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Jesus Miracles – The Healing of Paralytic Man

Teaching kids the word of God can be more fun when it is incorporated with creative teaching and bible crafts.

Couple of weeks ago I was assigned along with my co- Teacher Don to teach one of Jesus miracles. We were supposed to teach 5-6 years old but then we all agreed to combined na din yung 3-4 years old. Teacher Clarisse prepared a movie clip that narrates the story of The Healing of the Paralytic Man.

The kids were all attentive watching the story and they were all amazed how Jesus forgive and healed the man.

The story is about faith. And how faith works.It teaches us two things (1) the persistence of the four friends. Their faith is demonstrated by their creativity, boldness and persistence to open the roof. They allowed nothing to stop them just to helped their paralytic friend (2) the power of the Lord. Jesus was filled with the power to heal. In Luke 5- 17-26 it is stressing that Jesus is a God empowered man. He is filled and led by the holy spirit.

After the movie there were a brief discussion with Teacher Clarisse where she asked the kids some questions about the story. Infairness naman with them as in very behave silang lahat at lahat ay nakinig and nakasagot. Special thanks to Teacher Marina super galing mag discipline.

Since I am responsible with memory verse and bible craft I prepared a very simple activity. I downloaded handprint from google and each kid will write the name of the persons they want to pray all the time. Di ba kasi we always asked for Jesus to lay his healing hands to us whenever na nagkakasakit tayo or when we prayed for someone close to us we always touched them and comfort them with our hands. As being said our hands is used for praying, loving and touching not for hurting.

Children should be taught to pray at a young age. and this craft will remind them thay they can pray any time and by faith we can have the promises of Gods Word.









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A is for Apple painting and stamping

After the awesome writing and counting lesson we also tried to used apple for a more fun filled activity.

I chopped the apple vertically and little A
got started right away – dunking and stamping, dunking and stamping, again and again. Then we used the Q-tips for adding the leaves.

And then he started to draw apple tree, I was so amazed that he was like demonstrating on how to paint apple tree. He was so sure that if we mixed green and red it will be brown color. And that what he used for the trunk, and then he added nest and birds and apples. I was just watching him as he was enjoying the day.

The end result {besides a toddler with multicoloured hands}? A beautiful masterpiece that could be hung and displayed or used to wrap a gift.












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Writing and Counting Skills – A is for Apple

We have been doing a lot of math and writing activities over at our house this week!

In connection with little A’s lesson in school we did the A is for apple fun learning activities. In case you’re wondering why I mainly focus with writing simply because writing is not his cup of tea. He always have reasons every time we are doing exercises so as much as possible I wanted to add spice to our lesson.

All the printables are all free to download from 2teachingmommies.












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Pretend Play – Picnic in our room

After a long week holiday today is back to normal and the school starts again. Luckily, little A’s sleeping habit didn’t changed despite the holiday kaya walang naging problema sa gisingan.Yes!

Anyhow, this week theme is about Being safe and healthy and his assignments are to bring plastic and pictures of fruits.

I bought assorted fruits from Gift Market for aed 2 each. At dahil natuwa ako I’ve got all the fruits na meron sila like grapes, apple, mango, orange and banana. When I saw the fruits kasi all I’m thinking was we could use it for our pretend play.

And I was right the moment little A saw the fruits he asked me if we could have picnic in our room.

Who am I to say no to a very thoughtful boy! He knows kasi that im not allowed to get tired so I should be resting kaya he brought everything into our room.

Of course I should insert some points here and explaining to him that fruits are healthy and we should eat fruits. After a brief discussion of the importance of eating healthy foods, he started to prepare our food. He served cookies and breadsticks.. yan ang healthy!! haha

We had so much fun that even when we are done eating, we continued our play by using our white board and marker to draw some fruits and practice his writing and
spelling skills.

Simple toys can make a big difference to a child’s imagination!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone..








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Writing and Counting skills – P is for Pumpkin

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to post
the activity we had this week. And because I loved free things, I wanted to share the free printable I’ve got from 2teachingmommies.

It’s a complete set to practice the writing and counting skills of your preschooler.

Here in UAE we had a long week holiday due to Eid Al Adha.

And to keep our little preschooler busy over the holidays we made a fun activities at home.

Here is a cute pumpkin ideas that your preschooler will surely love.

Presenting our P is for Pumpkin activity.

The set includes:

Letter P tracing and Pumpkin coloring – I wanted to laminate this sana for future use kaso costly so I just glued it to his learning journal and used marker and crayons.

Pumpkin Pre- Writing Practice- used pencil for tracing but in the end we end up using orange marker para cute! hehe

Pumpkin Number Puzzle – little A needs to arrange the number in order.

Pumpkin Size Sort – little A lesson are now in big and small, this is a great learning process of sorting.

Pumpkin Counting Skills- With the use of his lego toy, little A will count how many seeds in the pumpkin and match it to the corresponding number.

Pumpkin Clip Cards- using clothespin little A will clip the number that matches the number of items on each card. I liked this so much kasi this is also a great tool for fine motor skills and easy way of learning of counting.

P is for Pumpkin worksheet- this is from confession of a homeschooler. You can download it for free and your preschool can learn the proper strokes of uppercase and lowercase letter Pp.

