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Writing and Counting Skills – A is for Apple

We have been doing a lot of math and writing activities over at our house this week!

In connection with little A’s lesson in school we did the A is for apple fun learning activities. In case you’re wondering why I mainly focus with writing simply because writing is not his cup of tea. He always have reasons every time we are doing exercises so as much as possible I wanted to add spice to our lesson.

All the printables are all free to download from 2teachingmommies.












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Mathematics and Literacy

I guess you knew by now that I am a newbie mom of a preschool boy and it’s quite obvious that I always document every assignments or activities that he has been learning from school or at home.

After all we parents are our child’s first teacher, right?!

Little A is learning his math skills. Now, he can write the numbers 1-20 which surprised me kasi I thought hanggang 15 pa lang sia.






And then he told me that he learned new numbers and wanted to write it as well. I was amazed, of course! hehe




However, in literacy he learnt to form letters using the formation rhymes. You must see him writing each letters as in ang cute!

For instance he’ll write S while writing it he will say “slither down the snake” or for P “down the pan across the plate”. Basta kabisado nia lahat ng rhymes ng letters nakakatuwa. Mana sa tatay! Very smart!! hehe

That’s why we practice forming the letters through blending and segmenting.

Kids will always have excuses when it comes to writing skills but through constant practice you will see a big progress.










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Junior Master Chef..

I was quite busy editing pictures of little A for his “Learning Journey” it’s a record book in his class which contains samples of child’s work, photographic evidence and teachers comments or observations on each child.

Since his school wants the parents to be involved in their learning process, we are asked to contribute to little A’s”Learning Journey” book.
We need to submit or record something amazing that little A has done at home.

While I was prepping I can hear him outside the room that he wanted to write the recipe for Corn Cupcakes. He used my old phone to list down the ingredients and direction..

Hmmm..a Junior Master Chef in the making..

While his typing the words, I heard that he’s applying the jolly phonics that he has learned from his school.

Now, I’m sure he really love baking! Could this be the sign that he can be chef in the future?!! hehe..


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Little A and his worksheet

I hope everyone is safe, dry and warm on this rainy Monday!

While most of us of them were at home, awaiting news on the weather let’s continue to pray for the safety of all Filipinos in our country. Super lakas ng ulan and sobrang baha na daw. Some of the classes were suspended na nga since yesterday. I just hope walang masyadong nasalanta and nasaktan!!

On the brighter side, I am happy to share that little A is now interested in writing. In fact he can write na the alphabet. We just need to work with some of the letters like C and U in which he’s insisting on writing it with straight lines. Actually he can write na din his full name eh sobrang haba pa naman ng name nia..hehe

O sia babush muna at deadline ng magazine today!









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Will you be my mommy again?

Our weekend was jam packed with tons of pre-writing skills. While preparing for lessons, I talked to Angelo.

Mommy: Angelo I am your teacher today.We will do activities to help your writing skills. Is that ok? Call me Teacher Raquel.

Angelo: Ok teacher. But after being my teacher, will you be my mommy again?

Mommy: Of course!

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Pre – Writing Skills – Water Painting

We’re starting to work many more pre-writing toddler appropriate activities into our mornings. I really enjoy watching Angelo as he started to learn the strokes.

Angelo has a little thing for water, so I knew he’d get a kick out of this activity, too. Plus paint with water is a great activity to help toddler with motor skills.

I set out a little dish with just a little water to fill the bottom of it.

Handed Angelo a few paintbrushes and showed him how to trace his name.

And oh boy! Painting with water was a blast!

Clean-up was a snap. The brush and the little dish got a quick rinse in the sink.

This happened to be a neat, mess-free day.






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Pre – Writing Skills – Easel Writing

Do you know that there are a few shapes that need to be mastered in order to write. I don’t know if they have to be mastered in order to be able to write, but it may help with neat handwriting and cause less frustration. Some of these shapes include vertical lines , horizontal lines , circles and etc.

I knew our easel will play a big role in preparing the little tot to write.My aim is to help him to write without switching hands and strengthening his arms.

Chalk help create drag so it’s an easy way to help strengthen his hand and pincer grasp.

Materials :

Easel or A3 paper taped on the wall

Chalk or pencil


Draw dots to be connected on the easel. We started with vertical which Angelo find it easy. As he get more proficient we tried horizontal,zigzag and curves or slopes. maybe next week we’ll try shapes.

Here’s the sample of our pre-writing activities







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Prewriting skills – How is your child getting ready to write?

How is your child getting ready to write? With a few weeks to go before the school starts how do you manage to help your kiddos with their writing skills.

Luckily there are lots of free printable that is super useful All you need to do is print them,insert in the plastic divider and get your erase dry marker ready. TADA! Let your  little explorer do the action!

In this activity I let him do his own thing and I’m surprised how quickly captured his interest.

The good news is not only he’s practicing his writing skills, it also helped him to increase his vocabulary.Learning new words while playing. Not bad, right??

How about developing the strength and precision needed for writing? This may not be the best hand position in writing but as what they said “Practice makes progress”

The printable includes patterning. A good example of problem solving. Our little explorer knew exactly “what comes next?”. I never explained to him how to do it but he just read it and do it by himself. #proudmommymoment