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St. Mary’s Academy @ 70 – A Milestones To Remember

It’s Sapphire Jubilee Year of our Alma Mater. And to celebrate the momentous event in the life of our school all the alumni are invited to come to the Grand Alumni Homecoming which held in our school ground.

It’s been 21 years since the last time I saw our batchmates, classmates, teachers and our school St. Mary’s so attending the reunion will definitely be a night to remember.

Tickets are prized php 500 which includes dinner buffet and souvenir. 

The program starts at 3pm but we were kinda late because of “sunduan”. I missed these bunch so much! Kulitan, tawanan and tsismisan are just so normal that night.

We were able to see our classrom and started to reminisce old days.




     Whether it’s nostalgia or the evaluation of where we are right now. I think a lot about how blessed we are. I feel a strong sense of home, of belonging to this family and being loved.   


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Quench your skin’s thirst with Vaseline skin care

We’re all in search of that skin products, the right one for our skin type which will leave us looking a million dollars with baby skin soft.

With the rising temperature, protecting our skin from the buzz of the heat has never been so easy.
That’s why we have to prepare ourselves for the summer with the anti-ageing skin care.
Whatever our age, we all want to enjoy the benefits of healthy skin. The good news is Vaseline products are created for moment of divine indulgence.


Thank you Unilever for sending these goodies! Our family will surely smell fresh with supple skin of course!

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My pregnancy vanity ek-ek..

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!.. Today’s topic is all about “pregnancy vanity” or in short umaarteng buntis..haha

Like any other mommies we should be cautious on any beauty products that we used everyday, simply because some topical ingredients get absorbed into the bloodstream and passed thru to our babies.

Pero aminin sometimes we just want to look pretty kahit buntis. I’m not the type of preggy kasi na nag go-glow ang skin kahit buntis. Well, for some reason I can’t find time to fix myself before going to work. I woke up super late my routine is ligo,bihis then go na without combing my hair. I combed my hair if it’s dry na kasi I have extreme falling hair.

But last week while waited for hubby in Mall of the Emirates, I got the chance to stopped by sa The Bodyshop store. I really don’t have any intentions of buying anything aside from my body scrub ung para loofah pero plastic (ano ngang tawag dun??)

While I was inside the shop I saw my favorite lip and cheek stain naexcite lang ako kya I took one and I was supposed to go to the counter na when I walked through their BB cream products. I loved using BB cream but again I need to stop now that I’m pregnant but when I asked the promo girl if their products are safe for preggy mom she said yes kasi di ba The Bodyshop products  are all animal free testing and their products are made from mostly natural ingredients. Since I was already getting make-up items I also bought na din facial powder di pa pala kasama ung sponge dun separate pa. After paying my bills I realized  that I exceeded to my budget. Ubos na ung allowance ko for one month..haha

I am no expert when it comes to vanity what good for me may not be good for others. I choose to use their products because gusto ko lang umarte at maging maganda..haha. In fact yesterday I received compliments that I look pretty daw..chos! By the way, I am using Cetaphil for my face..di pa naman ako gumanda sa kaartehan kong yan..hehe

Here’s my loot:

this will always be my favorite kasi it looks like I’m always blushing..mamula-mula lang ang pisngi..
one of my latest find and I absolutely loving hides my blemishes..
I’m always using L’Oreal foundation but this is also good for my skin tone..
super lambot sa body especially with L’Occitane milk and Honey body wash


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Beauty Within @ Fluid Salon,DMC

Living in Dubai our hair is subjected to some pretty harsh conditions. Year round sunshine, AC and smoggy air. No matter how rigorous our home routine is, a quick trip to the salon on a regular basis is something we can do to our crowning glory.

With my hair looking dry, frizzy, unmanageable and certainly not as smooth as I’d like, I went to Fluid Salon located in Concord Tower, Dubai Media City near our office. Yipeee!!

They say first impression last and I certainly always found this to be true – the décor here is stylish and contemporary and refreshingly light and airy.

After analyzing my hair I learnt that it is slightly dehydrated.Now that I am pregnant, I knew that I can’t keep my hair tidy so I opted to cut it short but not to the point I’ll look balyena.

The hairdresser cleaned my hair thoroughly using L’Oreal products. This was followed by gentle massage on my scalp which I may have dozed off.