P is for pumpkin



pumpkin clip

size sorting

number puzzle

counting skillsjpg

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Pretend Play – Restaurant

Little A has really been into cooking and baking. Whether real food or pretend food, I can say that this is something he really like doing.

So I thought I’d make him chef for the day. The chef costume was a gift from his grandmother,I told my mom kasi na mahilig kaming magluto at bake and mas cute if he will wear chef outfit while doing some baking and cooking activities. So di mother mega hanap sa Divisoria. Ang sweet noh?!

Little A wanted to serve his guest with hamburger, hotdog sandwich,chicken nuggets and dessert.

And because his busy preparing the food he ask me to invite everyone for a soft opening of his restaurant. This is like meet and greet Chef Little A. His restaurant is open from 10 am to 5pm only.He’s sleeping na kasi by 6:30 kahit walang pasok.. hehe

If you love to try the newest trend in town then better made a call now for reservation.

See you there!

PicMonkey Collage







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Pregnancy updates @ 34 weeks…

pregnancy updates @ 34 weeks

Good evening everyone!  How are you enjoying the long weekend?

This maybe my last update and I would like to thank you for joining me all through out my pregnancy journey!!

How i’m feeling: Feelin’ well. Just soaking in all of the time I have left with baby wiggle in my belly. I know I will be thrilled when he is out, but I will miss feeling his move and kick.

How far along: 34 weeks and 1 day

Maternity Clothes: some maternity, some regular. Whatever is comfortable!

Movement: yes, he is very active. His movements have changed since he has gotten bigger.

Sleep: I think my body is trying to get lil prepared so there are nights can’t hardly sleep.

Symptoms: I get a little uncomfortable after a big meal, and in the evenings. I have been having contractions for a few weeks now. My OB advised me that she might induce me either end of October or 1st week of November if my blood pressure will not be stable. I am still monitoring my blood pressure and my sugar and if you can say a little prayer for me and baby wiggle, I will truly appreciate it. Nakita din kasi sa growth scan na konti na lang panubigan ko,so she’s really considering that I should give birth na kesa magka eclampsia pa ko..

Best moments this week (past couple weeks):
– shopping for baby essentials and some newborn clothes.

– since last month is super sale we took the chance of buying maxi cosi carrier and graco high chair. Thanks to our rewards points from First Gulf Bank.

-I guess were almost complete and ready for him to come.

Looking forward to:
+every week. I know he is getting really big in there, so I am just trying to enjoy feeling his move (even though it hurts sometimes) and remember it, because I know I will miss it when he is out.
+spending most of my time to little A and preparing him for baby wiggle’s arrival.

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Mathematics and Literacy

I guess you knew by now that I am a newbie mom of a preschool boy and it’s quite obvious that I always document every assignments or activities that he has been learning from school or at home.

After all we parents are our child’s first teacher, right?!

Little A is learning his math skills. Now, he can write the numbers 1-20 which surprised me kasi I thought hanggang 15 pa lang sia.






And then he told me that he learned new numbers and wanted to write it as well. I was amazed, of course! hehe




However, in literacy he learnt to form letters using the formation rhymes. You must see him writing each letters as in ang cute!

For instance he’ll write S while writing it he will say “slither down the snake” or for P “down the pan across the plate”. Basta kabisado nia lahat ng rhymes ng letters nakakatuwa. Mana sa tatay! Very smart!! hehe

That’s why we practice forming the letters through blending and segmenting.

Kids will always have excuses when it comes to writing skills but through constant practice you will see a big progress.










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Flag and Nationality Day

Little A’s assignment is about flag and nationalities. And as a filipino he needs to represent the Philippine flag.

After printing the flag, I prepared the materials that we will be needing to decorate the flag.
While we are doing the activity little A and I are discussing the flag. He then asked me to teach him the tagalog of the colors.

Little A- what is the tagalog of blue mommy

Mommy – Blue is asul

Little A – Ah it’s usal

Mommy – No its Asul

Little A – How about red

Mommy – Red is Pula. Say Pula

Little A – Paula..

Mommy – Not Paula it should be Pula. Again say Pula.

Little A – Dula

Mommy – Ok. we’ll study more tagalog next time,ok. But for the meantime, can you say something about your flag.

Little A – Today, I have Philippine flag because I am a filipino.

Mommy – Wow, that’s nice can you tell me how did you do that? (pointing to the flag)

Little A – I used blue and red paint and for the stars and sun I used yellow color.

Mommy – Yehey! Very Good! ( ang babaw ko noh)!! Haha








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Junior Master Chef..

I was quite busy editing pictures of little A for his “Learning Journey” it’s a record book in his class which contains samples of child’s work, photographic evidence and teachers comments or observations on each child.

Since his school wants the parents to be involved in their learning process, we are asked to contribute to little A’s”Learning Journey” book.
We need to submit or record something amazing that little A has done at home.

While I was prepping I can hear him outside the room that he wanted to write the recipe for Corn Cupcakes. He used my old phone to list down the ingredients and direction..

Hmmm..a Junior Master Chef in the making..

While his typing the words, I heard that he’s applying the jolly phonics that he has learned from his school.

Now, I’m sure he really love baking! Could this be the sign that he can be chef in the future?!! hehe..