?

How about getting him Superman shirt to match with our little boy. My Superman and his sidekick -Superboy!!

Let’s SPOIL those awesome Dads of ours, shall we? Hooray! To all the fathers in the world!

Happy Fathers Day Super Dad!! I hope you like our present!!

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A day for Super Dad

Hi there! How’s your Father’s Day celebration? Here in UAE we had a long weekend a perfect timing to prepare extra special to the superhero of the family, our Super Dad – Daddy A!!

With the abundance of ideas popping out of my mind, I knew exactly that Daddy A will be delighted if we celebrate tha day with a Super Hero Dinner because the Super Dad deserves nothing but the best.

Inspired with a color scheme of red,blue and yellow.I thought it would be fun to style our home with a superman party theme filled with lots of DIY crafts and decorations.

We served light dinner with unique name for dishes. I wanted every detail to reflect the Super Dad theme.

I wanted to transform our home where I could also showcase a few items that really explained what Fathers are about.

From the adorable comic book inspired banner to the coordinating labels, it was the perfect touch!

Of course the Super Dad deserve a trophy for being a hands on father to little A..

Acessorize with the DIY best dad plaque..

No celebration is complete without our DIY menu. Because you’re going to need delicious food for Super Dad on his special day, a full course menu includes a wide range of Fathers Day Noodles, Smallville Crispy Chicken, Chicken ala King muffins, Super Dads Pork BBQ, Superhero’s Cordon Bleu.

The highlight of our table buffet included an Awesome Fathers Day Cheesecake, from Ate Cecil. It’s a family’s favorite! I also try to add Kryptonite Revel Bar made from oatmeal and chocolate ganache.

Making Fathers Day extra ordinary year after year is sure to give the Super DAD feeling loved and appreciated this Father’s Day!

Happy Fathers Day Super DAD! We love you so much!!

Special thanks to baby girl (my sister) for helping me pulling this party!! Thank you baby girl!! So happy you are back!!

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You’re my Superhero..You’re my Super DAD!!

Dear Daddy,

Mommy allow me to be her guest for today so that I could say thank you for being the SUPER Daddy ever.

There are so many things I love about you.

You’re my superhero

It’s really cool how you patiently brushed my teeth and explaining the importance of it.I love how you prepare my favorite bubble bath.I always feel pampered everytime you’re saying “I love this big boy“..mmmm my baby smells fresh”

I loved it everytime you take me to the zoo and let me run freely while I am jumping for joy seeing those animals.

And because you know how I loved corn you always ensure to prepare corn soup for me.No one makes a savoury Corn Soup (from scratch) like you.


You’re an awesome DAD…

It makes me happy when you always find time to our bedtime stories..

You introduced to me our favorite tickle-tickle game and 1-2-3 screw.

I can see that mommy is happily watching us while we are laughing and giggling.

Thanks for teaching me how to pee in standing position and be proud of my ‘patotoy’. You have great stamina because you can wait for longer hours and chat with me until I pooped.Despite of my stinky poop you never throw up.

You’re such a cool dad! I love playing with slides and ball pit with you..


You’re my SUPER DAD!!

I always feel secured when you’re always holding my hand while walking.You’re really sweet DAD! Sorry if sometimes I prefer to walk alone..

Do you know how much I appreciate your effort when you chose to take care of me though you are restless and sleepless because your from night shift. I love how you really valued our time together..

I know in a few months your schedule will not be as flexible as before and I will truly miss you.But thanks for taking one week leave so we can spend quality time together and you can be home with me. I really like hanging out with you. You’re my best buddy!

I always feel safe everytime you pray for me before I go to sleep every night. I can feel your hands are laying on me. I love waking up each day because I know that Daddy and Mommy loves me so much.


Thank you for raising me in a postive way and for always providing the best for our family.

You taught me that I need to always take care of mommy and love her so much. You even said she’s our “boss”.

You’re my SUPER HERO.. “You’re my SUPER…


I’d always be your sidekick!!
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!! I love you so much!