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Let’s Party – Johann’s 3rd Birthday Avengers Theme Party


 Hello! How’s the extra off going on so far?! To make your day extra special it’s time for another dose of all things pretty!   Today, I have something super fun in store for you since I’m taking you to Johann’s Avenger’s  party. Filled with superhero accents in blue, red, gold, and silver, Johann’s celebration is a surely blast of fun.   

  My sister did an amazing job styling the place! And incredibly creating loads of DIY including painting JOHANN’s name in Avengers color.Photography Props Manila made paper mache suit case as party favor and it was a truly hit to the kids. And we are so glad that Obscura X Phils was there to capture every single detail!   

       Have a supertacular Wednesday!   


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Angelo’s SUPERHERO 7th Birthday Party…

Angelo will be turning 7, this July and he is OBSESSED with superheros, so naturally it was his chosen birthday party theme this year. He wanted to celebrate with his classmates (and partly because their friends threw parties also..)

Here’s a look at Angelo’s 7th SUPERHERO birthday party.

 Superheroes are so in with their age right now, and I was very excited about creating a really fun party for my little man.  

We started with superhero invites.I asked my sister to do the lay out and went to Photoline for printing. Frankly, I don’t find the need to give out invites since the “guests” are the classmates and teachers, but  I chose to gave out invitations because Angelo expected me to make one so he can hand him out to his classmates and announce his  upcoming celebration.

The 4R size invitation costs 7.75 pesos per piece. We prepared 25 pieces for his classmates and teachers.  Next, I planned the party favors. I got the service of Mate Salazar for personalized pillows. The 8×10 size pillow is worth 50 pesos. The minimun order are 30 pieces so I gave some to his cousins as well. The pillows are too cute and they loved it! It’s simple yet thoughtful.  Aside from pillows we also gave super cool superhero masks. I purchased 17 various kinds of masks like Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Batman and Hulk from Anding Toystore in Divisoria. Each mask cost 40 pesos.                        And they were a hit.  

Instead of candy buffet we handed out Avengers drinking cup with sweets. Each cup includes M&M chocolates, Hershey’s Almond Kisses, Tutti Fruiti Lollies, Potchi and Marshmallows. 
 The cups are from Divisoria Mall. I got it in wholesale for 95 pesos per dozen.   I ordered chocolate chiffon birthday cake from Goldilocks. Instead of chocolate icing, I requested for white icing and added 100 pesos for blue and red color icing.

I also used the superhero toys we got from Mc Donalds Happy Meal. For some fun, easy party décor, we wanted to keep it simple and budget-friendly. I bought Superman buntings and letters balloon.   I ordered one day in advance the Chicken with Spaghetti meal from Mc Donalds – Pasay Libertad. This was the most fuss-free preparation since everything was delivered to school. 

I learned that the simpler the food, the better.  No fancy food required to make the kids happy and full.

I’m glad that the birthday boy enjoyed his celebration. I’m grateful because he’s not asking for a big party. 

Since this is also my first time to throw a school party, I realized it’s usually us parents who make things complicated with over-the-top elements at times. The kids are easy to pleased and contented of what we have prepare as long as they have their all-time favorite meals, sing Happy Birthday, and blow out the candle!



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Assemble the Minions! Angelo’s 6th Birthday Minion Party 

We celebrated Angelo’s 6th birthday in advance with a Minion Mayhem theme. It was a whirlwind day of fun, food, sweets and splash of water.


After finalizing that the venue I only had about one week to plan and execute, so almost all of the decorations were easy DIY projects and thanks to a trip to Divisoria for the party decors.


We did simple yellow tablecloths with the Blue polka dots banner and few Minion balloons. I also used Minions printables which I got it free from Sheshalyn Party. 

I layed out all of the food buffet-style for the guests to help themselves. They feasted on:

  • Spareribs Caldereta ( all time favorite )
  • Hotdogs
  • Crispy Fried Chicken
  • Spaghetti
  • Dolor’s Kakanin

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of happy to have this party simply because it was pretty easy to throw together. 

I opted to put a simple candy buffet with the addition of Minion happy meal toy from Mc Donald’s  and the kids loved it.


The birthday cakes were a gift from Tita Belle and Tita Karen. We don’t want to spend too much for the cake so I only requested  Chocolate cake from Goldilocks and Red Ribbon. It’s is our fave.

Despite the rain the kids still enjoyed the pool. Sadly, I didn’t get a group photo of the entire set with Inigo and Isabelle. Inigo is still recovering from sickness.   

 I got these cute Minion top from 168 Shopping Mall and gave it to the kids as party favors.  

Opening of presents is the most awaited time of the celebrant. Especially getting the toys that he always been wanted. Lego Marvel Superheroes and Lego Fire Station.Thank you Tita Raquiza he’s so surprised and glad! I’m also overwhelmed with the love he’s receiving from our families. Angelo is so lucky to have generous tita, tito and lolo’t lola.

   To our family who celebrated with us thanks a MINION! You simply made it extra ordinary and memorable. We love you all! Thank you Nanay Celda for cookIng and preparing all the dishes. To my Ate Racel for helping me with the venue. Tita Belle and Tito Aaron for helping me with the decorations. 



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Ultimate Ben 10 Themed 5th Birthday Party

This maybe too late to post but still allow me to share how we celebrated Angelo’s 5th birthday.

It was a mutual decision that when he turned five we will not give him a party but rather we will just celebrate at home and kids church. 

My son absolutely LOVES Ben 10, so it only made sense to throw him an Ultimate Ben 10 party!

I really wanted to order a custom cake for the birthday boy but budget didn’t end up permitting.Instead, I got him delicious chocolate cake from Coco’s Restaurant and print small picture of Ben 10.

I also used his miniature Ben 10 toy as cake topper.

Since he will be blowing his cake at Kids Church we opted to have candy buffet for the kids. It served na din as their party favors then we add Ben 10 bubbles.

But the best part of the celebration is looking his reaction upon opening his birthday present. Thank you Tita Raquiza for spoiling our children! 

In few months time he will be turning six and we are now discussing if we will have party this time. Actually, I want sana sa school niya with his classmate kaso his birthday is vacation time dito. 

Anyway, it’s Thursday so Happy weekend!