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MENALAC’s Best CSR Program

Being in the business for 16 years now, Adventureland Sharjah always aim to make the customers happy, and so the Happiness Makers campaign launched.  The #happinessmakers campaign focuses to create a happy and positive environment continuously through implementing initiatives to the schools and government organizations.
   Happiness making is the core of Adventureland business. With dedicated team we are delivering our vision. Adventureland believes that our customer relationships are the best ROI.

Congratulations, Adventureland team for winning Menalac’s Best in CSR Program!

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Let’s Go Italian! Kids Ministry Thanksgiving Party…

I had a pretty magical weekend, I thought it was time to revisit my blog and hopefully bring it back as a quick update. Sound good?   

I mean, can we just take a moment to look at this situation. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted for an intimate gathering with your friends. 
The Thanksgiving Annual Party of all the volunteers of the Kids Ministry bunch up and hooked up with all the delicious meal, cheeses, olives, snacks… the whole backyard of Marbella Hotel.     There is absolutely so much love and passion involved in decorating the place. Thank you so much Teacher Jen and Abbie! You did a tremendous night to remember! The place is instagram-worthy!  

 Among the many activities at the party was a Slogan Making Contest. I love this particular game because this activity also allowed us to prophesied Kids Ministry 5 years from now.     

 The vision and declarations are really amazing! 


That’s one of the wonderful things about being with the Kids Ministry – diverse groups of teachers coming together with the opportunity to meet new and develop friendship.   


Once again I will always be grateful being part of the Kids Ministry. Thank you so much for the love and support.

Thank you also Clamik Photography for the wonderful photos.

Remember ” there is always to be thankful for” 


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Let’s Party – Back to School

The first day of school is quickly approaching.I can’t believe it is back to school time! I’m so in denial..but it is always nice to get the kids excited about going back to school.

It can be a challenging time for both children and parents. Children have a lot to deal with after such a long summer holiday. 

In order to make the transition back to school a bit easier for the kids, Kids Ministry team create a fun Back to School Party to celebrate the upcoming school year. I think the hardest part of getting back into a school schedule is getting up early!😂

Just a little kickoff to the next chapter in their education.We tried to relate their subjects in the bible storie. In this way we are prepping them in their back to school routine.

We started to instill the importance of Quiet Time by reading their bible and spending time to at least talk to God. Then, we proceed with the lesson proper. For PE class we discussed “The story of Samson”.

For Math it was “The story of Noah”

What a better way to discussed Science than with the story of King Solomon. We all know that Science requires logic and wisdom. 

We had lots of little learners and all of them were empowered with the holy spirit. We send them off with excitement and special memories that they will remember while they are in school.

Congratulations to Kids Ministry Team for a job well done! Thank you so much for the dedication and commitment! Thank you for touching the lives of the next generation. 

And also big shout out to all our sponsors. To all the parents who never hesitate to share their blessings.May God continue to bless you all abudantly.  

 To God be the Glory😊




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Beauty Review : O2 Spa at Copthorne Hotel Dubai

O2 Spa offers a wide range of beauty services ranging across face and body.The long weekend is a perfect timing for a bit of relaxation and spa indulgence. Spanning the entire 12th floor of Copthorne Hotel, Deira Dubai,O2Spa gives amazing views of the city so it’s the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by.   

What’s the treatment:

I had a blissful moment when Donabel my masseuse invited me to choose my oil. Once I was cocooned on the extremely comfortable bed the massage began. 

 It uses Australian Tea Tree oil combined with Swedish and Anti – Stress Neck and Back massage. The massage  was rhythmic and relaxing and lasted for 1.5 hours, it helps to clear stagnant energy using warm oil and varying amounts of pressure with a focus on restoring and stimulates body’s vital energy.

The results?

Afterwards I chilled out in the relaxation area enjoying my tea and feeling deeply relaxed and rebalanced.  

The cost?

O2 Spa offers a 10 session of various massage, facials or body scrub for aed 1000 in which you may avail in all of their branches accross UAE.   

 For more information, visit their website or call Deira branch at 04 209 4231 ext: 231

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Happy Birthday to me🎂

Can you believe it’s nearly August?? Seriously. I’d like to know what happened to June and July! It feels like school just ended for the summer.Before I jump into our new adventure, I wanted to give you a quick heads up of how I celebrated my birthday. Well it’s not a grand celebration but it was full of love. I was with people I loved most! And that’s matter! 