Being guilty of not having had hair treatment for quite sometime, I saw fabulous results. My hair was incredibly soft and smooth and ready to face the world again.

Hair Cut costs Dhs 150 but it’s worth every penny!

For further details you may visit their website







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Gift wrapping with Washi tape

How’s your long weekend? My schedule is so hectic.Yes! Trust me!
I am so busy with left and right practice for the Christmas presentation in our church plus today is the start of our Christmas countdown with little A.

I’ll post our first day of activity later but for the meantime let me share with you guys my love for washi tape or patterned tape.
For Christmas we got a huge roll of brown and red craft paper for gifts and jazzed them up with fun printables and washi tapes.

It’s so easy!


And I love it!

How great does this pattern look? It really brightens up the craft paper and is such a stylish design.

The amazing washi tapes and craft paper are from Ikea but it’s also
available in Daiso..

Happy gift wrapping!

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The party night ensembles..

First of all, please allow me to share this I just really need to blog this because first I seldom see my colleagues (filipina) in an alluring and dazzling outfit.Second they all look pretty..Don’t you think so??

Kaya please bear with me. I know we are not fashonista but I just want to keep this for the record para me pang asar ako sa kanila..They are not maarte like me!! hehe

Di ba nga it’s our company’s party yesterday and we made sure to dress accordingly,knowing how this event are such huge things we wanted to make sure we wore the right dress to the said occassion.

Let’s all take a moment to check out the gorgeous ladies..

Outfit recap: dress from Forever 21; fab shoes – from New Look..

She look so hot!! Doesn’t she??

Who would have thought that this seductive woman is already a mother of two(boy and girl) and happily married. We always referred her as one of associate partner of our company.

When we need something to air in the management, we will teased her to talked to them in our behalf …haha

Outfit recap – Splash dress,New Look shoes and fab tussle earrings from Splash!!

The sweet-sweetan peg!

Call our office and she’ll answer the phone with a british accent! Our british/american/filipina colleague/dear friend/loveable receptionist.

Outfit recap: ensembles from H&M with bib necklace Forever 21

Simple yet so class..Super like the bib necklace!!

The lady behind the green pages listings. Beware gents! She’s taken already!!

outfit recap: dress from ELLE collection,New Look Shoes,Forever 21 bib necklace and 168 mall headpiece..

My gypsy inspired peg..The effect of not allowed to wash the hair for days..hehe

I’m the face behind the artwork department. The super taray-tarayan head of artwork..haha

For my make up I went for the basic with bright red lips look. My red lipstick shade for this event was Channel Gipsy Scarlet.

I super dooper like my headpiece..actually mura lang sya nabili ko sa Divisoria way back 2010. Since I am happy with my locks I might be using this headpiece over and over again..Hahaha..

my gypsy inspired look

I had a great and super fun night with these beauties..

As I am about to end this post, here’s a photo of us in a wacky shot..

Thank you ladies for allowing me post your outfit! My gosh you are all gorgeous!

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Tame your mane attraction

If you have ever thought of yourself to some hair treatment.Indulge in a little luxury with a Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment package at Royz Salon located in Golden Tulip,Al Barsha
Golden Tulip Hotel lobby
Roy Salon is located on the 1st floor of the hotel

Since coming to UAE, for whatever reason my hair just seems to be out of shape and getting thinner. There are some that says it’s the water,others because I gave birth to little A.Whatever the reason is, its real issue and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get back the thick,fullness bodied locks I once had.
Over the years I have tried different products but it looked like I was stuck with falling hair. Then I saw offer at Groupon Dubai- Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment,  Hair Cut, Wash & Eyebrow Threading for AED189 instead of AED 2250.Whoa! This is exactly what I need. A treatment that will repair my damaged hair and will bring radiance and glow to my locks. Yipeee!!
Then we became so busy that I forgot about it. Luckily Groupon is always sending reminder email. my voucher will expire today..hehehe
before the treatment – posing muna

