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Feel – good weekend…

How was your week been so far? I’ve been catching up on some much-needed rest and sleep. Morning sickness is driving me crazy! Can’t even find time to play with little A and it’s really frustrating. Luckily, even at his young age he understand mommy’s condition. He’s always praying for me, asking Papa Jesus to lay his healing hand to me every time he sees me vomiting.

I wanted to de-stress myself so I will share Baby Wiggle’s first photo-shoot. Taken last April 13 when we finally heard the heartbeat. I couldn’t contain my excitement. It’s like I am newbie mom again. I gushed when I saw daddy’s A smile “ngiting abot sa tenga”…

001 (2)

On the other news the result of my hypertension turns out badly. I am into medication and was advised not to miss single pill. I was also being told to cut my salt intake. Meaning no junk food but rather eat more veggies and fruits. Healthy lifestyle = Healthy pregnancy. But of course temptation is always around the corner..hahaha

Last Friday we were invited by our dear friend Anne. Dumating kasi ang kanyang habibi from Qatar. Mark is completely opposite of Anne. While Anne can be the life of the crowd, Mark on the other hand is a quiet type guy. But one thing I liked about him is his genuine love for Anne. I am happy seeing them together!! Little A was in the mood as well, he’s so pabibo and kept on entertaining us with his version of Gangnam Style.Sing and Dance lang ang peg nia. I don’t know if we were just too hungry or were all busy that we forgot to have group picture and decent shot sa aming table.hehe

Once again thank you Anne and Mark for the treat!! Next time we’ll get bigger table para di madalian ang pag-ubos sa food!! hahaha..







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Kids News: PAZ Marketing launches Bambinoz;a new kids agency that helps brands reach mothers.

We all know how moms are so OC when it comes to our babies demands. And I can’t deny the fact that I am one of those mommies who always wanted to make sure that I am only giving the best for our son and future baby.

And because moms are empowered and knowledgeable consumers I can say that we are very important marketing demographic. A new generation moms looking for ideas and products that will help us to define ourselves while creating, entertaining and fun experience for our family.

Now here’s the good news..PAZ Marketing launches Bambinoz;a new kids agency that helps brands reach mothers.

Bambinoz is a brand new concept for the UAE that helps brands tap into the worlds of marketing for moms.


Bambinoz offers dedicated expertise in public relations, social media, word-of-mouth communications, online marketing, events and CSR activities for brands wanting to target mothers with young charges. From top-tier media relations and buzz-generating special events to active social media community management and cause-marketing partnerships, Bambinoz makes sure that the mom demographic enjoys the spotlight.

“Conventional marketing has often had rather a blind spot when it comes to appealing to mothers. Just because a person has children doesn’t drop them off the social radar. In fact, most mothers are very active in appreciating and consuming new ideas and products. They just want brands to understand their new responsibilities and work with them to create experiences that are fun not just for them but also for their kids. This is where Bambinoz can help. We help brands craft communication and messaging that appeals to mums and their children,” said Zeina Akkawi, Managing Partner, Bambinoz.

Bambinoz’s core strength comes from its team of experts who have had years of experience in events and PR, and understand the nuances of targeting various markets. They are also familiar with the mom demographic, and understand what appeals to parents.

“Our employees hail not only from other top public relations agencies, but from key positions in the worlds of journalism, social media, online marketing — meaning we offer a combination of capabilities well beyond those of a typical PR firm. We have the expertise and, importantly, the longstanding relationships you need to create demand for your brand among moms. But most importantly, we understand that mothers aren’t just a demographic – they’re individual people with a varied range of interests and hobbies, held together by the common thread that they now have new responsibilities to include in their schedules” she added.

Bambinoz specializes in marketing kid brands, talent shows and events in the UAE and the GCC region. The firm already has a network of affiliates in Qatar and Lebanon. It helps marketers understand that the parent demographic is in fact an intuitive mix of two audiences – parents and their young children – both of whom have very different but interestingly convergent needs. Child happiness and fulfillment has a direct correlation with parent satisfaction.

“Kids are imaginative, creative, intuitive, honest and fascinating to observe, especially at play or simply conversing with their friends.They have a wonderful way of seeing and interpreting the world they live in. Their parents recognize this, and want brands to be aware of this as well. This is where Bambinoz can be an essential conduit that helps brands win over moms by keeping children interested” Zeina added.

So let Bambinoz be your first step in the greatest journey you will ever take!

For more information please contact Bambinoz:

Zeina Akkawi or Neeru Kundvani

+971 4 2980808


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Splish.. Splash.. Summer Fun @ Dreamland Aqua Park

Last Saturday marked our 5th year wedding anniversary. But instead of usual fine dining we decided to spend the day splashing water @ Dreamland Aquapark. Luckily, I was given a two free passes and 3 tickets with 50% discount for general admission. The perks of working in a publishing company!

Dreamland Aqua Park, is the largest water park in the UAE and it is located on the scenic coastline of Umm Al Quwain, about 30 minutes drive from Sharjah.

Dreamland is strict on bringing food inside the premises so instead of bothering ourselves with baon, my uber sipag sister woke up early and prepared heavy breakfast for us. Yummy Adobo Rice and Pork Adobo with sunny side up eggs. Sweet noh!


We arrived at Dreamland passed 11 am and went straight to the free locker room and kept our belongings. While we are all excited the little boy naman is having a tantrums. He doesn’t want to swim at all. Look how suplado he is! He said he will only seat on the sun bed. Instead of stressing ourselves we just roamed the place for him to familiarize. When he’s ready na wala ng pilitan..wala pang ahunan!! hehehe













Dreamland is the perfect place for holiday escape.The 250,000 square meter expanse of lush,green,landscaped gardens.With over 30 thrilling rides,slides and attractions.

