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Our Kiddie Crew Mc Donald’s Tayuman Experience

One of the things that I really wanted for Kuya Angelo this summer is to be a part of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop.

Mc Donald’s Dubai dont have that kind of summer programme and so I am very glad that we are here in our country. I really dreamed seeing him wearing kiddie crew uniform and just being generally cute at the counter, greeting customers and helping out with the orders. I didn’t have any goals for this program for Kuya Angelo, I just wanted him to have fun.

We signed him up at the McDonald’s in Tayuman, near our house. He still have classes till end of May so the plan was to leave the school 30 minutes before dismissal. We chose week 6 which starts from May 2-6 afternoon schedule.

The program fee is only Php is 650 and this includes:shirt, ID, bag, chef hat, apron and all the materials the kids used for their afternoon acitivities, and their snacks   

The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is a 5-day summer program specially designed for kids ages 6-12 years old. During each workshop day, Kiddie Crew members will get to experience on-floor training like greeting customers and assisting the crew at the drive-thru and front counters; showcase their skills through creative art workshops; and learn the importance of hard work, discipline and teamwork, through values formation lessons.

Day 1 – Teamwork 

The kids were assembled at one the function rooms at the parents were asked to leave the kids and so I did and seated myself at a table just near the entrance of the function room. I presume the kids were welcomed to the program and were given a briefing on what they will be doing as well as an intro to what they will be doing during the entire week.

Soon thereafter, the kids all lined up and went to the counters following their leader, who looks like one of the managers of the branch. They toured the counter, went behind the counter, the cooking area, the large freezer and soon thereafter they were given stations and cashiers to help. Kuya Angelo had a great time welcoming the customers, laying the paper placemats on top of the tables, delivering the fries and putting ice on the cups.



Day 2 – Hardwork

On this day they were given a workbook journal where in they can write and draw their activity for the day. The journal includes stickers as embelishment.


Day 3 – Discipline

Third day is just simply practicing their dance steps and continuation of their workshop journal. He also earned his first badge as Certified Kiddie Crew Artist.


Day 4 – Cheeseburger Making 

The most exciting part of the workshop. Kiddie crew were given all the ingredients in making cheeseburger. The activity includes buns, burger patty, ketchup, mustard, onion and pickles.

 Day 5 – Culminating Activity and Graduation

 First part of the program is Memory Game where they divide them into two team. Team Yellow won the game. After the ice breaking game they started their presentation. I was so surprised during awarding Angelo got two awards. Best in Essay and Most Active Kiddie Crew.

So would I recommend this program? YES! It’s very budget friendly and the kids are kept busy for 2 hours. I would have loved them to be part of the crew for a better part of the shift but the activities they did were all so cool and fun too. They also had snacks too.