I called the salon if  hair colouring is included in the package and the receptionist said that it is separate. Since I am prone to white hair and colouring is always an option for me I asked my sister Raquiza if she can dye my hair..hahaha. One of the perks of having a sister here.hehe

closer look of my hair
My appointment is set at 1pm but I came late due too kakuparang kumilos. But when we get there the salon was jam-packed maybe because our voucher is near to expiring.
Anyway, when I came there the kabayan from the reception gave me two options. Option one –  if I want my hair to be wash on the very same day then I need to pay extra aed 200 kasi daw they are using much concentrated product. Option two – use the voucher without paying extra but I can’t wash my hair for four days. Hmmm..this were not explained to me when I booked. I don’t have plans of paying extra so I asked the kabayan what’s the difference and she said the first one is formaldehyde free and the latter is with formaldehyde. Again I asked would that be a big issue and she said “no naman” it’s still the same formula,the same product but the first one is more advance kasi nga you don’t need to wait for days before you can wash it.
I took the second option na lang. Naisip ko 4 days lang naman carry ko na yun kesa naman I’ll pay aed 200 more.
The stylist prepared the set-up and within minutes she applied the treatment. After applying the treatment she informed me to wait for 30 minutes and then she will iron my hair after to make sure that the medicine will leave on my hair.
happy with my new locks..
I was genuinely impressed with the result. Goodbye to “mahangin ba sa labas look”.My hair felt great,full of volume that I hadn’t seen in years. And the whole process had taken one in a half hour only. When I asked about maintenance, I was advise not to clip my hair for a while and strictly follow rule DO NOT WASH for days.It sounds disgusting but it is recommended.
I was I also told if I want to give a full look,be sure to iron it first before washing. This will create a flirty look daw..

For booking and appointment

  • Call 04-3401415
  • Book at least 48 hours in advance /subject to availability
  • 12-hour cancellation policy applies

* Groupon is now offering same package, go and GRAB it!

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The best parenting advise – TRUST

This is a little word that I needed to read many times especially if sometimes little A is in the meltdown point of his toddlerhood stage.

Trust that they know when they are not hungry.

Trust when they are.

Trust that they will eat just fine some day.

Trust that they might not.

Trust that they will sleep when tired.

Trust that they will rise when they are done sleeping.

Trust when they have had a bad dream.

Trust when the blankets aren’t just so.

Trust that they truly cannot go back to sleep.

Trust that they’ve had enough.

Trust when they haven’t.

Trust when their harsh words mean something more.

Trust when their harsh words are just words.

Trust that they love when they hate.

Trust that they hate when they love.

Trust the process for making up.

Trust that they will make up.

Trust that they can work it out on their own.

Trust them.

Trust their hearts.

Trust their strength.

Trust their nice hands.

Trust their mean words.

Trust their friendships.

Trust their bonds to you.

Trust that they do get it

Trust that they understand.

Trust that they do not understand.

Trust that this too shall pass.

Trust that this too shall escalate to something else.

Trust that there will always be another phase.

Trust when they say no.

Trust when they say uh-uh.

Trust when they giggle.

Trust when they say they can do it.

Trust when they say they need help.

Trust when yes means no.

Trust when no means yes.

Trust when they say they love you.

Trust when they say they hate you.

Trust when they say nothing at all.

Trust when their faces say everything.

Trust when their faces say nothing.

Trust when times get tough.

Trust that times will get tough.

Trust when times turn wonderful.

Trust that they will be wonderful.

Trust that love is enough.

Trust that love isn’t enough.

Trust your heart.

Trust your Yeses.

Trust your Nos.

Trust yourself.

Trust your kids.

Trust that there will be another day to get it right.

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Food for the soul

Like many women each morning, we wake up, sip a cup of coffee, take a shower and then get ready to meet the world. Pick out an outfit (preferably one that makes us look lighter), do our hair and put on makeup. Finally, we add jewelry and maybe a purse. Voila! We are ready to meet the day.

Caring for our outward appearance is not wrong . . . as long as we don’t neglect focusing on our inner thoughts and attitudes too.  In the midst of our busy lives, God often gets pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. But spiritual growth happens from the inside out.

Try this: Tomorrow as you shower, praise God for the cleansing that Jesus’ forgiveness provides. As you’re getting dressed, thank God for clothing you with Christ’s righteousness. When you put on your moisturizer, ask God to soften your heart to his leading throughout the day. As you apply your makeup, thank him for being the foundation of your life. When you put in your contacts/eyeglass, ask God to give you eyes to see his workings in the world. And as you put on your earrings, thank him for beautifying your life with the fruits of the Spirit.

Jeremiah 2:32 “Does a young woman forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments? Yet my people have forgotten me, days without number.”