My love for Dubai has grown strongly and steadily alongside it as the years have passed. The city that embraced me as I grew three children in my belly, that has given me friends as close as family, that has offered us opportunity after opportunity, and that truly is ‘home’.

To my friends, sister Raquiza and my parents, thank you so much for all of your greetings and messages. I may not reply to each and everyone but I am so touched reading all of your sweet notes! 



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Hello Summer…Hello LEGOLAND Waterpark ,Dubai

It finally feels like summer has arrived….and it’s been long overdue.
We kinda missed last summer altogether, so I fully plan on taking advantage this year.
With that being said, we decided to celebrate Kuya Angelo’s 8th birthday at LEGOLAND WATERPARK DUBAI!
It was a success! Seeing our kids jumping with excitement is priceless!

However,the current state of our tan.. Hmmm, NOT a success.😂😂

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Let’s Party – Boho Themed Kids Teachers Party

So….3 months since my last blog post….

I’ve been quite busy with the new set-up in our house. I have too much on my plate and I can’t go back into blogging.Between working and taking care of three kids without yaya,blogging took a major back seat. LOTS has happened and hopefully I can get some updates up on the blog and fill everyone in on the happenings in my life.

Anyhow, let me start the updates with the Boho Theme party we had last January. It was an elegant get – together and thanksgiving celebration with all of the Kids Ministry volunteers. When we were deciding for a theme we all agreed with the idea of chill vibe atmosphere night.

This boho party is the picture of serenity and fun! It’s a backyard outdoor event … so needless to say it’s pretty amazing. From the incredible hands and a very talented Teacher Jen comes an ultra bohemian set up in the backyard complete with floor cushions and a long wooden table. 

Farm tables surrounded with rugs, pillows and Moroccan blankets were set across the center of the yard. Thanks to Ate Glecy for welcoming us to their gorgeous villa.

 Perhaps the highlight of the night was the dash of playfulness to the scene.Lights were placed around the tables for added coziness as the stars came out. 

We were all sharing stories, laughing, eating and playing games that the kids within us comes naturally.

The best part: the FOOD! Obviously this portion is our favorite😛

Our sumptous dinner was catered as well by Ate Glecy.  Sorry we don’t have photos of our feast para kasing hinipan lang ng hangin sa gutom namin😂 

Again, I am grateful being part of Kids Ministry.  It’s not easy but definitely worthy! 

Thank you teachers for your commitment. God bless us all!   

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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 17 – Meet and Greet Santa Claus

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in UAE! There may not be snow on the ground,  but decorations are popping up at every corner and special holiday events are being held almost daily. 

There are so many special activities to enjoy with your family this season. Most of the malls are celebrating festive season with beautifully decorated Santa’s Grotto, complete with Santa’s helper, the Elf.

So for our day 17 of Christmas Calendar Countdown – we visited Santa’s Grotto at Dubai Festival City.   The #cerradokids had the opportunity to experienced a magical meet and greet with Santa Claus. Santa’s Grotto also captured the moment by taking home a complimentary photograph with Santa.

They also handed us an envelope with complimentary vouchers to the amazing Fabyland, family entertainment centre.The boys got to try some of the big rides such as Air Racer, Bumper Car, Family Swing and Wall Climbing.  

We also let them ride in the Choo Choo train for the price of aed 10 each, the joy in their face are worth more than that. Isabelle is extremely glad.

                            Eight days to go! Enjoy the season, and Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 15 – Santa’s Face Paper Plate Craft

Christmas is such a fun time of the year for crafting! We’ve already had so much fun with the Christmas crafts we’ve made thus far, but I’ve really been looking forward to making a Santa Craft with my kids.

For our day 15 of our Christmas Calendar Countdown – we made Santa’s Face using a paper plate and construction paper.

            This one so simple and adorable!  Since it is also winter break for Angelo,  we’ve invited his friend/classmate/busmate to come over our house for playdate.Keith was so excited to start the activity.   

The kids had a blast making thier Santa and I know I’m a little biased, but I think also Keith enjoyed our craft.

   Their Santa’s Craft turned out adorable mask.