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To celebrate Easter, today I’m sharing our clever and pretty ways of scavenger hunt. I hope you’ll be inspired by our creativity!

Diary of a newbie mom's Blog

 Let’s go on a hunt to find your basket this year!

One of our goal in raising our son is creating memories that he can cherish for a lifetime. For the past week we are doing our Easter theme, I thought that this week would be best to try the scavenger hunt. Since Little A is just two in a half  I tried to keep it simple. I spread the clues out on our living room floor where they’re clearly visible. Little A was so thrilled seeing all the bunny footprints. I chose locations that are really familiar to him and areas which we commonly used in our house. Then the final clue reveals where he can easily find his Easter basket!  It consists of miniature twix and snickers (courtesy of Tita Anne- Thanks!),Hershey’s kisses and Cadbury egg chocolate.

Since sharing is CARING I prepared extra baskets that we gave to his playmates.

We had a blast and we really had so much fun…

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