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The past two weeks..

It’s hard for me to fathom that just over two weeks ago today, I was pregnant. I still had this sweet little one living in my belly. I was anxious and excited to see his face for the first time.

In some ways, I miss feeling him in my belly – the movements, kicks, and life developing inside. Actually, up to now, I can’t still believe that we are a family of four. It’s truly a miracle, and when I look at my boys – my whole body is filled with love.




We’ve had a very tough week. The poor little boy was slightly jaundiced, so daddy needs poke-him-in-the-foot-until-he-bleeds-a-ton blood tests. Thankfully, his billirubin level dropped below the ‘high risk’ category, so we didn’t have to undergo phototherapy.
After 10 days the yellow discoloration of his skin and eyes faded and his color is back to normal.

During our stay in the hospital, we’ve also seen several sweet visitors. Baby wiggle has met some of our friends. Thank you for your sweet presents for our little one.


He also had his first vaccines BCG and Hep B1.


His newborn screening result was also normal. Thank God!


He also gained weight. Hooray to breastfeeding! Yes! I am exclusively breastfeeding him and I am so proud!For most of the first week, we had to tickle his cheek or change his diaper to wake him up to feed him. But now he loves mommy’s milk and like to be feed every 2hours.

He makes lots of farting, pooping, yawning, sneezing, and gets the hiccups at least a couple times a day. He can lift his own head to look around and loves to sleep on top of us.


I’m starting to write his funny birth story. I will share soon, mainly to remember the details forever.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Hello Baby Wiggle

Hello everyone!!

I guess by now most of you know that Baby Wiggle is here!! I have been meaning to do an official update post for the past week or so, but time has really gotten away from me.

In other words — I forgot how hard new babies are.

Everything was great with my labor experience.

My time at the hospital really opened my eyes to how important a good labor and delivery nurse, midwife and doctors are. The staff of Mediclinic, City Hospital were so great and made me feel extremely comfortable, I can’t thank them enough for taking care of me and Baby Wiggle.

Baby Wiggle is delivered via normal delivery. And is slightly smaller than Little A. He only weighs 2.67 kgs and 49 cm long.

Speaking of Little A — he is absolutely IN LOVE with his little brother. During the first several months of my pregnancy, he had a trouble processing that new baby will come around. But seeing his brother for the first time was a love at first sight. He is so proud and so gentle with baby wiggle. He loves holding him and kissing him good night, and has been so patient and understanding with the changes around the house.
He has adjusted better than I ever could have hoped for, and I am so proud of him. As his mom, seeing this side of him makes my heart very, very full.




As for me, I am thrilled to have my sweet baby here, but it’s definitely an adjustment. Baby Wiggle is super snuggly and sweet, and daddy A has been a huge help and is always here to do whatever I need.

I am so proud to finally introduce my sweet baby to you, I’ve really enjoyed our time together!! I share photos on Facebook often, so follow me there if you are interested in being bombarded with infant pictures constantly. I’m totally one of those mommy who assumes that everyone is as obsessed with my baby as I am. Sorry! hehe