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Learning through play – Numbers and Clothespin

  I know you know that I love free printables! But sometimes, an impromptu activity comes to mind that I don’t want to take the time to look in the pinterest and print it.

 Inigo loves numbers but needs lots of practice in recognition and improving fine motor skills creating this DIY clip card using markers, cardboard  and clothespins we had was a great alternative!           

 While doing this activity he is not only learning the math skills but also building up the strength in his fine motor skills which is essential for writing soon.


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Learning through play – Addition with marbles

Learning to add can be great fun especially with easy addition activities. By creating a simple addition game with marbles kids will definitely love playing it and the house are transformed into learning activity.


This addition activity is simple to make and can lead to hours of fun.


  • Bowls
  • Marbles
  • Markers
  • White Board or paper

 We started with a simple ones and then eventually I introduced the additions of 3 numbers.


Depending on your child’s level of ability, this learning activity can be modified in many ways.


Learning to add can be a ton of fun when armed with games to keep boredom away.

Happy counting and adding!


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Learning through play – Let’s count

Now that little A is showing interest with numbers I let him explore the wonderful ways to build his math skills.

Counting, addition of numbers and playing lang ang peg nia..

I wonder what other activity we could do to help him to strengthen his math skills. I don’t want  to lose his interest in numbers again.Previously, when I am asking him if we can play numbers or we’ll do activity related to numbers he’s not paying much attention compared to reading or doing arts and crafts which he’s always been excited.

Me as a mom I didn’t bother myself if he likes reading more than counting it doesn’t matter coz he’s too young pa nman. And besides he can count naman talaga and recognized numbers wag lang pilitin..

So while he’s fascinated with his number peg board, I on the other hand is busy washing the dishes without li’l rascal pulling my leg..hehe