Being preggy,hubby and I stayed in the kiddie pool while Ann and Raquiza tried all of the rides and slides.They called it buwis-buhay slides but infairness they were so excited to try them all.


We were so immersed with the water and we didn’t notice the time. It’s almost 3pm when we realized that we are not yet eating lunch.We ate at the Snack Attack food chain. Al and I shared 3pcs Chicken with fries, coleslaw and Cola for Dhs 39. While Angelo ate Chicken Nuggets with Fries for aed 25. When Raquiza and Ann came to our table I only had aed 36 money left and they don’t like to go to the locker room kasi malayo. Guess what they did?? Nanghingi sila sa isang mabait na kabayan ng aed 3.00..mabuti na lang di sila napahiya!! hehehehe








We stayed till 5pm and decided to eat our dinner in Al Qasba. It’s our way to tour Ann to our beloved place, Sharjah.



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Beauty Within @ Fluid Salon,DMC

Living in Dubai our hair is subjected to some pretty harsh conditions. Year round sunshine, AC and smoggy air. No matter how rigorous our home routine is, a quick trip to the salon on a regular basis is something we can do to our crowning glory.

With my hair looking dry, frizzy, unmanageable and certainly not as smooth as I’d like, I went to Fluid Salon located in Concord Tower, Dubai Media City near our office. Yipeee!!

They say first impression last and I certainly always found this to be true – the décor here is stylish and contemporary and refreshingly light and airy.

After analyzing my hair I learnt that it is slightly dehydrated.Now that I am pregnant, I knew that I can’t keep my hair tidy so I opted to cut it short but not to the point I’ll look balyena.

The hairdresser cleaned my hair thoroughly using L’Oreal products. This was followed by gentle massage on my scalp which I may have dozed off.

Being guilty of not having had hair treatment for quite sometime, I saw fabulous results. My hair was incredibly soft and smooth and ready to face the world again.

Hair Cut costs Dhs 150 but it’s worth every penny!

For further details you may visit their website







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Hello Wednesday I’m Back!

Hello everyone!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever (well, technically its been 8 days–I am still in the height of morning sickness and I always feel sick lately).

To keep you posted about my pregnancy journey, yesterday I was admitted in the Mediclinic City Hospital due to hypertension.


Actually I wasn’t aware that my blood pressure was quite high during that time because we only came there for check-up. I’ve been experiencing pain kasi on my abdomen and to make sure that everything is doing well with Baby Wiggle, hubby and I decided to passed by in Mediclinic City Hospital.

The nurse in the Triage Room interviewed me and did the routine check. After checking my BP she said “ate mataas ang BP mo di ka ba nahihilo?”. To my surprised I said “di naman baka napagod lang ako sa byahe”. She assisted me in the other room and let me rest in the ER for a while to monitor my blood pressure.

The second time they checked instead of bumaba lalo pang tumaas maybe because I was in panicked na kasi first time na tumaas sia ng 189/110 ata.


When they saw the repeat test the doctor ordered for ECG test right away. I was like “what’s going on”? We were waiting for the result of the exam when the OB Gyne on duty came, she asked me questions before performing the ultrasound. The BP was quite alarming that’s why they decided to check the condition of Baby Wiggle.

Thank goodness that Baby Wiggle is fine but Dr. Shamad said she will order for transvaginal.
Right after Dr. Shamad assured us that everything is fine with Baby Wiggle another doctor came. He explained to us (hubby and I) that my pregnancy has nothing to do with my hyperetension. Normally, daw blood pressure will arise after 20 weeks eh 8 weeks pa lang ako. So he said that I can’t leave the hospital unless they will perform the blood and urine test. Parang gusto kong sabihin na “doctor di po ako nagpagupit para mag stay sa hospital, mag mall po ako today..”hahahaha

So as per ordered of the doctor we stayed and waited for the result. While waiting I talked to hubby.

Me: Daddy, last na baby naten to parang di na kaya ng katawan ko?

Daddy: Wag ka nmang ganyan, mommy. (playing candy crush pa yan)

Me: OO nga, dad! Madami ka ngang anak ikaw lang magpapalaki kasi shorbak na ko, Gusto mo ba yun? – (in nakakaawang tono).

Daddy: deadma..

While waiting for the lab test results we ate pizza muna, I am so hungry na din kasi.When the doctor appeared again, he’s holding my result na. He said that everything is normal except for the urine. Parang me nakitang something but he’s not ruling out na infection nga yun so he will send it to the laboratory again for culture test. It will take 3 days daw for the result.

After a while I was released and referred to the Internal Medicine. I’ll come back today for follow up.

Hay, I hope everything will be ok na. Will you also pray for me and Baby Wiggle. The Radiology confirmed that they will also do the transV today.

Anyway, I super like sa Mediclinic City Hospital. Nurses and Doctors are all attentive and very maasikaso. Very soft-spoken din sila and they are all maalaga. Super nice pa the facilities and very prompt sa pag schedule



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Chowking Dishes Out ’10 on 10′

CHOWKING Orient Restaurant today announced a ’10 on 10’ Special as it completes 10 successful years of operation in Middle East.  10 Products from the menu will be sold at only AED 10 each as against their original selling price from 10th April to 8th May 2013 (excluding Thursday & Friday). Customers can choose from-

Beef Chao Fan
Fish in Hot Garlic Sauce
Crispy Vegetable
Crispy Vegetable
Chicken in Schezwan
Chicken in Schezwan
Chicken Haka Noodles
Chicken Haka Noodles
Beef Mushroom Wanton Noodles
Beef Mushroom Wanton Noodles
Halo Halo
Halo Halo

The month long event is first of its kind here in UAE. This is their special way of thanking and appreciating their valued customers who have loved the food and brand through this ’10 on 10’ special.”