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Learning through play – Learning about Emotions

On this activity we used corkboard and playdough and started to create different emotions – happy, sad, mad.


As he worked at the playdough by putting the features of the face into IKEA corkboard, we also had a great time talking about the different emotions and even acting about the facial expressions.

Inigo had a fun time making faces – a great introduction for toddler learning about emotions.

Thank you for finding time to read my posts. Please feel free to share them as well!  

Have an inspiring, positive day ahead! Stay blessed!

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Fine Motor Skills – Playing with Clothespin

If you have kids, I would definitely recommend you keep some clothespins on hand. “Why clothespins?” you may ask. First, there are so many fun activities and crafts using clothespins. Second, they are great for developing fine motor skills!

With so many different activities and crafts using clothespins, having them on hand is a great way to keep kiddos occupied for a good chunk of time.     

We had done activity with clothespins recently, so I thought of giving him cup and clothespins and see what he’ll do with it. He started clipping them along the edge of a cup and as he was talking as he played I overheard he was counting the clothepins.

   When Isabelle saw her Kuya Inigo she joined us and I gave her plate as well.Sometimes it maybe too advanced for Isabelle’s age but watching them together doing the same activity and enjoying what they are doing looked so cute!Silly – I know – but these realizations make me so happy!    I love watching the interests of my kids – they are full of awesome ideas! Whenever I am needing a little inspiration I just sit back and watch them play … within a few minutes I always have another creative learning activity in mind!

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STEM Activity – Rainbow Skittles Candy Experiment

This is a classic skittles science experiment that everyone has to try once!

 All you need are three things: Skittles, water, and a shallow bowl! That’s easy enough right?    

Setting up skittles science is so easy.

    First, I let them add the skittles around the edges of the bowl. We used at least four of each color. You can chose whatever combination you like or experiment with patterns.

    Then we fill a white shallow bowl with about a 1/2 inch of hot water. The bowl doesn’t have to be filled completely.

  The skittles start to dissolve pretty quick so keep your eye on them.


The Science behind it…

Skittles are made of ingredients that are prone to dissolve in water easily.   


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Learning through play – Quiet Fun Activities

If there is one thing I know, I have two of the busiest, explorer little people you have ever seen.

 There are days that it was too difficult to keep them busy without electronics especially when we are outside. Trust me on this one😁

That’s why I was always looking for activities that would help them play independently and give me a little free time of just sitting and watching them than running and catching them.   

Color pencils, pens, paper are staple in our diaper bag. And I am thankful to Etihad airways for including this animals memory card in their press kit the last time I’ve attended their event.It’s a life saver!  

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Learning through play – Hammering with Nails

Fine motor activities are important for strengthen hand muscles and hand-eye coordination. Both of which are needed for writing skills.  

This hammering activity has been on my list for a long time, and I’m so glad to finally get it together. Inigo was very engaged in this work.

 This is a really a simple activity. All you need is a toy hammer, styrofoam and we used real nails from daddy A’s toolbox.

He liked hammering, but he also enjoyed just pulling the nails.

Later on we used our scented playdough and Isabelle started to joined us.


When they are done with hammering they used the saw and the team work begin.


This activity was new to them. I find that once they see me getting into materials they want to get involved too.Keeping them focused and entertained.

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Learning through play – Blocks and Shapes…

This past few days I started doing constructive activity with chinito Inigo. We were focusing our learning on the topic that he really love. I am observing mainly on where he will lead me.

I dont want to force him with something that he doesn’t like. After all that’s the objective of learning through play.We had lots of fun learning and exploring together. However, I quickly learned that teaching my chinito is very different from teaching kuya A before.

When I would teach kuya A we could choose a time, sit down and move from one activity to the next with ease. With chinito Inigo it wasn’t quite the same. He likes to be moving and didn’t want to be seated most of the time. This was fine with me I don’t think he learns any less if he is pacing while I read a story rather then sitting down.

Above all else I want him to enjoy learning and foster a love for it. I don’t feel like I would help do this by constantly forcing him from one activity to the next when his heart is set on doing something else. He is only almost three after all so I am learning to be flexible and move at his pace.

Today we had a lot of fun activities using these wooded blocks. After sorting it by colors the other day this time chinito Inigo wants to sort it by shape. I’ve got the shape chart from google, print, laminate and voila instant activity!  


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Learning through play – Indoor Marble Play

We love creating FREE indoor activities for kids that are easy!

Using last year’s marbles we created a “marble race” in the living room that is sure to keep Inigo busy for quite some time.


It is super easy to make. I used an empty plastic bottle and used the knife to cut the bottom part. I also used the tissue rolls and tape.

Once built it’s ready to play!

Ready for play!!

You are ready for races!! You could even put a solo cup at the end of the runway to see who could get the marble into the cup at the end….now that would be super fun!! 🙂